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Historic and Non-Urban Japan- Tokyo, Lake Kawaguchi, Kyoto, Hiroshima, Naoshima




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  • 17 Days

Peter Cheng

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Historic and Non-Urban Japan- Tokyo, Lake Kawaguchi, Kyoto, Hiroshima, Naoshima




/ person
  • 17 Days

Historic and Non-Urban Japan- Tokyo, Lake Kawaguchi, Kyoto, Hiroshima, Naoshima

For clients that are after the ultimate Japan tour. See and explore the Cities as well as venturing into some spectacular rural areas of Japan. Arriving in to Tokyo, and then transfering extensively throughout the Honshu Island. Covering your special interests from Architecture, Culture to Art and activeness in some of Japan's best natural environments. An Exclusive arrangement looking behind a World Heritage Temple can not be beaten.

Arrival, Transfer to Hotel

Arrive at NARITA International Airport and transfer to Tokyo Station with an English Speaking Assistant. The English Speaking Assistant will be on the Narita Express train with you and then take you to the Tokyo Hotel. Please note that it only takes approx.. 70 minutes from Narita Airport to central Tokyo. You will be using the Narita Express and these are reserved seats in the Green (First) Class carriage. Please use the luggage storage space on the trains Read more

Tokyo 5★+ Hotel

Full Day Tokyo Sightseeing

Meet with your English Speaking Guide at the Hotel Lobby and commence Tokyo Sightseeing by a Chartered Car. Please be at the lobby 5-10 minutes before the departure time. Please talk to your guide on whether you would like to see the Imperial Palace Gardens, as this is also with in walking distance of your Hotel. However, sometimes it is better to see the grounds with the Guide talking along the way. You then will visit The House of tomorrow, which is in an area most Overseas Visitors dont go to with limited days in Japan. You will enter the house and see what kind of architecture Frank Llyod Wright thought would suit Japan. Designed and built in 1921. You will also be taken to the Asakusa Temple area to see the oldest and one of the most colorful temples in Tokyo. The Tokyo Sky Tree Tower admission is not included, so if you would like to go up to the observation deck, please pay on the spot. Another one of the highlights for today will be the Hokusai Museum, which is a great example of architecture on the outside and great works of art from Hokusai on the inside. A great over view of Tokyo will be done today. Read more

Tokyo 5★+ Hotel

Tokyo Sightseeing and Boat Cruise

Today is a Full Free day at leisure for you to explore Tokyo by yourself. I can mention some locations that may be of interest to you, but please also talk to the Hotel staff also as they will be able to point you in any direction you may want to go to. You may like to go to Harajuku which is where the young generation like to spend the extra time and money and you will be able to see another side of Tokyo. Close to Harajuku area is the Meiji Shrine, which was built by the Meiji Emperor and dedicated to his wife. It is a shrine that was supposed to hold their bodies after death, but they are actually buried in Kyoto as the Meiji Emperor really fell in love with Kyoto and decided to be buried here. There are also several Museums and Galleries that maybe of interst to you too. By going to Ueno Park, you can see the park itself but also the National Art Museum of contemporary Art. In a different direction, you also the new and very poopular NEZU Museum. The MORI Museum. The Mori Art museum told me that you dont need to pre-book and usually the art museum is not always full, so able to just walk in on the spur of the moment. Terminate back at your Hotel or explore the night life of Tokyo also. Read more

Tokyo 5★+ Hotel

Transfer from Tokyo to Lake Kawaguchi

Meet your English Speaking Guide at the Tokyo hotel and then transfer to Tokyo Station by public transportation. I suggest a quick taxi ride OR if you have very light luggage, you can walk to the Yurakucho Station which is approx. 7 minutes from the hotel, and then 1 stop on the Yamanote Loop Train line to Tokyo Station which is only 2 minutes away. Once at Tokyo Station, board your BULLET TRAIN bound for MISHIMA Station. You are in the Green (First Class) seats. Upon arrival at Mishima Station, you may be able to see a beautiful Mt Fuji in the distance. You then will board an Express Bus bound for Lake Kawaguchi, and as you are moving towards Lake Kawaguchi, so to will Mt Fuji become bigger and bigger. Upon arrival at Lake Kawaguchi Bus Stop, you will disembark the Bus and then be taken to your accommodation in the accommodation’s courtsey Bus. Read more

