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13-days Uganda & Tanzania




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Pleunie van Uden

Matoke Tours

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13-days Uganda & Tanzania




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  • 13 Days

13-days Uganda & Tanzania

Uganda is all about its diversity in landscapes and activities. You will discover its best highlights like gorilla and chimpanzee tracking, plus an amazing boat safari. Tanzania has the highest density of wildlife in the world. Famous national parks like the Serengeti and the Ngorogoro crater with huge population of predators and the annual migration of 2,000,000 ungulates. This Uganda and Tanzania tour will show you the best of both countries.

Welcome to Uganda!

You will be picked up at Entebbe Airport by a representative of Via Via Guesthouse. This is where your Matoke Tours driver/ guide will find you tomorrow morning for the start of your Uganda and Tanzania tour after a good breakfast. ViaVia Entebbe is a very cosy accommodation in Entebbe, only 10 minutes away from the airport. All the rooms are self-contained and have a private terrace overlooking the dazzling garden. Relax in one of the hammocks while the resident monkeys play around in the trees, you can bath in your hot-tub, enjoy a romantic sunset and sit aside the campfire at night. The restaurant serves you fresh and healthy food, spiced with world flavours for a well-balanced international and local menu. ViaVia will give you a truly heartwarming experience that’s very hard to beat! Read more

Entebbe, 1 night

To Kibale Forest

Today, you will undertake the journey to green Kibale Forest. The drive is incredibly scenic, passing through tea plantations and the lush green countryside which characterizes so much of Uganda. On arrival at the forest, you will enter a completely different world… some serious monkey business! Kibale Forest National Park lies just outside the colonial town of Fort Portal and is made up of dense tropical rain forest. This park is considered one of the big highlights of Uganda due to some serious monkey business going on here. A big number of primates residing can be found here and particularly a visit to one of the habituated chimpanzee groups is a very memorable experience. The rare red colobus as well as the black and white colobus, red tailed monkey, olive baboon, the blue Monkey and l’hoest’s monkeys are also regularly seen here. Where would you find a better spot to experience encounters with nature; smelling the forest and listening to the many sounds. Your safari tent or cottage is surrounded by lush green diversity filled with countless bird species and butterflies. This brand new Lodge offers you a unique jungle experience at the border of Kibale Forest National Park with the most stunning view over the forest canopy and the snow-capped Rwenzori Mountains. You will stay at a modern and comfortable cottage at quiet locations in the forest. This lodge is all about a relaxing atmosphere, family friendly and with a refreshing swimming pool. In the restaurant and lounge areas you’ll be welcome to try tasty meals meanwhile you have high chances of spotting the Red Colobus and Grey Cheeked Mangabey monkeys on the premises. Read more

Kibale Forest, 1 night

Chimpanzee Tracking

Chimpanzees share 98% of human genes making them our closest living relatives. They are found in 21 countries throughout Africa, but are most easily sighted in Uganda due to their dense populations. Today, in Uganda, there are approximately 5,000 chimpanzees left in the wild. The Chimpanzee Tracking experience here is done on several well maintained walking trails. There is also a wonderfully diverse concentration of other primates, more than any other forest in East Africa, in fact. Besides our delightful cousins, the chimpanzees, you can find red colobus, red-tailed guenon, white-nosed monkey, gray-cheeked mangabey, blue monkey, L'Hoest's monkey, and the black and white colobus monkey. In addition, you may see olive baboons, bush babies and nocturnal pottos. The aim for your tracking through the jungle under the care of professional guide, is 1 hour of eye to eye contact with the chimpanzees. We can however cannot guarantee 100% for you to see them as they are still wild animals, nevertheless your chances are very good. In the late afternoon you will take a scenic route to Queen Elizabeth National Park. Your accommodation for the coming two nights is Marafiki Safari Lodge. Marafiki Safari Lodge is set in a unique location and has been designed using local materials fitted by artisans from the local community. This lodge offers private safari tents on raised wooden floors with canvas walls, which can be rolled up. You can sit comfortably when watching the savannah plains with breath taking views across the park, the Rwenzori- and Virunga mountains. With an en-suit open-air shower, you can experience an African sunrise properly or shower in the moonlight under the stars. Enjoy your delicious meals (made with fresh and local produce)on the restaurant veranda or next to the campfire. There is a new swimming pool which really invites for a refreshing dip in between game drives on a sunny day in this beautiful setting. Read more

