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Mt. Kailash Group tour


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Tenzin Phuntsok

Tibet Shambhala Adventure

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Mt. Kailash Group tour

The Mount Kailash group tour is dominated by the highlights of the holy Lhasa city sightseeing tour, exceptional naturally beautiful Yamdrok lake, Karola glacier of Noejing Kangsang, Old Gyantse town and Kubum Pagoda stupa, Shigtase, the capital city of the Tsang region. Mount Kailash itself is known in the Tibetan language as Gang Ti-Se and informally as Gang Ringpoche (Precious Snow Mountain), to the Bon as Yungdrung Gutsek (Nine stacked Svastikas).

Arrival in Lhassa

You will be warmly welcomed by our Tibetan guide and driver and accompany you to the holy city of Lhasa along with the view of Bharmaputra, known as YarlungTsangpo in Tibetan and a giant stone carved Buddha with more than a thousand years history.

Tibet Heritage
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Sightseeing Tour in Lhasa

Sightseeing Potala Palace, winter Palace of the Dalai Lama, Jokang temple, the oldest and most sacred temple of Tibet, Bharkor, the ancient market of Lhasa and the most oldest and sacred pilgrimage path in Lhasa.

Tibet heritage
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Lhasa sightseeing tour

Sightseeing Drepung monastery, the largest monastery in Tibet and one of the six biggest monasteries of Gelukpa sect in Tibetan Bhuddhism. Sera monastery, the scond largest monastery of Tibet and it is very interesting to watch the monks debating in the monastery.

Tibet Heritage
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Drive- Lhasa-Yamdrok lake-Gyantse-Shiga

Early morning, start your tour and then drive towards Gyangtse through 3 big mountain passes, Kampa La, Karo La, Simila respectively. Karola is the highest pass among them which is over 5000Mts with it's most beautiful glaciers, beautiful Yamdrok lake emerged as coral color from the top of Kampala pass. Visit Palchoe monastery and Kubum Pagoda stupa and then continue your journey to Shigatse. Read more

Mansarovar hotel ***
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Shigatse-Sakya (4050m/150km).

Morning, visit Tashi Lhunpo monastery which is the seat of the successive of the Penchen Lama and the biggest monasteries in the Tsang region or in the western part of Tibet. After Shigatse visit, drive through Tsola pass, 4500Mts and afternoon, visit Sakya monastery which is the mother monastery of the Sakyapa school in Tibetan Buddhism. There is a great Buddhist library in Sakya monastery which contains thousands of thousands Buddhist scriptures. Read more

Mansarover Hotel
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Drive Sakya-Saga-Drongba county

Drive to Saga and Drongba county via Ngamring la 4650Mts, beautiful Ngamring lake before reaching Ngamring county and some beautiful villages on the way.. you will drive through a vast grassland with big nomadic area where you will see lots of Yak, Sheep etc. Eventhoug the road condition is good and it will take you around 8 hours to get there as there is a speed limit. Read more

Local Hotel

Drive Drongba-Mansarovar lake-Chiu Gompa

By the South road we join the high Tibetan plateau at more than 4000m in altitude, between Himalaya and Brahmaputra (Tsangpo). Numbers of nomad camps, herds of Kyangs (wild donkeys), gazelles and antelopes, and sometimes a mob of jackals howling with the fall of the night or even a lonely wolf. We follow the road towards Kailash in breathtaking landscapes with some beautiful nomad camps and many animals on the grass lands. Reaching Lake Mansarovar and Kailash, it is an amazing landscpae the view from the point called Chaktsalkang where we can first see the Lake Mansarovar right infrot of us and Mt Kailash in the distance. It is extremely beautiful to see Lake Mansarovar and Mt Kailash in the distance which could be called as heaven. Enjoy a short walk along the lake Mansaorvar, visiting Chiu Gompa and enjoy the most beautiful view of Mt. Kailash from the monastery. Our guide and driver will prepare and book the porters or Yak for your kailash trek. Read more

Guest House in CHIU

Drive directly to Tarpoche and trek to

Today is the first day of your KailashKora which is totally around 53Km . You start your Kora from Darchen and after like 2 hrs walk, you will face DarpoChe where there is a huge prayer flag pole which is annually replaced by the pilgrimages on 15 th of forth Lunar month, known as Saga Dawa festival, As well as Trulku monastery on your leftside up on the hill side. You can also see ibex and blue sheep running in the rocky hillside while you are walking and then you will reach DhiraPhuk which was a monastery before but nowadays you can only see the ruins of the monastery as the monastery was destroyed in the cultural revolution Read more

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Trek to ZutrulPhuk(4810Mts)

