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To the Remotest Corners of Galapagos


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Andean Travel Company

We are an expert local tour operator making dream holidays come true for more than 15 years!

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To the Remotest Corners of Galapagos

Our 8 days eastern route visits most popular sites of Galapagos and exclusive Genovesa. This varied route combines the overwhelming sea bird colonies of Genovesa and Española with highly appreciated South Plaza.

Arrival at Baltra airport - Mosquera

Mosquera is a pleasant start of your Galapagos visit, without the necessity to navigate a long stretch to get first contact with the unique insular nature. This islet stands out by its largest concentration of Galapagos sea lions. Moreover it’s one of the few spots inside the National Park where you can stroll around freely. AM: This morning you will fly from Quito or Guayaquil to Baltra Airport. PM: After welcome aboard M/Y San Jose, check-in, lunch buffet and the safety-drill you will visit Mosquera for a free beach stroll and snorkelling. Navigation: Short before midnight we will lift the anchor and we will sail about 6 hrs – depending on sea state – northeast to Genovesa. Read more

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Genovesa Island

Genovesa is well worth last night’s longer navigation. All impressions will be nearly too much for a single day! Not only because of its historical English name (Tower) Genovesa has a royal touch. Follow into the footsteps of Prince Philip – Galapagos lover of the first hour and patron of the Charles Darwin Foundation – and visit this favourite birding spot. Besides the largest insular breeding colonies of red-footed and Nazca boobies, there also breed frigatebirds, and the air really teems of flocks of storm petrels. Look for the remarkable short-eared owl that hunts on foot, which can be considered most peculiar adaptive behaviour! AM: After breakfast and a wet landing at the sheltered beach of Darwin Bay you will go for a guided walk (moderate level; about 3km/2mi) and refreshing snorkelling. PM: Around lunch-time we will sail to nearby Prince Philip’s Steps, close to the entrance of the broken caldera. There you can snorkel another time, and the guided walk through cliff top seabird colonies (moderate level; about 3km/2mi). Overnight navigation: After dinner we will lift the anchor and navigate about 8 hours south to South Plaza. Read more

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Santa Fe - South Plaza

Heading towards the heart of the archipelago you will visit extraordinary Santa Fe and not to be missed South Plaza that belongs to most popular and unforgettable sites. Below bizarre giant prickly pear cacti you will encounter characteristic land iguanas. Although this ‘Jurassic islet’ is different to every other site in the National Park, at the same time it is so typical Galapagos with its sharp contrasts, amazing diversity and stunning concentration of wildlife. Program: AM: After breakfast you will make an unforgettable guided walk on South Plaza (easy level; about 1,25 km/0.75 mi; avoidable depths on the cliff-edge). Before lunch we will sail to Santa Fe (about 2 hrs southeast), possibly escorted by bottle nose dolphins. PM: After lunch you will have time for a refreshing swim or excellent snorkelling in the crystal clear azure waters of Barrington Bay. At the end of the afternoon we have a wet landing at the beach of Santa Fe and have a guided nature walk. Your guide decides whether the easy shorter circuit is followed, or a strenuous longer hike land inward (moderate level; about 3km/2mi). Navigation: After a quiet sleep in the sheltered bay we will lift the anchor in the dead of the night and sail to Kicker Rock, just out of the coast of San Cristobal (about 4hrs). Additional options scuba-diving: Gordon Rocks (Expert/Advanced) or Santa Fe (All levels). Read more

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Kicker Rock - San Cristobal

Sunrise on the natural sculpture of Kicker Rock can be unforgettable! During a dinghy-ride you will feel the early morning ocean breeze in your hair and can watch many sea birds. Besides that Kicker Rock is one of the landmarks of Galapagos, it is also one of the favourite diving and snorkelling spots of the archipelago. Later today you will have time to relax aboard or at the cosy waterfront of Puerto Baquerizo Moreno, halfway this full planned cruise route. AM: Before breakfast a dinghy-ride and optional snorkeling are scheduled. Next we will navigate in about 1hr to the harbour of Puerto Baquerizo Moreno, where you can pass some free time. PM: You will visit the Interpretation Centre and the village. Overnight navigation: Around midnight the anchor will be lifted for a navigation of about 4 hours to the south-eastern island of Española. Read more