Queen Elizabeth NP, 2 nights

Park Game Drive & Boat Safari

After an early breakfast, you continue the Uganda and Tanzania tour with a long game drive in time to see the sun rise. The morning is the best time for a game drive as the African animal kingdom tends to me most active when during the golden hours of the first sunlight touching the savanna. You will continue the search for all the wildlife; elephant, buffalo, lion, waterbuck, leopard, Uganda kob, warthog and do not forget about the birds and the primates. After lunch, you will take a boat safari along the Kazinga Channel. Here, you will see a lot of hippos (more than you can possibly imagine), as well as a variety of other animals which come to the waterhole to drink or bathe. You can expect to see: Buffalo, Crocodile, bathing Elephant, and a range of beautiful birds. This will undoubtedly be one of the highlights of your tour. After the boat-safari you game drive back to the lodge. Read more

Queen Elizabeth

Lake Mutanda Tour

Today you drive to Kisoro in the south-western part of Uganda; close to the borders with Rwanda and Congo for the Lake Mutanda Tour. You cross a beautiful part of the country often referred to as ‘the Switzerland of Africa’. You will see a great country-side, bamboo forest and have great views over the Virunga Mountains. For lunch you will stop at a local restaurant on the road (lunch is not inclusive) and then continue the Lake Mutanda Tour. Mutanda Lake Resort offers one of the best views in Uganda! Perched on a peninsula in Lake Mutanda, isolated in the shadow of the Virunga Mountain Range, this lodge offers comfortable accommodation in a very unique corner of the country. Situated between Kisoro town, Mgahinga and Bwindi National Parks the Resort makes a perfect base for a gorilla trekking, volcano hikers, bird-lovers as well for those looking for a secluded magical place in nature. Don’t forget to take your chance to dip in the lake as it is Bilharzia free, so safe to swim, peddle board or canoe amongst the locals going about their daily business on the lake! The sunset scenes are spectacular so make sure to be on one of the verandas (with a sundowner drink in hand) at that time. Read more

Lake Mutanda, 2 nights

Gorilla Tracking Tour in Bwindi Forest

After the Lake Mutanda tour, get ready for the big day… Prepare yourself for an encounter with one of Bwindi’s gentle giants: the rare Mountain Gorilla. For most people this is the absolute highlight of their Uganda and Tanzania tour. Bwindi Impenetrable National Park is a highlight for many visitors as this is where they will be visiting the home of the gentle giants. The park lies in southwestern Uganda on the edge of the Rift Valley. Uganda's oldest and most biologically diverse rainforests lies on the mist-covered hillsides. This magnificent forest dates back over 25,000 years, even surviving the last Ice Age (most forests disappeared). Bwindi forest has an incredible diversity of flora and fauna and is the only forest in Africa which can make claim to host both mountain gorillas and chimpanzees. In fact, half the worlds’ population of gorillas live here divided over nine habituated family groups. Also 5 other primate species, 120 species of mammal, over 220 butterflies and 360 birds species call Bwindi home. This it THE place to see the critically endangered mountain gorillas up close for your very own ‘Gorillas in the Mist’ moment. The species you will track on this Uganda gorilla tracking tour belong to one of nine family groups who can tolerate the presence of humans for a brief period every day. Your hike will be an exciting (for some also challenging) journey along forested (sometimes slippery) slopes, entwined vines, bushes and bamboo before you eventually reach the gentle giants. En-route, your guide will point out signs of previous gorilla activity. Think of dung, nests and chewed bamboo shoots. The time to complete the Uganda gorilla tracking can be as little as 2 hours to as much as 7 hours! Once the the family of gorillas has been located, you will be allowed a maximum of one hour observing them. Coming face-to-face with the mountain gorillas is a truly humbling and emotional experience. This is a fantastic part of your Uganda and Tanzania tour you will definitely remember for the rest of your life. Read more

Lake Mutanda

To Kigali

After the impressive Uganda gorilla tracking tour, today you can relax in the morning at Lake Mutanda or choose one optional activity organized by the lodge. The driver of the lodge will take you to Kigali in Rwanda. Depending on your arrival time you can visit some of Kigali’s craft markets, to browse among the pottery, carvings, batik, weaving, sculpture, musical instruments, leather and fabrics on offer. Prepare to haggle! All activities today are at your own cost. You will spend the night at a lovely accommodation. Heaven Boutique Hotel is ideally located on a quiet street near the center of Kigali. The property has a swimming pool, a fitness center and a restaurant. Read more

Kigali, 1 night

Flight to Tanzania

Heaven Boutique Hotel will take care of your transfer to Kigali International Airport where you will take a RwandAir morning flight to Kilimanjaro Airport in Tanzania. Note: These flights only depart on Mondays – Wednesdays - Fridays - Sundays. If the airline decides to change the flight times and/or days you might need to spend another night in Kigali at an additional cost. The cost of this flight is included in the price however prices are subject to change. On arrival at Kilimanjaro Airport your Tanzanian driver will pick you from the airport and transfer you to Ilboru Safari Lodge; a pleasant lodge with a beautiful garden and swimming pool as you continue your Uganda and Tanzania tour. Harmoniously woven into the surrounding African landscape, Ilboru Safari Lodge rests at the base of the majestic Mt. Meru. Stay comfortably in your private bungalow reminiscent of a traditional Swahili ‘boma’, preparing for tomorrow's Lake Manyara tour. Read more

