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South African Wildlife | Eastern Expedition


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Benjamin Wilson

Siya Phambile Expeditions

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South African Wildlife | Eastern Expedition

Africa is the last continent to host wildlife in all its majesty, in its natural environment. This in itself is enough reason to visit the continent at least once in a lifetime; to experience places untouched in their primeval glory. ​From the Big Five to the smallest animals, taking time out in the bush to view these magnificent creatures is a trip all on its own. You will visit various wilderness areas that each offer unique experiences and animals, guided and looked after by a professional... This tour includes participation camping. This means that guests will have to assist with camp chores, such as setting up your tent. See the day-by-day section for a more detailed description of the camp chores.

Kruger National Park | Flagship Wild

We being our journey heading out of the Big Smog of Johannesburg, and into the rural landscape of Mpumalanga. The journey to Kruger National Park takes about 4 hours, until we reach the gates. Spending 5 nights in the Kruger Park, we travel slowly by game drive as we explore the varied landscapes of this incredible national park. For the most part, each day will consist of morning and evening drives included in the trip. You will also have the option to go on night drives and game walks (at your own expense as we don't have the permission to conduct these ourselves), a great activity and highly recommended! All meals are catered for. We stay in the central section for three nights, and the southern section for three nights. This allows us the opportunity to explore much of the Park, and the different landscapes allow for different animals to be sighted. Read more

Kruger | 5 Nights

Central Kruger | Lion Prides

We start our exploration of Kruger in the central section. Centered around the Satara region, we explore the grasslands and river lines of this area. It is famed for having the densest lion population in the entire Park, and the herds of Zebra and Wildebeest grazing in the area provide ample food for Lion and the sightings here are our best chance of seeing the Lion king. Read more

Kruger | 5 Nights

Central Kruger | Letaba & Olifants

Originally, the triangle area of the Olifants and Letaba rivers provided the come back point for the Elephants in the Kruger. In 1900, there were most likely no elephants in the entire Park. From 1905, slowly the elephants re populated the park, coming in from the Mozambique region. Now, there are over 20 000 elephants throughout Kruger and one of the best places to see them are along the Letaba and Olifants rivers, and everywhere in between! Read more

Kruger | 5 Nights

Southern Kruger | Wildlife Haven

Today we shift camp and head into the southern regions of Kruger. Moving over the Sabie river, and into the original section of the Park, we spend our days searching high and low for the magnificent wildlife that lives in the region; great opportunities to see Wild Dog, Rhino, and of course all of the other game! Read more

Kruger | 5 Nights

Southern Kruger

Having been in the Park for some time now, we are fully in relax and bush mode! Rising with the sun, relaxing in the heat of the day, and sitting around the fire at night, you will have become a person of the bush!

Kruger | 5 Nights

Kingdom of Swaziland | Big Game Parks

Leaving KNP, we travel down into the neighbouring country Swaziland, known for its natural beauty, friendly people, and large swathes of sugar cane plantations. ​In addition, the current King has, over the past few decades, helped sanction fantastic Reserves to protect and allow for the appreciation of Swaziland's natural beauty and wildlife. We stay overnight at Hlane Game Reserve, an initiative supported by the King, and containing different landscapes to Kruger, with a more rustic feel to it. Game walks and game drives are possible at own expense with a local guide. Normal game drives with us are included. Read more

Hlane | 1 Night

Zululand | Fig Tree Forests & Bushveld

Leaving Swaziland, we travel south into another of the premier South African wildlife destinations, Mkhuze Game Reserve. In the heart of rural Zululand, spend two nights at Mkhuze doing game drives, visiting fantastic bird hides where animals come to drink, searching a different type of bush for wildlife. Amongst them, the endangered Black and White Rhinoceros. (Elephant, Rhino, various antelope species, and special sightings of Bush Babies and a variety of different birdlife can be hoped for). Read more

Mkhuze | 3 Nights

uMkhuze Game Reserve | Lakes & Forests

Spending a day exploring the reserve of Mkhuze, we visit a variety of sites throughout the park. Included are some of the most fantastic Hides, overlooking a majestic pan (lake) and waterholes where both animal and bird life can be seen hidden from a shelter.