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Española Island

Next island Española is located in the far southeastern corner of the archipelago and promises to be a highlight of your cruise. As one of its crown jewels, this bird watcher’s and photographer’s dream offers all that you might expect from Galapagos. Walk in a distance of just a few meters past waved albatrosses, booby colonies, sunbathing marine iguanas and Galapagos sea lions and feel yourself within an exciting nature documentary! Several endemic species give you the opportunity to become an eyewitness of evolution. Program: AM: After a ‘wet landing’ (bare feet) on the wide sand beach at Gardner Bay you can stroll along the sea lions colony (easy level), or enjoy a moment of reflection, relaxation, or rolling with sea lions in the surf. Next you can plunch into the alluring turquoise-coloured Gardner Bay for snorkelling. PM: Back on board we will navigate about an hour. After lunch you will make a ‘dry landing’ (with footwear) at Suarez Point. During a longer guided walk (moderate level; 4km/2.5 mi/about 2 hours) you will pass spectacular sea bird colonies on top of the cliffs (some short scrambling passages; avoidable depths). Overnight navigation: After dinner San Jose will navigate about 5 hrs westward to neighboring island of Floreana. Read more

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Floreana Island

About midnight San Jose will drop the anchor at the north cape of Floreana (Cormorant Point), where American flamingos use to forage and breed. Historical Post Office Bay and Baroness Lookout are located nearly at the end of the world. Galapagos sea lions probably wait to play with you while snorkelling at Champion Islet. From the dinghy bird watchers can amplify their growing spot lists with endemic Galapagos penguins (the only location in the southeastern corner) and maybe even with the almost extinct Charles mockingbird. AM: After breakfast and a wet landing at the greeny beach of Cormorant Point (wet landing) and walk to a powdery coral sand beach on the other side of the peninsula (easy level; about 1,5km/1mi). En route you can observe the American flamingo lagoon from different viewpoints. Back aboard we will navigate about 45 min to Champion Islet. There you can snorkel fantastically; if this is not your thing or if you prefer bird watching, alternatively you can make a dinghy-ride. PM: While having lunch we will navigate back to Post Office Bay (about 1hr). Post your holiday greetings in the historical barrel, one of three nearby visitor’s sites on Floreana’s north coast (short displacement, wet landing) and relax. Explore by inflatable dinghy – or in your own pace by sea-kayak – another submerged crater rim around the bay of Baroness Lookout. Overnight navigation: After dinner San Jose will cross-over to Santiago (about 7 hours north). Additional options scuba-diving: choice out of 9 nearby diving sites (All levels) Read more

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Santiago - Bartolome

After quite a long stretch northward, San Jose has anchored between two unique sites. Enjoy the famous, wild romantic panorama of Bartolome and make a ‘moonwalk’ on the barren lava flow of Sullivan Bay. The forces that have created these islands will impress you forever. Surrounding coral reefs give a second chance to meet endangered Galapagos penguins, and whilst snorkelling you might even encounter these agile hunters fishing! AM: Another full day, largely dedicated to volcanism. After breakfast you will make an not yet too hot moonwalk across the solidified lava flow (guided walk, easy level; ca. 1,5km/1mi). You will be received aboard with a juice before snorkeling. PM: After 15 minutes of navigation to approach nearby Bartolome you can enjoy your lunch buffet and prepare for fantastic shallow water snorkeling at the foot of Pinnacle Rock (alternative: walking around or relaxing on the beach). As soon as the hottest hours have past you will climb the stairs of Bartolomé’s Summit Trail, which is rewarded with panoramic views (guided walk, moderate level; about 800m/0.5 mi; 114m/375ft altitude difference). Navigation: After dinner we will sail to the north coast of Santa Cruz (about 2:30 hrs south). Additional options scuba-diving: Bartolome or Cousin Rocks (both advanced) Read more

