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Travel through the Gobi desert


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Mongolie Plus

Mongolie Plus is a travel agency created in 2010.

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Travel through the Gobi desert

The Gobi Desert is a vast, arid region in northern China and southern Mongolia. It's known for its dunes, mountains and rare animals such as snow leopards and Bactrian camels and noted as Silk road spots in his. In the Gobi Gurvansaikhan National Park, the Khongoryn Els sand dunes are said to sing when the wind blows. The park also features the deep ice field of Yolyn Am canyon. Dinosaur fossils have been found at the red "Flaming Cliffs" of Bayanzag.

Arrive at Ulaanbaatar

When you will arrive at Ulaanbaatar city. You will settle at your hotel. This day is city tour day to discover the capital, we propose several visits: The Gandantegchinlen monastery, National History museum and you will able to see Mongolian traditional dance and songs

Ulaanbaata, 1 Night

Ulaanbaatar to Tsagaan Suvraga

This is an area of high cliffs of approximately 60m, constituted of marl, ancient seabed, which stretch over 400m long. They are composed of minerals which, when exposed to oxygen, give it colorful shades: some rocks are pink, others are red or even orange. In early summer, when the grass is green and the area is covered in flowers, the place looks like a rainbow on earth that photography enthusiasts will surely immortalize. Read more

Tsagaan, 1 Night

Yol Canyon

In 1965, well before the creation of the Gurvan Saikhan national park, a small 69 km² area around Yoliin Am canyon was already a protected zone. Yoliin-am is located about 60km southwest of Dalanzadgaddans, the züünsaikhan Mountains.

Yol val, 1 Night

Khongor sand dune

Khongoriin Els or Khongor dunes, “Khongoriin Els,” constitute the biggest sand pile of Gobi Gurvan Saikhan National Park. Covering an area of 900 km², it is one of the largest sandy areas of Mongolia. The dunes rising abruptly from the plains, they are undoubtedly some of the most spectacular in the country. Read more

Khongor, 1 Night

Bayanzag - Flaming cliff

The red sand cliffs of Bayanzag within which dinosaur fossils can be found, are located approximately 100km northwest of Dalanzadgad. Bayanzag means “rich in saxaoul.” This thorny shrub of about two meters high proliferates in the area and serves as food for camels. This plain has several cliffs of sedimentary sand where many dinosaur fossils were found. In 1922, the paleontologist Roy Chapman Andrews of the American Museum of Natural History in New York, was the first to discover dinosaur bones and eggs here. They belonged to a dinosaur that was not yet identified, horned and herbivore, 2 meters long. After its discovery, it was named Andrews protectorates. In two years of excavations, hundreds of bones were unearthed. At the heart of this period, Andrews and his team discovered a dinosaur nest with a clutch of eggs, a discovery that attracted worldwide attention. Read more

Bayanza, 1 Night

Ongi monastery

The Ongi monastery is found at the foot of Saikhan Ovoo Mountain, near the village of Saikhan Ovoo in the Dundgobi region. This monastery was one of the largest and most respected in Mongolia before its destruction in 1939 by the communist authorities. It was founded in 1660 and consists of two sites, one to the north and the other to the south of the Ongi River. Khutagt, to the south, is the oldest. Various administrative buildings were found there, as well as eleven temples. Barlim, to the north, was built during the eighteenth century. It housed 17 temples, one of which was the largest in Mongolia. Four Buddhist universities were also housed in the monastery. At its peak, the monastery could accommodate up to 1,000 monks at the same time. During the complete destruction of the temple in 1939, under the direction of Khorloogiin Choibalsan, 200 monks were killed and many survivors were imprisoned or forced to join the communist repression army. Other monks were able to escape and became farmers or ordinary workers. The river water was diverted to feed the local mines owned by the government. The drying up of the river led to the departure of the local population. The monastery then seemed doomed to oblivion. However, at the fall of the communist government in 1990, three monks who began their Buddhist education at Ongiin Khiid sixty years earlier, decided to return. Slowly and patiently, the monks built a new foundation on the ancient ruins in order to restore Ongiin Khiid and revitalize Buddhism in Mongolia. Today, the temple was completely rebuilt and two small museums were created in yurts. You can find exhibitions of objects, traditional religious items and architectural elements of the original monastery. Ongiin Khiid is also home to a cold water source, Bar Khamba, known for its beneficial virtues, especially in the care of “internal” diseases, often related to the digestive system. In keeping with tradition, this water is effective only when it is drunk before sunrise. Read more