Mkhuze | 3 Nights

uMkhuze Game Reserve | Black Rhino Haven

Mkhuze | 3 Nights

Wilderness Trail | Walking one of Africa

From Mkhuze, we travel further south into Zululand to visit one of Africa's oldest Game Resesrves, Hluhluwe/iMfolozi Game Reserve. Here we spend three nights on a wilderness trail in the wilderness area of iMfolozi, where 30 000ha of pristine wilderness area can be explored on foot, with two local, armed guides. This is undoubtedly one of the best wilderness experiences one can have, searching for the Big 5 and other fascinating aspects of the wilderness, before setting up camp under the stars. We carry light packs with our essentials, and the guides take care of cooking and camp chores. The only participation is to spend one hour in the night tending to the fire on watch, a fantastic experience in itself. One of primeval significance. Read more

iMfolozi | 3 Nights

On Trail in the Wilderness

We carry light packs with our essentials, and the guides take care of cooking and camp chores. The only participation is to spend one hour in the night tending to the fire on watch, a fantastic experience in itself. One of primeval significance. We walk the areas along the Black and White iMfolozi Rivers, searching for game and enjoying time out on foot in the wilderness. Read more

iMfolozi | 3 Nights

iMfolozi Wilderness

Originally a Royal hunting ground for the Zulu Kings of old, this area was mostly prohibited from general hunting. This early conservation will show as the bush is in pristine condition and one just gets the feeling that it has always been so. Of course there have been challenges over the years with human settlement and encroachment, as well as poaching, but generally a part of you will feel a very strong connection to the place. Read more

iMfolozi | 3 Nights

In the Shadow of the Mountains

Heading back inland, we travel to the world-famous Drakensberg mountains for a different scenic experience. Spending two nights at the foot of the hills, we take hiking trips, that require a medium level of walking fitness, up into the mountains to spot species unique to this area (vultures, duiker, klipspringer) and visit thousand-year old Bushmen paintings. We are ideally placed centrally in the uKhahlamba Drakensberg Park to visit a variety of optional activities around, such as trout fishing, 4x4 trips onto the summit, horse-riding trips and more. Read more

Drakensberg | 2 Nights

uKhahlamba | Barrier of Spears

Meaning the Barrier of Spears in local languages, this natural barrier forms the eastern border of the small land-locked country Lesotho. The towering range stands watch over the rolling hills of KwaZulu Natal and we have the pleasure of spending our time in its shadow with all of the fun activities on offer! During the winter months, would you believe it, but it snows in Africa! Read more

Drakensberg | 2 Nights

Around Lesotho | Golden Gate Highlands

From the Drakensberg, we travel around Lesotho through the Golden Gate National Park, as a scenic drive on our way into the Karoo area. Mountain Zebra, Eland, Black Wildebeest are several unique species that can be spotted. This scenic route winds around the north of Lesotho through incredible mountain cliffs and wilderness, painted gold by the afternoon and morning sunlight. In addition, we stay at the Basuto Cultural Village for a local cultural experience of the Basutho people, their history steeped in triumphs and disaster. En route, we also visit a quaint artists town known as Clarence, full of luxury and fine art, delis and boutique shops. Read more

Golden Gate | 1 Night

Karoo | Mountain Zebra National Park

Leaving Golden Gate and the mountains, we travel inland through the grasslands of the Free State and into the beginnings of the vast Karoo. Two nights at Mountain Zebra National Park begin the journey into the Karoo. A very ancient and different landscape, game is very different (Eland, Gemsbok, Buffalo, Caracal, Ostrich) and the night skies are something to behold. The silence of the place will take your breath away. Read more

Mountain Zebra NP | 2 Nights

Mountani Zebra & Cheetahs!

We spend the day exploring this different wilderness area. Bringing in many of the old species that have become locally extinct, their speciality is Cheetah Tracking! Take a walk on the wild side...

Mountain Zebra NP | 2 Nights

Heart of the Karoo | Karoo National Park

Two nights at Karoo National Park. Driving trails along the mountains hopefully spotting bat-eared foxes, Cape Foxes, Kudu amongst others. In addition the Karoo holds an incredible history of fossils over millions of years, showing a part of the ancestory that gave rise to our modern wildlife. One has never seen the stars as clear and as close as here in the Karoo, and the silence is so strong it can be heard. Read more

Karoo NP | 2 Nights

The Karoo Blues

Fossils, a landscape shaped by an ancient sea, silence that seems so loud, animals of the arid regions... this is the place to be! By this time will shall be singing the GOOD BLUES, local style.