Arusha, 1 night

Lake Manyara Tour

After an early breakfast you game drive out of the park and continue your Uganda and Tanzania tour travelling to ‘Mto Wa Mbu’. The bustling farming community of Mto Wa Mbu is home to around 18,000 people. On this walk you’ll discover a side of Tanzania many visitors miss out on. A melting pot of cultures; Mto Wa Mbu is thought to be one of the only places in Tanzania where there are representatives from all 120 tribes living happily side by side. During your visit you’ll get a good feel for the social side of the village – the farms and the milling machines, the schools, markets and churches. You’ll likely visit the village banana plantation as well as a youth art project, and a wood workshop where you can watch skilled Makonde tribe members carve intricate figurines, masks and household objects. Lake Manyara National Park is one of Tanzania’s smaller and most underrated parks. It may lack the size and variety of other northern-circuit destinations, its’ vegetation is diverse and beautiful. In this Lake Manyara tour you will find out that there are 11 ecosystems, ranging from savannah to marshland to the only evergreen rainforest in Tanzania. You find baboons and other interesting animals in the forest, whereby the lake you may find flamingos (outside rainy season), pelicans and other water birds. Birders absolutely love Lake Manyara National Park as the big lake provides opportunities to spot over 300 species of migratory birds. The park supports one of the highest densities of large mammals in the world. The high chance to see elephant families moving through the forest as well as Lake Manyara's famous tree-climbing lions are reason enough to be excited for choosing going on a Lake Manyara tour. Your accommodation for tonight is the Manyara Wildlife Camp, situated in the rolling grasslands. All rooms have large beds, en-suite bathroom and a private balcony. Against the dramatic angles of the Rift Valley Escarpment and overlooking Lake Manyara, this camp stands out. The renowned restaurant caters to all tastes, and the full-service sports bar, upstairs lounge house (with flat screen tv) and infinity swimming pool are available for your ultimate enjoyment as well. Read more

Lake Manyara, 1 night

Serengeti National Park

An Uganda and Tanzania tour is not complete without safari in the most famous safari park in the world: Serengeti National Park. This park hosts the most extensive population of wild animals on earth and has a complex and untouched ecosystem. Serengeti means "endless plains" in the language of the Maasai, a description that the Serengeti completely lives up to. Even the (long) drive towards your accommodation is one continuous safari! The park is usually described as divided into three regions: Serengeti plains, Western corridor and Northern Serengeti. The latter is where we can witness wildebeest and zebra migrating in their millions during the Great Migration, following the ancient rhythm of Africa's seasons. This is one of the most impressive natural events in the world. No matter which part of the park and in which season you visit, very few people forget their first encounter with the Serengeti! After the incredible impressions of the Serengeti, you drive to your accommodation for a delicious diner and a good night’s sleep. Named after the distinctive Tortilis tree of the Serengeti, this tented camp combines comfort with the real Africa safari experience. With the great comfort of king size beds, luxurious decoration and bathroom facilities in the safari tents, you will feel right at home in the middle of the Serengeti. In the dining tent the chefs will prepare your bush meal with a bit of magic for extra delight. Before you crawl into bed, take a moment in their lounge or wind down with a sunset at the fireplace. Dine, sleep and relax knowing the best of Africa's natural wonders is gently knocking on your door. Read more

Serengeti, 2 nights

Serengeti National Park

Early in the morning you leave your accommodation for a full day safari! This is when Africa can reveals its cool side, so you should wrap up warm for the start of your day. Your guide will bring you as close as possible to the wildlife. Few predators hunt during the heat of the day, so the early morning is the best time to observe the thrill of the chase. It is also a magical time, with the subtle light dappling the landscape, the birds awakening and the sense of a great adventure beginning to unfurl. You visit the heart of the Serengeti, Seronera Valley. This valley is often termed as the ‘classic’ Serengeti; short grass plains with all different kind of wild animals ranging from the impressive lion to the naughty mongoose. These full day safaris are the best way to see the full range of what this magnificent park has to offer. We will find you a nice picnic spot to enjoy your packed lunch and then you continue your safari back to Tortilis Camp where you have an excellent dinner and some time to relax. Tired but satisfied, you go to bed with dreams of Serengeti plains! Read more


