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Rwenzori with Portal Peaks, 10 days


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Israel Byaruhanga

Rwenzori Ranges Hikers Assoc

Rwenzori Ranges Hikers Association is an established community based organization promoting tourism.

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Rwenzori with Portal Peaks, 10 days

Rwenzori is a wonderland of glacier-carved valleys filled with pristine afro montane forests, colourfull mosses and giant forms of lobelias, groundsels and heathers. The mist-shrouded peaks of the Mountains of the Moon provide a stunning backdrop to this magnificent park, located on Uganda’s western border.Here is the third highest mountain in Africa, Mt. Magherita, which rises to 5,109 metres above sea level. This is Uganda's most dramatic and scenic region. Between Lake Albert in the North and Lake George in the South, the terrain rises above the plains of the Semiliki Valley to the snow capped summits

Arriving Uganda

Arrive at Entebbe Airport and you are met by our Guide and driven to hotel in Entebbe or Kampala.

Hotel in Entebbe or Kampala

Entebbe - Kasese

Drive down to Fort Port with a stopover at Travelers Inn for lunch and thereafter transfer drive to Kasese for an overnight at a hotel.


Kasese - Community Camp

After breakfast start and checking your climbing equipment and other necessities you travel to mukorokimi RRHA office, the starting point to the Mountain, It is from here that you meet the Guides and porters that Escort you to the Higher peaks, This day you walk through Coffee plantations, homesteads, schools and interact with local Bakonzo people the inhabitants of the Rwenzori mountains to have a night in a community camp at the edge of the national park, it takes you between 2-3hours to reach the camp. Read more


Community Camp - Rwigho Camp

After breakfast, take on the trail which bends west on the ridge overlooking the Kasuka and Isule valleys and onward to Kebitakuli for a rest while and take a breath and thereafter, hike through the montane rain forest overlooking bamboo forested valleys. Encounter plant species like the Disa stairssi, Scadoxus cyrtanthiflorus, Impetiens apiculata and spot or hear calls of black and white colubus monkeys, The Rwenzori Turaco and other birds. On trail you will spot chimpanzee nests and droppings or hear their calls. The trail will lead you through the heather zone and reach Rwigho Camp for an overnight. It will take you only 5-6 hours. Read more


Rwigho Camp - Kambeho Camp

After breakfast, the trail takes you through the heather trees (Ericathiasis) with lots of moss hanging over these trees. The is the heather zone with a lots of tree heather, Scencio trees, Alchemila, black berries, and many more plant species. While on trail you will be able to spot black and white Colobus monkeys, Varvet monkeys, sun birds, the Rwenzori turaco a rare beautiful bird in the park. On this day you will see lots of giant lobelias, everlasting flowers and rock shelters. Overnight at Kambeho Camp. This hike will take you 5 – 6 hrs with a stopover for a hot lunch at Mitiyighaghire. Read more

Kambeho Camp - Mughuli Camp

After breakfast, start with a climb along river Lhume, in the early morning hours of the day when still fresh and strong with urge to climb the only steep Mughuli bypass. As you think of slopping down to Lake Mughuli which is within MTN network coverage to give you a chance to call friends and family members about the beauty and experience encountered on the trail. There are several short peaks which one can easily climb depending upon what time you have arrived in the camp and how you feel. The vegetation along the Lake is so beautiful to catch up your eyes. Animals you might see along the trail are the Rwenzori red-duiker, rock and tree hyrax and wild pigs. Around the camp, you can have a self guided walk to explore the water falls. The approximate time taken from Kambeho to Mughuli Camp is about 6-7hrs hike with a stopover for a hot lunch at Mulhalhama resting view point. Read more


Mughuli Camp - Lake Bukurung

This camp is set in the heart of the two mountains of the Portal Peaks and Mount Gessi; it is a relaxing point to acclimatize for those interested in climbing the Portal Peaks and Mount Gessi. Five hours from Mughuli camp takes you through a very gentle crossing passing the vegetation of the alchemila, several giant lobelia species and the wonderful and unknown leaf looking like human palm. From Mughuli Camp to Bukurungu Camp will take you 5 – 6hrs.. On this day if the weather is clear, your eyes and hands on the camera will have all the main peaks of Edward on Mount Baker, Margherita and Alexadra on Mount Stanley, Vittorio Emanuela on Mount Speke, Kihuma on the Portal Peaks and Mount Gessi at glance. Read more


Bukurungu - Bigo Camp

After breakfast, ascend the portal peaks (4370m asl) with beautiful views of the Rwenzori Mountains Range and all the central peaks. The ascend will take you between 4-6hours; snow falls on portal peaks though it does not require you to have a technical climbing equipment.


