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Journey to UNESCO World Heritages




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Kadr Enkhbaatar

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Journey to UNESCO World Heritages




/ person
  • 15 Days

Journey to UNESCO World Heritages

There are four UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Mongolia: Orkhon Valley Cultural Landscape, Petroglyphic Complexes of the Mongolian Altai, Uvs Nuur Basin, Great Burkhan Khaldun Mountain and its surrounding sacred landscape. The biggest advantage of “Journey to UNESCO World Heritages” is that, this tour includes three of these heritage sites and visiting the Mongolian Kazakh nation and offers you a great opportunity to explore cultural and natural import

Travel to western Mongolia

Pick up at your hotel and transfer to airport and take a flight (3hours) to Ulaangom town, the center of the Uvs province. After arrival we will move to the center of the town to check-in at local hotel. Late afternoon we will visit the local community who kept well their cultural heritages of “Khoomii” throat singing, “Bielgee” folk dance and “Tsuur” ancient musical instrument. Enjoy and attend a demonstration with locals. LD Read more

Local hotel

Exploring around Uvs Lake

Morning we will travel about 60kms to the Biosphere Reserve Uvs lake Basin, which listed on UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1997. It has an area of 3350 km² and known as the most northern desert and the most southern tundra zone. The Basin of Uvs Lake is protected because of the different ecosystems, and it is home to 173 species of birds and 41 species of mammals. There are snowfields with tundra and the desert of Altan Els where two different landscapes meet at one place. The Uvs Lake basin has an extraordinary temperature range as the lowest winter temperature is about -58 degree Celsius while summer temperature rises up to 40 degree Celsius. Here, we will hike and enjoy watching birds at the shore. Travel back to Ulaangom for 60kms. BLD Read more


Travel to Uureg Lake

Today we will continue our trip for 100kms to Uureg lake that locates in the middle of the Mongolian Altai Mountains Range. On the way enjoy a short hike around the lakeshore. After having a lunch we will explore ancient statues remained from 6th-9th centuries. BLD

Ger camp


Today we will enjoy a round trek about 3-4hours for 7-8kms. We will trek to neighboring mountain where we can explore ancient rock art-paintings (petroglyphs) as dating back to 3000-5000 years. When we reach to the top of the mountain we will enjoy a beautiful view of the Snow covered peaks of Turgen Mountain Range. Afternoon we will be traveling back to Ger camp. BLD Read more

Ger camp

Travel to Ulgii town

After the breakfast we will continue our journey to Ulgii town about 200kms. It will be a great opportunity to experience different ethnic groups’ culture and amazing traditions. Once we visit a Kazakh family, we will be able to distinguish the Mongolian and Kazakh nomads’ culture that includes in many elements, for instance, architecture of the Ger, meals and living customs. The Kazakh Ger is larger than the Mongolian Ger. You will experience living in a Kazakh Ger in next days. BLD Read more


Learning musical instrument

Travel for 90kms to Buyant valley where we can take an opportunity to learn and practice traditional music instruments and experience well reserved traditional culture of ancient Mongols. Here we will enjoy playing “Tsuur” (nomadic kind of flute) instructed by the family member as learning blowing technique to use the teeth, tongue and lips… The tunes that are played on the Tsuur, are usually the sound of water or animal like sound of singing birds. And traditional Mongolian Tsuur music is listed in Intangible Cultural Heritage of UNESCO in 2009. Full two days we will enjoy with the community of Uriankhai ethnic nomads, live in the beautiful valley. BLD Read more

Nomad ger

Full day in Nomad family

Learning daily nomadic lifestyle. Playing traditional musical instrument. BLD

Nomad ger

Staying with Kazakh nomads

We will move for 40kms to visit Kazakh families who are well known by their hunting practices by trained Golden eagles. While we stay with a Kazakh family we will have an opportunity to learn more on this unique tradition as well as Kazakh people’s lifestyle and customs. BLD

Kazak Nomad ger

Staying with Kazakh nomads

Full day in Kazak family. We can practice a Kazakh traditional music instrument with two strings, called “Dombor”. The Kazakh music and songs are related to their heroic-epic stories and legends of the ancestors. Learning Kazak culture. BLD

Kazak Nomad ger

Travel to Ulgii town

Today we will travel for 60kms back to Ulgii town. Visit local ethnographic museum and local marketplace. BLD