Lake Kawaguchi 5★+ Hotel

Transfer from Lake Kawaguchi to Kyoto

Check out of your Lake Kawaguchi hotel and take the Courtesy Bus to Lake Kawaguchi station and then you can walk to the Bus Stop. Take the Express Bus from Lake Kawaguchi to MIshima Station (The same station you came through yesterday). Once at Mishima Station make sure you go up the stairs to the Bullet Train Platform, and board your Bullet Train to KYOTO. The Bullet Train, Carriage and seat numbers are on the Itnerary, but please also check your Physical Tickets. (You have plenty of time to take in a bite to eat before you enter Mishima Station. There are a few small hotel restaurants, convenience stores and other locations to choose from). Upon arrival into Kyoto Station, an English Speaking Assistant will meet you at the Bullet Train Platform. You then will need to take the Public transportation to your Hotel. Read more

Kyoto 5★+ Hotel

Full Day Kyoto Sightseeing

Meet with your English Speaking Guide at the Hotel Lobby. Today you will be taken to the Arashiyama area of Kyoto which is one of the most popular areas. Arashiyama area is famous for the bamboo garden and the Togetskyo Bridge which literally translates to the Bridge that crosses to the Moon. Enter the Unesco World Heritage Site or Tenryuji Temple, and see a perfect Japanese Garden which just so happens to be the headquarters of the Zen Sect of Buddhism. You may be lucky enough to enter the HATTO Hall for a special “public viewing” that happens a few times a year. Here you will see an approx. 9 meter dragon painted on the ceiling, and I am sure you will be impressed with the expression that the dragons gives when you move around under it. After Arashiyama sights, you will also transfer to the Golden Pavilion which is a must see in Japan, and then you will also visit one of my favorite Temples, the Ryoanji Temple. This is a Stone Garden, with many mysteries and from any one location in the garden, it is impossible to see all 14 stones at one time. If you like art, it is a must see. If you dont like art, it still is a must see. You then will return to central Kyoto and you can walk the streets of Kyoto before your dinner reservation. The Guide will say goodbye to you once the sightseeing is completed, but will also show you the restaurant location. Enjoy a superior style meal in a very casual restaurant. Just to have dinner in this traditional location is a great memory in itself. After you dinner, please return to your hotel or walk the streets a little more to see how Kyoto changes its face when the lights come on. Read more

Kyoto 5★+ Hotel
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Full Day Kyoto Sightseeing

Meet your English Speaking Guide at the Hotel Lobby and commence Kyoto Sightseeing. You will be taken today, to the UJI Area of Kyoto as well as the FUSHIMI area. You will be using a chartered car for your convenience. Uji City is the location where the first Japanese Tea was produced. You will enjoy an authentic tea Ceremony here which is a great experience in Japan, as there is no better place to drink the tea where it was first produced. Byodoin Temple is also in Uji, and I suggest you enter this World Heritage Site also and view one the most tranquil temples in all of Japan. The Byodoin Temple is also the temple that is on the 10 yen coin and the 10,000 yen bank note of Japan. (Admisison to Byodoin is included). You then will be transferred to the Fushimi area. You will then take the car to the most visited Shrine in Japan, the Fushimi Inari Shrine. See some of the 10,000 Red Torii Gates that line the pathway up the hillside. This Shrine is the headquarters for all 30,000 Inari Shrines throughout Japan. It also has the god of wealth, so you see many business people come here to get good luck for their businesses. You will return to Kyoto central and can terminate at your hotel, or another area that you may prefer. Read more

Kyoto 5★+ Hotel
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Full Day Kyoto Sightseeing