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Santa Cruz - Departure from Baltra

Even at the very end of your cruise Galapagos keeps surprising. On this last morning you will explore the evergreen mangle forest of Black Turtle Cove, and feel a while as if you are in the Amazon rainforest instead of at the north coast of Santa Cruz. These lagoons and adventurous creeks teem with marine and birdlife, and (seasonally) with mating turtles and sharks. AM: Shortly after your wake-up call and a snack you will leave for this farewell dinghy-ride. After breakfast it’s time say goodbye, leave the yacht and continue to the airport (unless you have booked an extension on the A-route). Read more

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Package includes

  • Matrimonial/Twin cabin accommodation with private facilities as confirmed
  • All meals, water, coffee and (herbal) tea
  • All excursions as mentioned in the itinerary (itinerary subject to change) with bilingual speaking naturalist guide (English & Spanish)
  • Assistance with the check-in procedure at Quito airport (if the flight has been booked together with the cruise)
  • All transfers & ground transportation in Galapagos as mentioned in the itinerary (airport-yacht-airport transfers in Galapagos are only included if the flight has been booked together with the cruise)
  • Snorkelling equipment
  • Bathroom and beach towels

Package excludes

  • Flight to/from Galapagos
  • Galapagos National Park entrance fee. It has to be paid in cash locally (there is no ATM in this zone of Baltra airports; in San Cristobal not even in the check-in hall): Currently US$ 100 pp; Children 2-11 years US$ 50 pp; students at national educational institutions outside Ecuador US$ 25 pp
  • Transit Control Card: US$ 20 pp; has to be paid in cash at the departure airport (Quito or Guayaquil)
  • Airport transfers Galapagos (if the flight has not been booked together with the cruise operator, an additional airport transfer will have to be booked; if a flight delay occurs, an additional speedboat may have to be hired at your own expense – in cash – to bring you to our yacht)
  • Optional wetsuit rental (has to be paid in cash)
  • Soft and alcoholic drinks (have to be paid in cash)
  • Personal travel insurance
  • Personal expenses, Extras and Tips.

More information

  • The Galapagos Islands are a year-round destination with perfect holiday weather; wildlife is bustling all over the year, and each season has its own charm. The overall climate is quiet and warm, and unusual dry for the tropics, saving local micro-climates in the moist highlands. The weather is calm as well; the islands aren’t located on the path of cyclones or tropical storms.
  • Although this archipelago is situated on the equator, actually the climate can only be characterized as tropical in the first half of the year. This ‘hot season’ never gets excessively hot, but counts with a very intense equatorial sun, blue skies, alternated with some rain or even an occasional shower. From about June onwards to the end of the year is the cooler, dryer and overcast ‘garúa season’. Although called ‘cool season’, these months still count most of the time with nice summer weather, and give the opportunity to avoid the most intense sunshine.


3 Reviews

Kimberly Schembari, United States

I need to express how professional this company is! The best travel service I have experienced in South America! I had many many questions as I am traveling with an 8 year old and want to make sure of every detail! I would write emails and Bryan would write back almost immediately with needed answers! I highly recommend this company for all your travel needs! Read more

Barry, Daphne, Ann Louise & Nola Jean, Australia

Guides and Driver were very good and picked us up late in the night and have a good knowledge + had lots of interesting information.  Francisco was a very good driver and had a spacious car. Very lovely hotel + Staff were excellent. We enjoyed everything that was organised for us! uides and Driver were very good and picked us up late in the night and have a good knowledge + had lots of interesting information.  Francisco was a very good driver and had a spacious car. Very lovely hotel + Staff were excellent. We enjoyed everything that was organised for us! Read more

Mechelle & Barry, Canada

Andean Travel Company went above and beyond to make sure we were taken care of.  Excellent Service. Guides were very good with lots of information on all our tours. 

Every enquire is unique and we care about details!

Andean Travel Company
3 Reviews



We are an expert local tour operator making dream holidays come true for more than 15 years!

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