Ngorongoro Crater Tour

Today you enjoy a game drive on your way en-route out of the beautiful Serengeti and continue for a Ngorongoro Crater tour. In the afternoon, you will have a game drive part of the Ngorongoro Crater tour! This UNESCO World Heritage Site offers a unique biosphere which has remained virtually unchanged since the dawn of time. There are very few places in the world where you can find such a large population of wildlife throughout the year. Deep within the crater, enclosed by towering walls, you have a good chance of spotting ‘The Big 5’: lion, elephant, buffalo, rhino and leopard. Other wildlife includes serval cat, cheetah, jackal, Grant’s and Thompson’s gazelle, flamingo and bat-eared foxes, as well as approximately 400 species of colorful birds After this great experience on the Ngorongoro Crater tour., you will go to your accommodation for tonight. Country Inn Lodge Karatu is located on the outskirts of Karatu, a quaint country town on the Great Escarpment, in the center of Northern Tanzania’s green belt district and farming community. The lodge symbolizes simple country comforts, providing beautiful lodging in the heart of Tanzania’s rich and scenic highlands. The rooms are tastefully furnished with soft lighting, inviting and comfortable beds and mosquito netting. After your safari and Ngorongoro Crater tour you can enjoy a refreshing dip in the swimming pool or relax on your verandah. On chilly nights, request your fireplace be lit and return from dinner to glowing warmth, you have never slept better! Read more

Karatu, 1 night


Today is unfortunately the last day of your Uganda and Tanzania tour with Matoke Tours! Depending on the time of your international flight you can decide to do an optional activity. Optional activity Ngorogoro highlands walk: US$ 50 per person This 1,5 to 2 hour activity will be guided by an armed ranger. The rugged and beautiful Ngorongoro Highlands offers one of the finest blends of culture, landscapes and wildlife in Tanzania. The best way to experience the highlands is no doubt on foot. It’s diverse landscapes consisting of elevated volcanoes and craters, forests and vast grassy plains offers a remarkable experience for those hiking through this area. Hikers will experience first-hand how the Maasai people, who inhabit these highlands and the wildlife, coexist. This excursion gets you close to nature in a different way than from a safari vehicle and allows you the chance to get an authentic taste of the local culture at the same time. Your driver/guide will take care of your transfer to Kilimanjaro Airport. If you are not ready to go home, you can extend your tour to the tropical island on the Swahili coast! Ask Matoke tours for more information [email protected] Read more


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Package includes

  • Airport transfers
  • Transport in a 4WD Landcruiser in Uganda and an Extended Landcruiser in Tanzania. Both have pop-up roof for excellent safari view.
  • All fuel for the tour
  • Professional English speaking driver/guide in Uganda and Tanzania
  • Accommodation as listed in the program
  • Meals are on BB on Day 1 and 8, HB in Uganda and FB in Tanzania
  • Packed lunch for the gorilla tracking in Uganda on Day 7
  • Park-entrance fees according to the program
  • All activities described in the itinerary
  • 1 chimpanzee permit per person (US$ 150 value)
  • 1 gorilla permit per person (US$600 value)
  • 1 one-way flight from Rwanda to Tanzania

Package excludes

  • International air fares
  • Entry visa Uganda & Tanzania
  • Meals that are not part of your accommodation
  • A porter for during the gorilla tracking in Uganda (someone who carries your day-pack)
  • Personal (medical/travel) insurance
  • Government tax or park fees increase
  • Tips and gratuities to rangers, driver/guide, porter, hotel staff, etc.
  • All expenses of personal nature (e.g. drinks, laundry, optional activities, souvenirs etc.).

More information

  • Single Supplement: A single supplement costs US$ 475 and is excluded from the listed rates.
  • Some lodges and hotels charge extra fees during the festive season. For example the Easter and Christmas period. Please ask us for the rates when you wish to travel on these dates.
  • Since this is a private tour, departure can be organized for anytime throughout the year subject to the availability of accommodation and transport.
  • Rates include 18% VAT imposed by the Tanzanian government.
  • The bookings with the lodges mentioned in the programme depend on availability. Reservations will only be made after your booking.


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Sarah, United States

The communication was clear and prompt, we couldn't decide on our itinerary based on work etc... and Harriet was really flexible and worked with us. Our driver Emmanuel made our 4 day stint fun and safe. We loved everything about our trip. Matoke tours took care of it all for us!

Howard, United States

“Matoke” means green bananas, and as you are guided through East Africa, especially Rwanda and Uganda, you see everyone eating them, buying them, cooking’s an apt name for a great local African tour company. I will always try to utilize Matokes expertise. Green bananas are the way to go! Read more

James, United States

Matoke is always quick to respond to any inquiries, check in on you during your safari and everyone on the team was very professional and made you feel like more than just a customer. The tour itself was AMAZING, our tour guide Gabriel was very knowledgeable. Thank you for an unforgettable tour!



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