Meet your English Speaking Guide at the Hotel Lobby and commence Kyoto Sightseeing. Please enjoy approx. 6 hours of an exclusve arrangement. You will be taken a very special Temple in the Outskirts of Kyoto. Here you will be immersed in the Religion of Buddhism, and also be able to see a little on how the Monks work each day. The Temple itself is a World Heritage site and has over 70,000 National Treasures. I have arranged an exclusive ”Behind the scenes” arrangement where you will be able to see things the normal public cannot see. I do hope this is a highlight of your tour, and I also hope it will be very spiritual and inspiring to you. I am sure you will be able to use this experience in your everyday life in the future, and definitely something you won't forget soon. There are several “actions” included that the normal visitor cannot experience. This great memory will help you and your group bond stronger together and provide you with new ideas and energy. Please be ready to be amazed. After the Temple experience, we will transfer back to Kyoto central and have you dropped off at the accommodation. Your acommodation today is a Japanese Ryokan Style Accommodation at one of the top 2 Ryokans in Kyoto, and all of Japan. You will have dinner at the Ryokan, which I know will be a feast in itself. Read more

Kyoto 5★+ Hotel
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Transfer from Kyoto to Hiroshima

Check out of your Kyoto RYOKAN Accommodation and transfer to JR KYOTO STATION by own. Board Your Bullet Train (Green (First Class) Seats) from Kyoto Station to Hiroshima Station. Arrive at HIROSHIMA STATION and meet your English Speaking Guide. You will be using the public transportation and this will need to be paid on the spot, although I have included a Hiroshima Day pass which will cover most of the public transportation. You will visit the A Bomb Dome, the Peace Park and have the opportunity to enter the Archive museum. Then you will transfer to Miyajima Island by public transportation and take a short ferry to the island. The Guide will then introduce you to the World Heritage Site - Itsukushima Shrine which can you see with the Guide. Return to central Hiroshima and terminate at your accommodation. After check in enjoy some of the local Hiroshima style food that is in abundance around your hotel area. Read more

Hiroshima 4★+ Hotel
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Transfer from Hiroshima to Naoshima

Check out of your Hiroshima Accommodation. Today you will take the Bullet Train (First Class) from Hiroshima to Okayama Station with the English Speaking Guide. Change to the local trains at Okayama and transfer to Uno Port for your 20 minute ferry ride to Naoshima. The Guide will then show you the sights of the Contemporary Art Island of Naoshima. See the outdoor art as well as some of the indoor galleries. Return to the Benesse House and check in. Read more

Naoshima 5★+ Hotel

Full Free day at Naoshima Island

Today is a day to relax and take in the natural environment of Naoshima. You can use the Free bus of the Hotel to visit some of the local areas, and then you will need to use the Local Bus and pay on the spot to get to some of the more “further out” locales. All admission will need to be paid on the spot. I have also attached a Naoshima Island Brochure that may be of help to you. I suggest today will be the day to spend time at BENESSE HOUSE Museum which is open all year round, as well as visit the Yellow and Red pumpkins. Read more

Naoshima 5★+ Hotel

Transfer from NAOSHIMA to OSAKA

Check out of your NAOSHIMA Accommodation and transfer to the PORT by own. You will take the Express Bus from UNO PORT to OKAYAMA Station and once again to Okayama Station. Arrive at OKAYAMA STATION and then you will need to walk to the Bullet Train Platforms once more. Board Your Bullet Train (Green (First Class) Seats) from Okayama Station to SHIN-OSAKA Station. Arrive at SHIN-OSAKA STATION and transfer to your Hotel. Read more

Osaka 5★+ Hotel

Full Day Osaka Sightseeing

Meet your English Speaking Guide at the Hotel Lobby and commence Osaka Sightseeing. Today you will be using Public Osaka City sightseeing originally planned to include the Umeda Sky Building. This will give you a glimpse on how large Osaka is from a bird's eye view. You also will go to the famous Osaka Castle. The last area will be the vibrant Dotonbori Canal area where many young Japanese go to spend their extra few yen. Also stretch your legs to the Shin-Sekai area which is a very deep area that hasn't really changed since the end of World War Two. A very deep area of Osaka to experience. Read more