Today is the second of your KailashKora which is indeed the hardest day of your three days trek. You will have to climb up to the top of Drolma La pass which is more than 5000Mt. There will be three sloppy hike to get to the top of Drolma La pass from DhiraPhuk and then pretty steep down hill with rocky path all the way to the valley. On the right side of the down hill path, there is a small lake called Thuje Lake, meaning compassionate lake.ZutrulPhuk was the cave where Mila Repa and NagroBonchung debated for their religion sects and nowadays, it is a small monastery. Read more

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Trek to Dharchen and then drive to Mansa

Today is the easiest and last day of your Kailashkora as you will trek down in the valley with beautiful distant scenery of Rakshas Tal lake .From here you will depart your Yak men and kind Yak and shift to jeeps. You will meet your drivers and continue your tour to Lake Mansarovar. Rest and free afternoon around the lake. Read more

Guest house
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Mansarovar-Drongpa-Saga, 4640Mts/435Km

It's in the vastness of the Changtang, Tibetan plateau, that we measure the Tibetan space from where suddenly emerge herds of gazelles or Kyang, wild donkeys.

Guest House
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Drive Saga-Shigatse (3900Mts/ 440KM )

Drive along the vast grassland, beautiful mountain range, Tibetan nomadic and farmers villages.

Mansarovar Hotel
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Drive from Shigatse to Lhasa (3650Mts/ 4

Start your tour early in the morning and drive along the Bharmaputrariver with a landscape of sandy hills, villages, and RulakYungdrung ling at the otherside of the river. You will have lunch in a small town called Nyenmo which is the border point between Shigatse and Lhasa . Free afternoon for shopping. tart your tour early in the morning and drive along the Bharmaputrariver with a landscape of sandy hills, villages, and RulakYungdrung ling at the otherside of the river. You will have lunch in a small town called Nyenmo which is the border point between Shigatse and Lhasa . Free afternoon for shopping. Read more

Tibet heritage hotel
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Drive to Lhasa airport.(3600Mts/ 60Km )

Flying HOme


Day in trip
Day 1
Location Lhasa
Hotel Tibet Heritage
Day 4
Location Shigatse
Hotel Mansarovar Hotel
Day 5
Location Sakya
Hotel Mansarovar Hotel
Day 6
Location Drongba County
Hotel Hotel in Drongba
Day 7
Location Mansarovar
Hotel Chiu monastery Guest House
Day 8
Location Dhirakpuk
Hotel Guest house in Dhirakpuk
Day 9
Location Zutrulpuk
Hotel Guest house in Zutrulpuk
Day 10
Location Mansarovar
Hotel Chiu monastery Guest House
Day 11
Location `Saga
Hotel Saga Guest House
Day 12
Location Shigatse
Hotel Mansarovar Hotel
Day 13
Location Lhasa
Hotel Tibet Heritage


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4 Reviews

Thomas, United States

Terrific, courtesy, conscientious guides-- the tour of a lifetime-- I can recommend these folks with enthusiasm and without qualification. Two friends and I took a three week tour though Tibet-- from Lhasa, along the southern route west, to a three day trek around Mt Kailash, through the Guge Kingdom, then along the Northern route back to Lhasa (cutting south to reconnect with the southern highway). Throughout our guide and driver were topnotch professional-- well informed and always on the look out for interesting stops. Along the grueling three day pilgrimage around Mt Kailash they made pivotal decisions that made the trek do-able. Our guide was especially knowledgeable about Buddhism-- so the tours through the many extraordinary temple sites were all the more eye-opening. Like I said, the tour of a lifetime. Read more

Matthew, Australia

For my second trip to central Tibet I wanted to explore a different area. I had visited Lhasa before and other popular locations. Thoroughly enjoyed my time in Lhasa seeing the Potala Palace again plus some lesser known sights. The historical sites around Samye and Tsedang and some local villages we visited were the highlight of the trip. Tsering was a great guide and his local knowledge of the Tsedang area was most valuable. Both he and the manager Dawa were flexible and accommodating about my itinerary. The driver Ngawa was also very helpful. I can't wait to go to Tibet again. I would definitely recommend this company. Read more

Zorfa, Canada

Short but memorable trip to Lhasa, Tibet This was our first trip to Lhasa and something we've wanted to do for a long time. I searched the website for agents in Lhasa and was glad to stumble on Tibet Shambhala Adventure. Dawa was very accommodating and communication with him was via What'sApp. There was a lot of planning needed for this trip and, fortunately, Dawa was always available to talk to and sort things out. We were warmly welcomed in Lhasa by our travel guide, Phuntsok, who was very accommodating and did his best to take good care of us. He'd always show up before time and met every request we put forth. He was also very patient with us particularly when visiting all the monasteries located at various elevations. I only wish we had allowed ourselves more days to explore further out of Lhasa. Perhaps, that is for next time then:-)) Read more



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