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7 Days - Monarch Butterfly Tour


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Kenneth Johnson

EcoColors Tours

EcoColors is a sustainable tour operator. Explore Mexico's wildlife and culture with us!

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7 Days - Monarch Butterfly Tour

Experience an amazing natural event: the monarch butterfly migration in Mexico! These monarch butterflies have made an long journey to escape the harsh winters in the USA and Canada. Go to the Piedra Herrada, Mexico a Monarch Sanctuary. Which is one of the most important monarch reserves in the world. To go hiking in this fantastic and magic place will be a unique opportunity!


The Monarch Butterfly Tour starts in the capital of Mexico, Mexico City. A professional naturalist guide welcomes you. Transfer to the historical center of the city where the Majestic hotel is located. Settle yourself and attend the briefing with lots of information about the monarch butterflies, the upcoming activities and Mexico. Read more

Mexico City, 1 night

Anthropology Museum & Valle

The first part of the day we stay in Mexico City to visit the Anthropology Museum. This museum is the best museum of Mexico according to many people. In this archaeological museum you'll find 23 exhibition halls and it owns several masterpieces. After our visit at the Anthropology Museum we continue our trip and travel to Valle de Bravo (142 km/88 miles). Valle de Bravo is surrounded by mountains and is considered as one of the most important tourist destinations. It is a magical town where you have literally everything: excellent hotels and restaurants, lake avandaro and a beautiful nature and culture in abundance. The upcoming 4 nights we stay in the hotel 'Mesón de las Leyendas'. Read more

Valle de Bravo, 4 nights

Piedra Herrada Sanctuary

Today is totally dedicated to the monarch butterflies. We will visit the Piedra Herrade Sanctuary, which is one of the places where the monarch butterflies are located. We are going to visit this special place by horse. A visit to this sanctuary is a wonderful experience, Piedra Herrade has an astonishing nature. Read more

Valle de Bravo

El Capulin Sanctuary

The fourth day, we departure to another sanctuary to see more monarch butterflies. We visit El Capulin Sanctuary. This sanctuary possesses Los Tres Cobernadores (The Three Covernors), which involves the most beautiful and largest monarch butterflies. In El Capulin Sanctuary you will be able to see amazing transitions of the butterflies, which is fascinating to see for every nature lover. Read more

Valle de Bravo

Free Day

Valle de Bravo is a very diverse city. Besides the monarch butterflies sanctuaries there is many more to see and do. Today it is all up to you! Want to see more butterflies? Visit a sanctuary. Relax at the calm waters or undertake a water sport like water-skiing. More in a cultural mood? This is possible, too. Enjoy your last day in Valle de Bravo. Read more

Valle de Bravo

Returning to Mexico City

Enjoy your last breakfast in hotel 'Mesón de las Leyendas'. Take your time to pack your suitcases and enjoy your morning in Valle de Bravo. Thereafter, we return to Mexico City. We overnight in the same accommodation as the first night: Majestic Hotel.

Mexico City, 1 night


End of the monarch butterfly tour. Transfer to the airport and return flight home.

Mexico City


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EcoColors is a sustainable tour operator. Explore Mexico's wildlife and culture with us!

If you have any questions or you want to customize your trip we are here for you at any time.

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