Osaka 5★+ Hotel


Check out of your OSAKA accommodation. Take the Bullet train from SHIN-OSAKA Station to NAGOYA STATION. Please get off at NAGOYA Station. Your next train is the WIDEVIEW TRAIN bound for TAKAYAMA. Board the WIDEWIEW Train and enjoy the natural environment as you move deeper and deeper into the rural areas of Japan. Please get off at TAKAYAMA STATION. Please then walk to the NOHI BUS CENTER which is located right out side. Before you board the Bus, please make sure that you will be boarding the correct bus by asking the Driver. You bus stop should be Number 5 at the NOHI BUS CENTER. You then will take an EXPRESS Bus from Takayama Station to SHINHOTAKA ONSEN and will need to get off at the SHIN HOTAKA ONSEN GUCHI Bus Stop. Disembark the bus at SHIN HOTAKA ONSEN GUCHI Bus Stop which is actually only 80 meters from your accommodation. Read more

Shinhotaka 5★+ Hotel


Today will be a great day to wind down and enjoy the amazing natural area of Shinhotaka. You have the private bath and several other choices for the Hot Springs. If you have some more energy, I do also recommend the Shin Hotaka Ropeway which will provide great views. The admission is not included, but I do suggest you venture here. The Hotel staff will be more than happy to tell you how to access this. Read more

Shinhotaka 5★+ Hotel


Check out of your SHINHOTAKA accommodation. You will be getting on the bus at the same SHIN HOTAKA ONSEN GUCHI Bus Stop, but should be on the opposite side of the road when you arrived. Board the Local Bus from SHIN HOTAKA ONSEN GUCHI Bus Stop and transfer to TOYAMA STATION. Then walk to the TOYAMA Station and enter onto the Bullet Train Platforms.Board your Bullet Train from TOYAMA STATION bound for TOKYO Station. Please do not get off in between and just enjoy your final Bullet ride all the way to Tokyo Station. Arrive into TOKYO Station and then meet your English Speaking Assistant at the Bullet Train platform. Together with the English Assistant, you will transfer to your final nights hotel. Read more

Tokyo 5★+ Hotel

Transfer from Tokyo Hotel to Narita Inte

The English Speaking Assistant will meet you at the hotel and then you will walk to the SHINAGAWA Station. Take the NARITA EXPRESS TRAIN from Shinagawa to the NARITA INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT (seats are pre booked). Upon arrival, you just need to walk to the International Check in counters and get your boarding pass. Read more

No accommodation


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Package includes

  • Arrival transfer from airport with Express Train pre-reserved seating and private assistant
  • Departure transfer to airport by Narita Express Rapid Trainn
  • 4.5- stars+ rated accommodation
  • Certified Local English Speaking guides
  • Information services
  • Entrance fees
  • Breakfast at all accommodation
  • Lunches and Dinners mentioned on the itinerary

Package excludes

  • Airfare
  • Personal expenses
  • Visa, consular fees or any other formalities.
  • Tips (not required in Japan)
  • Meals and Beverages except those mentioned in the itinerary
  • Public transportation costs such as local trains, subways and buses
  • Additional journeys and transfers

More information

  • The prices are for per person based on double occupancy.
  • Prices will vary based on season and availability.
  • Itinerary, locations, attractions, hotels, etc. can all be tailor-made according to your budget / liking.


4 Reviews

Alan R., United States

A trip to Japan was #1 on our bucket list. As my wife noted on the flight back, the trip as arranged by Scott, met and surpassed our highest expectations. It was fantastic from start to finish! He listened to what we wanted, in all the diversity of types of things we wished to do, and he deliver

Amanda T., United States

Scott helped me to maximize that time and focus my experience on both Kyoto highlights and some hidden gems. He worked with me to understand my "must sees" and recommended other important stops based on his local knowledge-- many of which ended up being my favorite spots. Incredibly responsive to m

Steve B., United States

We had a terrific trip. Every detail was perfect, and the tour planner was a pleasure to work with. We went to Niseko, then Tokyo and Kyoto. The tour planner’s recommendations were terrific and everything from the planning, to the guides, hotel, bullet train and side trips worked like clock-work. Read more



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