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16 days Historic Route by Surface with Danakil depression


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16 days Historic Route by Surface with Danakil depression

A tour that combines historic sites and a natural riches


Arrive in Addis Ababa. Meet our staff and get transferred to hotel.

Addis Ababa, 1night

Drive Bahirdar

Drive to visit Debre Libanos Monastery (13th century) and the spectacular Blue Nile gorge. Then, proceed along the rolling plateaus and farm lands of Gojam to Bahirdar.

Bahirdar, 2nights

Tana Monasteries and Blue Ni

In the morning, boat trip on Lake Tana to see beautiful island monasteries and their valuable treasures which includes biblical wall paintings, crowns of different Ethiopian Kings, ancient illuminated parchment books, superb crosses etc. In the afternoon, you will have excursion on a rough road to the magnificent Blue Nile Falls. It is about 400 meter wide with full flood (in June, July and August to mid September). Read more

Drive to Gondar

Proceed to Gondar. Then, tour of Gondar which includes the visit the Royal Enclosure with its magnificent castles dated from the 17th and 18th century (world heritage site), the bath of king Fasiledes, and the remarkable church of Debrebrihan Selassie with its breathtaking 17th century wall and ceiling paintings. Read more

Gondar, 1night

Drive to Simien Mountain Nat

Morning drive to the Simien mountain national park as far as Chenek (World Heritage Site) to visit its superb scenery, the endemic fauna like the Gelada baboon(the bleeding heart baboon) and flora such as the Abyssinian wild rose and the Giant Lobelia.

Simien park, 1night

Drive to Axum

Drive via one of the most scenic roads of Ethiopia called Lima limo and the spectacular Tekeze Gorge to Axum. En route on your right side of the road, you will have chance to gaze over parts of the Semien Mountains.

Axum, 2nights

Axum visit

In Axum (World Heritage Site),visit the famous stele park with its ancient huge monolithic obelisks, archaeological artifacts, ruined palaces of different Axumite kings which includes that of the Queen of Sheba, ancient stone inscriptions, subterranean tombs, the church of St. Mary of Zion where the original Ark of the Covenant is believed to be housed etc Read more

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Drive to Mekelle

Drive to Mekele. En-route you visit the ancient Temple of Yeha (5th. C.BC) and some selected Tigray rock churches

Mekelle, 1night

Drive to Hamad Ela

Drive from Mekele via Agula and Berhaile to Hamad Ela. At Berhaile you produce the permission; organize the scouts and finalize preparation for the desert tour e.t.c.

Hamad Ela, 2nights

Drive to Dallol

In the morning drive to Dallol depression, one of the lowest points on the earth which dips to -116 meters. Visit amazing rock formations and bubbling sulfur springs. Also, you visit the salt mines at Lake Asale, where salt bars are cut and prepared for camel transportation, return to Hamad Ela.

Drive to Erta Ale

Drive to the typical Afar village of Dodom, from which we trek to the volcano. Prepare for trekking and in the evening trek to the rim of the volcano. During the night, you visit the drama of the active volcano of mount Ert Ale, in whose crater lays the only permanent lava lake in the world, and another volcano of bubbling lava. Read more

Dodem, 1night

Return to Mekelle

In the morning, trek back and meet the vehicle to drive to Ahmedela, a far flung settlement in a nomadic tribal area. Proceed via Berhaile, Desa escarpment with juniper and wild olive trees to Mekele.

Mekelle, 1night
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Drive to Lalibela

After early breakfast leave for Lalibela passing through the stunning scenery of the North central Massif and the Tigrean plateau arriving Lalibela late afternoon.

Lalibela, 2nights

Lalibela visit

Today you visit the first and second group of King Lalibela’s 12th.C. rock hewn churches (World Heritage Site). Although all of these churches are carved out of huge blocks of rocks, each of them displays unique architectural features from the other.

Drive to Kombolcha

Drive to Kombolcha via many small towns of Wollo province including the historical town of Wuchale, where the controversial Treaty of Wuchale is signed between Emperor Menelik of Ethiopia and Italy which ultimately led to the famous battle of Adwa in 1896. En-route, depending on time availability, you visit Genet Mariam church. Read more

Kombolcha, 1night

Drive to Addis and city tour

Drive back to Addis Ababa and have half day tour of Addis Ababa which includes the Ethnological Museum in the former palace of King Hailesillassie, the National Museum, and the Holy Trinity Cathedral. In the evening, you will be invited farewell dinner in one of the best traditional restaurants of the capital. Then, transfer to the airport and departure Read more


Day in trip
Day 1
Location Addis Ababa
Day 2
Location Bahirdar
Hotel Bahirdar No.2 Hotel
Day 4
Location Gondar
Hotel Florida Hotel
Day 5
Location Debark
Hotel Walia Lodge
Day 6
Location Axum
Hotel Consular Hotel
Day 8
Location Mekelle
Hotel Hilltop Hotel
Day 9
Location Hamda Ela
Hotel Camping
Day 11
Location Dodem
Hotel Camping
Day 12
Location Mekelle
Hotel Hilltop Hotel
Day 13
Location Lailbela
Hotel Cliffage Hotel
Day 15
Location Kombolcha
Hotel Sunny Side Hotel


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