Karoo NP | 2 Nights

Gamkapoort | Off the Beaten Track

We move further off the beaten track, spending three nights at Gamkakloof. Incredible scenic drives and passes, plenty of baboon and arid game (Gemsbok, Eland, Hartebeest & Kudu), set on a large dam for activities. Many photo opportunities and a chance to witness how vast South Africa really is and how much of the land still borders the unknown in our modern age. Read more

Gamkapoort | 3 Nights

Gamkapoort Dam

Having our very own space, we can enjoy this location as it was meant to be enjoyed. Hiking off beaten tracks, searching the depths of the valleys for free-roaming wildlife such as Kudu, Rhebok, Baboons, and the solitary Leopard. When one shouts, the echos shout back!

Gamkapoort | 3 Nights

Where Very Few People Go

The pathways are lined with fossils in the rocks, Bushmen paintings are found in secretive locations, tortoises that are huge roam the dusty tracks. The freedom is yours to enjoy this wilderness! Canoeing can also be done on the dam when enough rains have fallen...

Gamkapoort | 3 Nights

Cape Floral Kingdom | De Hoop Nature Reserve

Leaving the Karoo, we travel through magnificent passes that lead us down into the southern Cape, a region renowned for one of the six flora kingdoms of the world, Fynbos. With the unique Mediterranean climate, Fynbos hosts hundreds of endemic plant species and associated wildlife (Rhebok, duiker, more baboons, and numerous bird and reptile species). Read more

Hope | 3 Nights

The Southern Tip of Africa

We spend three nights at De Hoop Nature Reserve. One of the best places to view the southern coastline, and its marine wildlife (Whales, Dolphins, Sharks, Birdlife), the reserve is over 34000 hectares, of pristine coastal bush and a highly protected marine area extending 5km out to sea. This ensures a fantastic landscape that supports large numbers of mammal, marine, and birdlife. There is a variety of great activities in the region, including mountain biking, hiking, canoeing, swimming, and of course wildlife viewing! Read more

Hope | 3 Nights

Cape Agulhas

We see where the Indian and Atlantic Oceans really meet! Being in the Cape, you will find the wilderness still spectacular, and the class coming back as we head back to civilization.

Hope | 3 Nights

Table Mountain National Park

We travel down to Cape Town to end the tour in style by spending three nights in this world-famous tourist hub. We get the chance to visit Cape Point at the tip of the peninsula, where game is plentiful (ostriches, eland, baboons and more baboons), as well as coastal birdlife and magnificent views out onto the ocean. We visit a stretch of coast well known as the nesting site of African Penguins, as well as take a boat trip off the coast to view the marine life (such as seals and the Great White Shark). Read more

Cape Town | 2 Nights

Cape Peninsula Tour

Spend the day with us as we explore the diversity of one of the most beautiful tourism cities in the world. We visit the highlights and hot spots of Cape Town and its surrounds, a city steeped in history, with a variety of cultural influences and magnificent natural surroundings including both the Indian & Atlantic Oceans, bordering the towering Table Mountain - which is a National Park. Read more

Cape Town | 2 Nights

Cape Town

We end the tour in Cape Town, with flights home or own itinerary.

Own is Home!


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Hotel Ndlovu Camp
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Hotel Mantuma Camp
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Day 13
Location Drakensberg
Day 15
Location Golden Gate
Day 16
Location Mountain Zebra NP
Day 18
Location Karoo NP
Hotel Main Camp
Day 20
Location Gamkapoort
Day 24
Location De Hoop NR
Day 26
Location Table Moutain§
Day in trip
Day 16
Location Drakensberg


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3 Reviews

Lowe, Sweden

We were given outstanding local knowledge of the Garden Route which took us off the beaten track, on the Route 62! Unforgettable experience delivered in a laid back, tailored fashion. Fantastic communication and good vibes, our trip outweighed any expectations! Highly recommended

Jan, Mariette, & Cocky, Netherlands

It was an amazing trip. They did a perfect job. The service was perfect and the guide called Ben was really good. He made a nice breakfast in the morning, a good lunch in the afternoon and a good meal in the evening. He was great in finding all kinds of animals. He made out dream come true and even more.. Read more

Tracey, United Kingdom

Brilliant service from start to finish. Fabulous place to visit and as we had a relatively short time we managed to see so much. Well planned itinerary, first rate guide who made all the difference. Thanks so much!

Small Passionate Private African Client-driven

Siya Phambile Expeditions
3 Reviews


Veld Cooper

Master Manager

Crafters of Customisation | Bestowers of Flexibility in African Safaris | Tailored to your needs

If you have any questions or you want to customize your trip we are here for you at any time.

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