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13 Day Chengdu to Xining Tour


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Jimpa Gyamtso

Jimpa Travel

Jimpa Travel provides customized tours of Tibetan places by experienced local Tibetan guides.

  • Local time:04:08

13 Day Chengdu to Xining Tour

On this tour you'll get to experience different cultures, animals, and altitudes! Start out in China's spiciest city: Chengdu, and travel, literally up, to Xining, the multi-ethnic capital of Qinghai province.

Arrive in Chengdu

Arrive in the colorful and bustling city of Chengdu. Hot in the way of temperature as well as it's famous spicy food.

Chengdu, One Night

Visit the Pandas and the Tibetan Market

Chengdu is famous for it's Panda Research Center. Observe and photograph these famous Asian animals, as well as a number of other animals, plants and architecture. Visit the bustling Tibetan Market in Chengdu. You'll be able to find many cultural and Buddhist items from butter lamps to traditional robes, and everything in between. Read more

Chengdu, One Night

Dujiangyan and Chuanzhusi

Witness one of the worlds oldest and still functioning irrigation systems in Dujiangyan.

Chuanzhusi, One Night

Huanglong Park

Huanglong, a World Heritage Site, is famous for it's pools. The colors result from calcite deposits. Many dazzling geographic marvels can be found here in this beautiful place.

Jiuzhaiguo, One Night

Jiuzhaigou Nature Reserve

One of China's most famous and splendid Natural Parks, Jiuzhaigou is another World Heritage Site for good reason. Experience stunning views, Tibetan villages, and local wildlife.

Jiuzhaigou, One Night

Drive to Taktsang Lhamo (Langmusi)

This town actually has sections in two different provinces. It's situated on the Gansu/Sichuan boarder, and between two prominent Tibetan Buddhist Monasteries.

Taktsang Lhamo, One Night

Langmusi and Labrang Monastery (Xiahe)

Enjoy the majestic scenery as you travel from Sichuan to Gansu, and arrive at the historic Labrang Monastery in Xiahe.

Labrang (Xiahe), One Night

Labrang Monastery (Labulengsi), Xiahe

Visit one of the most historic and famous Tibetan Buddhist Monasteries on the Plateau: Labrang Monastery. Watch pilgrims doing prostrations and maroon clad Buddhist Monks go about their daily chores.

Labrang (Xiahe), One Night

Drive to Rebgong (Tongren),

Labrang - Tongren ( Rebgong ) Altitude-2580m/ Driving time-3hrs Drive and visit Tibetan Monasteries and Villages. Rebgong is in the center of Amdo and it is in the north-east of Tibet. It is center of Tibetan art. We will visit Art Monasteries, Art Families and an Art Museum. It is known as a center of Thangka Painting. Rebgong Arts has been included on UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage Lists since 2009. Homestay in a Tibetan village. Read more

Rebgong (Tongren), One Night

Trika (Guide), Kanbula National Park and

Tongren- Guide / Altitude-2100m/ driving time-4hrs Drive to Guide, on the way visit Kanbula National Park and its Nunnery. Kanbula is one of the most beautiful park in Western China and the most beautiful park in Qinghai ( Amdo ). In the park, there is a nunnery , which is the biggest nunnery Amdo region and one of the historic places for Tibetan Buddhism. Read more

Trika (Guide), One Night

Qinghai Lake and Xining City

Guide – Qinghai lake / Altitude-2900m/ driving time-4hrs Drive and visit the Yellow River Bend, local temple. In Guide, we can see the yellow river clearly; the mountains around Guide town are beautiful with a number of different colors. Treka Jokhang is the holiest temple in the region, and there are many pilgrims visiting it from all over the Amdo region every day. In the afternoon, we will drive to Qinghai lake. Hotel at Qinghai lake. Read more

Xining, One Night

Visit Tibetan Medical Museum and Tibetan

We will drive to Xining and visit Tibetan Medical Museum in the afternoon. There we can see a more than 650m long Tibetan painting or Tangka, on which we can see about 70% of Tibetan Bon and Buddhist history. Hotel in Xining

Xining, One Night



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Local, Knowledgeable, and Experienced Guides

Jimpa Travel


Duker Tsering


Jimpa Travel provides customized tours of Tibetan places by experienced local Tibetan guides.

If you have any questions or you want to customize your trip we are here for you at any time.

  • Languages:Tibetan, English, French, Chinese
  • Local time:04:08


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