Ongi, 1 Night


Karakorum experienced the pomp of an imperial city for some 140 years but was the capital of the empire for only 32 years. In 1235 Ögedei, son of Genghis Khan, built a bulwark of protection of more than 2km around the city. It is also at this time that the city takes on its role as economic and political center. However, retaining their nomadic customs, members of the royal court did not live in the palace, which only served as a place for receptions, but instead lived around the capital, in yurts. But from this rich imperial city there are only a few remains, the bricks that were used to build the Erden-Zuu temple, on the exact site of the ancient city. The cited itself was used as a “meeting place” of various lords and only housed the court of the Great Khan, and was totally destroyed by the Ming Dynasty in 1380. The current Karakorum is located a few kilometers away. The remains of this huge city are visible all around the site in the hills. Currently, Karakorum is the administrative center of the region and is a major agricultural center, with an irrigation channel that comes from the Orkhon. The Erdenezuu monastery was built on the ruins of the ancient city and despite the destruction of part of the complex, it remains one of the 3 most important and visited monasteries in the country. Its founder, Altan Khan, was the initiator of the development of Buddhism in Mongolia. Read more

Kharkho, 1 Night


Arrive at Ulaanbaatar at afternoon.

Ulaanbaatar, 1 Night

Departure day

We will drop you off at airport


Day in trip
Day 1
Location Ulaanbaatar
Day 2
Location At Tsagaan suvraga
Day 3
Location Yol Canyon
Day 4
Location Khongor sand dune
Day 5
Location Bayanzag-Flamming cliff
Hotel Gobi-Oasis
Day 6
Location Ongi
Day 7
Location Kharkhorin
Day 8
Location Ulaanbaatar city


Package includes

  • - Accommodation
  • - Private transfer – 2* Delica van
  • - English speaking guide
  • - Entry fees
  • - Fuel cost
  • - Meals in countryside
  • - Visits and national park fee mentioned
  • - Mineral water

Package excludes

  • - International Flights
  • - Meals in Ulaanbaatar
  • - Visa
  • - Insurance
  • - Beverages
  • - Charges of take picture at monastery and museum
  • - Tips and gifts for locals
  • - Anything that not mentioned in *Included* part


3 Reviews

Van Wassenhove, Belgium

Very good flexibility to adapt the program /nomad family replace by camp/. Perfect team /Khuyga and guide/ we had a lot of fun with both of them.

Gritt und Freunde, Germany

Meinung von Gritt und Freunde Am meisten: Das Beste an unserer Reise war die Rundum-Betreuung durch die lokale Agentur und der sehr gute Kontakt zu den Mitarbeitern/Reiseleitern (Sarah und Tsengee) sowie den beiden Fahrern. Uns wurden alle Sonderwünsche erfüllt ('Essen aus der Milchkanne', Yak-Melken, mongolische Instrumente einkaufen, Schamanenbesuch usw.). Am wenigsten: An manchen Tagen war die reine Fahrzeit zu lang (stimmte im übrigen nur selten mit der Beschreibung überein). 1-2 'Erholungstage', z.B. an den Dünen von Konghor oder am wunderschönen Weißen See wären gut gewesen. Kommentar : Die Größe der Gruppe (7 Personen) und die Anzahl und Beschaffenheit der Fahrzeuge (2 UAS) waren ideal, so dass ausreichend Platz für Reisende und Gepäck war. Die Reiseziele (u.a. Gobi. Khongor-Dünen, Geier-Schlucht, Ongii, Orkhon-Tal, Weißer See, Kharkorin, Hustai-Park etc.) waren sehr gut ausgewählt. Ein Höhepunkt war unbestritten der Besuch bei der gastfreundlichen Nomadenfamilie und den Kindern! Read more

Francine Lazard, France

Bonjour, Ce petit message pour encore vous remercier . Nous sommes ravis de notre voyage en Mongolie. Nous allons garder que de bons souvenirs de tous ces beaux paysages que nous avons vus et surtout de toutes les rencontres que nous avons faites. Remerciez encore Dulguun et Jigmed qui ont été au top et qui nous ont facilité le quotidien. Nous ne les oublierons pas. La Mongolie était un pays qui me fascinait déjà avant d'y aller. Je n'ai pas été déçue. J'aurais bien envie d'y retourner mais ... Je vous souhaite bon courage. Très cordialement Francine et ses enfants Léa et Simon Read more

Mongolie Plus is a enthusiastically team.

Mongolie Plus
3 Reviews



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Precise Saraa

Mongolie Plus is a travel agency created in 2010.

If you have any questions or you want to customize your trip we are here for you at any time.

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