Bigo Camp - Ibanda

After breakfast, descend through the heather zone route with beautiful views of the Rwenzori Mountains Range. Join the cook at Omokomujungu for lunch as an energizer. Thereafter, continue descend crossing the Kurt Schafer bridge at River Mubuku and Bujuku River confluence and onward to the Mihunga park gate. While on trail, you will see more of the black and white Colobus monkeys, blue monkeys, a lots of bird species like the starlings, sun birds, the great blue Rwenzori turaco, the Ross’s turaco and many of the butterfly family. It will take you 6 -7 hrs to reach the park gate and continue to the community camp for a shower and rest. Read more


Kasese - Kampala

After breakfast your driver picks you from your hotel for travel back to Kampala passing through plantations of Bakonzo people and pass through Fort Portal. Have your lunch in Mubende town and it will take you between 7-8hours to reach Kampala and transfer to airport to end your ten days safari to the Mountains of the moon Read more



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3 Reviews

Piotr Filek, Poland

Everything was very very good! First of all the cook! Food was amazing, always ready on time with a nice atmosphere! Great!" The guide and porters also without complain. Thank You very very much! This was the experience I will remember forever! Thank You for help and for making it possible! Good luck for the future. Read more

Alice Hubová, Czech Republic

Dear Israel, This February 2015 we went on the 7 days trek in Rwenzori Mountains with Rwenzori Ranges Guides and Escort Association and had the most amazing experience. The Bukurungu Trail was quite a challenge, but a unique experience. Our support team with Denis was very knowledgeable, experienced and professional - they really made the trip exceptional. The scenery was spectacular. Getting through all the different plant zones we felt like going back to prehistoric times. We were exploring different vegetation zones, like a tropical forest, Heather and lincen zone, Alpine, Rock and moor land. We did 6-7 hours hiking each day and some sections were fairly steep, both uphill and downhill. Denis pointed out animals, insects, and plant life along the way and insisted that we ask any questions we might have about the beautiful surroundings. We saw some chameleons, Colobus monkeys, Rwenzori turacos and a number of medicinal plants, admired wonderful incredible plants and snow on the peaks close to the equator! We were hearing to chimpanzees, but didn't manage to spot any. We reached the altitude of 5000 meters and it was still full of plants, warm and no altitude sickness. We took small breaks along the way to catch our breath, and Denis was very observant of the groups' abilities and accommodating to our needs. Each day we arrived at camp around 2-4pm where we could relax and explore the surrounding area. The cooks were excellent and we always had tea and a fire prepared for our arrival which was very nice and warm! The Bukurungu Trail is an amazing experience for everybody who loves real wild nature. You will see unbelievable sceneries with 4 amazing lakes (Mughuli, Bukurungu, Bujuku and Irene) on your way, crossing Mountain Rivers, waterfalls and enjoying raw nature. Trekking in the Rwenzori mountains for us was exhausting, but gave us a lot of satisfaction - incredible place, great friendly people. Undoubtedly, this is the best wildlife available on this continent. I would like to thank Rwenzori Ranges Guides and Escort Association for perfect service. It’s a company with a lot of knowledge and experience. Read more

Hadas & Asaf, Israel

the trek to the Rwenzori was amazing with a staff that made us feel really comfortable and safe. the guides, the cookers, the porters and the mountains were amazing! comments: 1. We think that the last 2 days should be divided into 3 days in order to make the walk each day a bit shorter. 2. In our opinion, the walk each day should start earlier in order to reach the camp in day light. the trek was perfect, we had a lot of fun and it is definitely a unique experience! we will advise our friends to do the trek with RRGEA!! thank you very much for a great time! Read more

RRHA provides experienced guides, cooks and escort

Rwenzori Ranges Hikers Assoc
3 Reviews


Masereka Bernard

Director of Chairperson

Muhindo Elizah

Director of Gender and Community

Kabahisya Jerome

Director of tourism

Kabahisya Charles

Director of Culture and Conservation

Mulekya Muhindo Robert

Director of Finance and Administration

Baluku Herbert

Office Administratior and in charge of Guides

Ulf Rugumayo Amundsen

International Relations

Rwenzori Ranges Hikers Association is an established community based organization promoting tourism.

If you have any questions or you want to customize your trip we are here for you at any time.

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  • Local time:07:02


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