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10 Day Lhasa Tour


USD 1,780

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  • 10 Days

Jimpa Gyamtso

Jimpa Travel

Jimpa Travel provides customized tours of Tibetan places by experienced local Tibetan guides.

  • Local time:16:25

10 Day Lhasa Tour

On the rooftop of the world there is no holier place for Tibetans than Lhasa. On this tour you will have the rare opportunity to visit ancient monasteries, try high altitude cuisine, and experience one of the world's oldest civilizations. There you will visit the famous Potala Palace, Jokang Temple, as well as take in the experience of the Barkor, with it's many pilgrims and calming smoke from the constantly burning offerings. Go to Sera and Drepun Monasteries, and visit Samye; the first Buddhist Monastery built in Tibet. Enjoy some free time in the city to explore and shop. This will be a journey of a lifetime!

Arrive in Lhasa

Arrive in Lhasa and transfer to your hotel. Get acclimated to the high altitude and take in your new surroundings.

Lhasa, One Night

The Potala Palace and the Jokang Temple

Visit Lhasa's holiest and most famous sites, the Potala Palace and the Jokang Temple. Buddhist Tibetans travel long distances, some even doing prostrations from their hometowns in other provinces, in order to arrive and worship at these ancient holy places. You'll have the chance to see Tibetan pilgrims from all areas of Tibet as well as Buddhist practitioners from around the world. Enjoy the ancient architecture and it's color symbolism. Eat traditional foods and observe the bustle that's been happening here for hundreds of years. Read more

Lhasa, One Night

Drapung and Sera Monasteries

Drapung and Sera Monasteries are two of the most famous Gelukpa Sect institutions in Tibet. Drapung is the largest of all Tibetan monasteries, and was the home of the Dalai Lama's while the Potala was being built. Sera Monastery got its name from the number of wild roses that grew in the area where it was built. Each have a rich history. Read more

Lhasa, One Night

Shigatse, Tashi Lhunpo Monastery

Tashi Lhunpo Monastery was founded by the first Dalai Lama, and has traditionally been the seat of the Panchen Lamas. There travelers can also see lots of murals which are considered as masterpieces of Buddhist art due to the variety of shapes, resplendent colors and exquisite painting. They are also good relics for researching Tibet’s history and culture. Read more

Shigatse, One Night

Drive to Everest Base Camp

Experience the foot of the tallest mountain in the entire world!

Guesthouse, One Night

Back to Shigatse and Sakya Monastery

The name Sakya (which means pale earth) derives from the unique grey landscape of Ponpori Hills in southern Tibet. It's the first of it's kind and has a rich history that began in the latter portion of the 11th century.

Shigatse or Sakya, One Night

Gyangtse. visit Kumbum Monastery

Gyantse is notable for its restored fort, and its magnificent tiered Kumbum (literally, '100,000 images') of the Palcho Monastery, the largest chörten in Tibet.

Gyangtse, One Night

Tsetang, Yamdrok Yutso and Kangsang Peak

Like mountains, lakes are considered sacred by Tibetan people, the principle being that they are the dwelling places of protective deities and therefore invested with special spiritual powers. Yamdrok Lake is one of four particularly holy lakes and is thought to be divine.

Tsetang, One Night

Samye Monastery and Yungbu Lakang

Samye Monastery was the very first Buddhist monastery built in Tibet. King Trisong Detsen commissioned its construction because he sought to revitalize Buddhism.

TseTang, One Night

Drive to Airport or Train Station

This is the last day of the tour. Enjoy the beautiful scenery as you return to your chosen transportation hub.



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  • Customers who prefer private rooms on the tour will be asked to pay an additional charge.

Local, Knowledgeable, and Experienced Guides

Jimpa Travel


Duker Tsering


Jimpa Travel provides customized tours of Tibetan places by experienced local Tibetan guides.

If you have any questions or you want to customize your trip we are here for you at any time.

  • Languages:Tibetan, English, French, Chinese
  • Local time:16:25


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