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9 Days Lhasa Ganden To Samye Treking



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Kelsang Norbu

Tibet Tashi Delek

Tibet Tashi Delek International Travel and Tours is local best one of the Tibetan teams in Tibet .

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9 Days Lhasa Ganden To Samye Treking

Ganden to Samye Trek is richly varied and has much to offer, sacred lakes, high snow mountains, beautiful alpine landscapes, magnificent monasteries, nomad camps, villages and sacred sites. The trekking route connects two of Tibet’s greatest monasteries together: Ganden monastery and Samye Monastery, which is known as one of the most popular trek routes in Tibet. Although it is famous and has lots to experience, you are suggested not to underestimate the difficulty of doing this trek. Located at high-elevation wildernesses, it would be better for those with high elevation trek experience. The best time for Ganden-Samye trek is from mid-May to Mid-October. Summer can be wet and rainy but mountains are at their greenest and you can see lots of wildflowers.


9 Days Ganden -Samye Treking

Arrive in Lhasa, get the first impression of Tibetan daily life Welcome to the roof of the world. Your Tibet journey starts with a warm Tibetan style greeting from your local tour guide who will present you with Hada (traditional Tibetan scarves). Then be escorted to your hotel in Lhasa city at the comfort of your own private vehicle. For most of the way, you follow the Kyichu River, you could see Tibetan homes with their trapezoid shaped windows and fluttering prayer flags, and Tibetans walking beside the roads wearing their distinctive national costumes. Do have a comfort stop near Nietang Buddha where a giant statue of Buddha has been carved out of a stone cliff-face centuries ago. One of the first buildings you could see as you enter the city is the Potala Palace, sitting majestically on a hill dominating Lhasa. Stay at the hotel after arrival for adapting to the high attitude. It is helpful to take things easy for the first few days, and try to drink some water just and now. Read more


9 Days Ganden-Samye Treking

Lhasa highlights escorted tour After breakfast, we go to the Potala Palace, a golden feather upon the roof of the world, which Tibetans proudly claim to be the prime miracle since the creation of this world. It is visible from any distance, with the golden roof shinning in the sun, spend one hour wondering around the inside of this magnificent building exploring the rooms previously used by the Dalai Lama and the many Buddhist icons within. In the afternoon we go inside of the Jokhang Temple. The Jokhang, like most of the larger temple structures have numerous individual temples within it dedicated to specific enlightened beings, protectors, high lamas, or saints. Images, both sculpted and painted, are everywhere. Every inch of wall and ceiling is brightly painted with images of clouds, beings, mandalas, or decorative patterns. Colorful silk banners, three stories high, hang in various places. Color, pattern, and images crowd in around you. The central image inside the building is a 30-foot high gilded image of Maitreya Buddha. Then stroll around the back alleys of the Barkhor area of Old Lhasa. The streets smelled of yak butter and incense while hordes of pilgrims shuffled along the main Kora (circumambulations) around Jokhang Temple. If someone just walked at a normal pace, one kora would take about 15-20 minutes. Read more


9 Days Ganden-Samye treking

Drepung and Sera Monastery In the morning have a tour for Drepung Monastery, the ever largest monastery with more than 10 thousand monks, Buddhist debates often occur there. Seen from afar, its grand, white construction gives the monastery the appearance of a heap of rice. As such, it was given its name which, in the Tibetan language, means Monastery of Collecting-Rice. Learn about the lives of Tibetan monks there. In the afternoon visit Sera Monastery, have a little hike for the beautiful valley scenery nearby and picnic there. Created in 1419, Sera monastery has always been an important Buddhist seminary. As rose are planted everywhere in the monastery, it is also called “the court of wild rose”. Today still 200 lamas live in there. Catch the famous debate session of the monks before returning back to Lhasa. Read more


9 Days Ganden -Samye Treking

In The morning drive to Ganden Monastery and Visit . after meet all treking team and make camping near .


9 Days Ganden -Samye Treking

Trek to Tsotup Chu Valley (4 to 5hours) Start from the valley floor in the morning, we would pass through a steep gully rising from the stream bank. After ascending Shug La, Ganden-Samye trek goes down through boulder fields. And then we would trek cross Tsotup Chu, a large stream winding through the valley floor. Finally we would put up a comfortable campin the herder field. What's a wonderful Ganden-Samye trek in Tibet! Camping Read more


9 Days Ganden -Samye Treking

Trek to Herder's Camp (5 hours) Following down the tributary of Tsotup Chu, we head towards the Chitu La pass. Ascending over this rocky pass, we would trek down to our destination. Wandering through Tibetan herder camps for nearly an hour, we would finally find our campsite along the stream. What a beautiful trekking day it is! Camping Read more


9 Days Ganden-Samye Treking

Trek to Samye (6 hours):Changtang village,Yamalung Hermitage Trekking over scrub forests in the main valley, the way towards Samye Gompa from Ganden Gompa becomes much wider and easier. Beautiful streams and lush forests always accompany us on the trekking to Sayme Monastery. However, the desert is near by. The following few hours are arguably the most interesting part of Ganden-Samye trek. More than 15 kinds of scrub trees, blooming rhododendrons, and illimitable meadow will feast your eyes and amaze your every step of the Ganden-Samye trail! WOW moments always happen on the trekking to Samye from Ganden. Passing over this stunning landscape, we would trek through the Changtang village. Whether to make the one-hour hike to Yamalung Hermitage totally depends on you. Less than an hour away, Yamalung is an ancient and holy Buddhist meditation site. Finally join the Samye valley along the clear tributary stream. You can enjoy another cozy night in the campsite, not far from Samye. Camping Read more


9 Days Ganden-Samye Treking

Explore the Yarlung Valley and Samye Monastery, Drive to Tsedang Samye Monastery is the first temple built in Tibet. What's more, it is also the first one containing the three Buddhist jewels of Buddha, Dharma and Sangha. Due to these unique features, Samye Gompa has become an attraction for visitors from all over the world. After visiting Samye monastery, we finish the trek and go to Tsedang Read more


9 Days Ganden -Samye Treking

Drive to Airport, leave to your next destination. Transfer to Lhasa airport (about 1.5 hours driving), tour services end and Tibet welcome you back forever.


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Package includes

  • Tibet Entry Permit
  • Comfortable, clean and safe vehicle depending on your group size with reliable local driver;
  • Admission fees of tourist sites listed in the itinerary;
  • Professional English speaking tour guide;
  • Accommodations with Bed and breakfast .
  • Tourist Accident/Casualty Insurance
  • During Ganden to Samye Treking inclued : all treking equipment , full board ,Yak and Yak man.

Package excludes

  • International flight to and out of China;
  • Chinese Visa
  • Domestic flight / train not listed in the itinerary
  • Meal : Lunch and dinner

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Tibet Tashi Delek International Travel and Tours is local best one of the Tibetan teams in Tibet .

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