Travel to Ulaanbaatar

Move to local airport for taking a flight (3.5hours) to Ulaanbaatar. Arrive in Ulaanbaatar and transfer to your hotel. Having a rest. BLD


Travel to Central Mongolia

On this day, we will continue our tour about 280kms to a nomadic community at Gurvanbulag valley in central Mongolia where you can see a beautiful landscape of mountain, rolling steppe and Gobi desert – all at one place. On the way we will visit to Khar Bukhiin Balgas, an interesting remain of ancient castle of nomad tribes dated back to 10th century. Afternoon we can enjoy a demonstration of horsemen to train an untamed horse and attend in making hobble and halter by home processed leather. BLD Read more

Ger camp

Orkhon valley–UNESCO

On this day, we will continue travel about 70kms to a famous cultural and historical site where many statues of ancient Tureg Empire as dated back to 6th-8th centuries are discovered. We will visit the museum and then continue our travel to Kharakhorum, the city was founded in 1220 by an adoption of Chinggis Khaan and destroyed in 14th century. Later it rebuilt as a first Buddhist monastery in Mongolia. We will visit the Buddhist temple complex of Erdene Zuu and Historical museum. BLD Read more

Ger camp

Khustai National Park

Morning we will drive to Khustai National Park which covers about 50,620 area. Visit the Information Center for having an introductory presentation of the National Park. In the park, we will see wild horses (known as Prezawalski horse) and other wild animals like deer and marmots. BLD

Ger camp

Travel to Ulaanbaatar

In the morning, we will drive about 100kms to Ulaanbaatar. Transfer to your hotel. End of the service. B


Day in trip
Day 1
Location Ulaangom town
Day 3
Location Uureg Lake
Hotel Ontsiin Tasarkhai
Day 5
Location Ulgii town
Day 6
Location Buyant valley
Hotel Nomad family
Day 8
Location Buyant valley
Hotel Kazakh Nomad family
Day 10
Location Ulgii town
Day 11
Location Ulaanbaatar
Hotel Grand Hill
Day 12
Location Gurvanbulag
Hotel Gurvanbulag eco camp
Day 13
Location Kharakhorum
Hotel Munkh Tenger
Day 14
Location Khustai National Park


Package includes

  • All activities described in the itinerary
  • Stay in local hotel (4nights) and Ger camp stay (4 nights)
  • Stay in community based Ger camp (1 night), stay in Ger of nomad family (4 nights) in countryside
  • English speaking guide service
  • Round trip domestic flight
  • Entrance fees to Protected Areas
  • All transfers by bus/mini bus/ in the city and by 4WD Russian minivan in the countryside
  • Meals of breakfast, lunch /picnic during the trekking in countryside/ and dinner as mentioned per day itinerary.

Package excludes

  • International transportation to and from Mongolia
  • Hotel stay in Ulaanbaatar
  • Travel insurance
  • Mineral (bottled) water and alcoholic drinks
  • Sleeping bag
  • Tips and gratuities
  • Laundry and items of a personal nature.

More information

  • • We are happy to arrange your hotel and transfers in Ulaanbaatar, private car transportation to our destinations at discounted rate.
  • • International and domestic flight and train tickets would be arranged due to the clients’ requests and wishes with our pleasures.
  • • City sightseeing tours are offered as optional.
  • • Private departures are available on request.


7 Reviews

Jane Salvage, United Kingdom

My name is Jane and traveled with group of Cox and Kings. Mongolia has wonderful landscapes, scenery and wildlife. I had fantastic trip that will always stay in my memory. It has well planned and mostly comfortable. Drivers were wonderful. I liked most of Ger camps. I hope that will come back Mongolia.​ y name is Jane and traveled with group of Cox and Kings. Mongolia has wonderful landscapes, scenery and wildlife. I had fantastic trip that will always stay in my memory. It has well planned and mostly comfortable. Drivers were wonderful. I liked most of Ger camps. I hope that will come back Mongolia.​ Read more

Stefanie Chang, Switzerland

Tour company is well organized and high problem solving skill when there are issues during the trip. Reliable company. Comfortable car was provided. Itinerary was loose enough to have time for individual ideas and space.

Dave Bowling, Korea, Republic of

Punctuality, a good background information about tourist attractions & the local culture. I was worried because I booked the trip last minute, but there are no problems at all. Driving was great too. БАЯАРЛААЛА! Extremely friendly.​



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