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Adventure in Uganda - 15 days

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Richard Kisembo

Karumuna Safaris

karumuna safaris gives out the ultimate safari experience all over East Africa.

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Adventure in Uganda - 15 days

Come for an adventure in Uganda. This safari takes you rafting on the mighty Nile, hiking in the Rwenzori mountains and trekking Mountain Gorillas. At the end of it all you will have time to relax by the beautiful Lake Bunyonyi.

Day 1 - Arrival and transfer

Your guide picks you up at Entebbe airport and takes you to the hotel in Jinja to relax after the flight.

Overnight Kingfisher Safaris

Day 2 - White water rafting

After breakfast you set off for the first adventure of this safari, white water rafting on the Nile. Be prepared for a day of great experiences with speed and excitement. When the rafting is over your guide picks you and takes you to the hotel.

Overnight Kingfisher Safaris

Day 3 - Transfer to Rwenzori

In the morning you leave Jinja for the drive towards the Rwenzori Moutains national park. The journey takes you through a changing landscape and you will have a lot to look at during the drive. At the end of the day you arrive by the impressive mountains and can get ready for the Rwenzori hike starting the next day. Read more

Overnight Rwenzori base camp

Day 4 - stage 1: Hike from Nyakalengija

In the morning you meet your guide for the Rwenzori hike at rwenzori Mountains national park head quarters at Nyakalengija, this is at a height of 1.646 m.The guide will give you a briefing and the possibility of hiring equipment. When all is prepared you set off for your adventure. The first bit goes through cultivated land belonging to the Bakonjo people and you might see monkeys around. The first days hike will take 5-6 hours and the destination is Nyabitaba hut at 2.652 m. Read more

Nyabitaba hut

Day 5 - Stage 2: Hike from Nyabitaba

Start from nyabitaba hut in the morning to hike through bamboo forest, rocky areas and the zone with giant lobelia during the day. The hike on this day takes around 6 hours and the final destination is John Matte Hut were you will spend the night. From here you can enjoy the view of Mount Stanley and Margherita Peak. You are now at a hight of 3.414 m. Read more

John Matte Hut

Day 6 - Stage 3: Hike from John Matte

On the third day of hiking you leave John Matte Hut and hike in to lower Bigo bog. This is a grassy bog you pass through before reaching Bigo Hut and continue on to upper Bigi bog. Passed this point you will hike in to a zone of alpine savanna with little vegetation. The final destination for the day is Nujuku Hut at 3.962 m, the hike to reach there takes around 5 hours. Read more

Nujuku Hut

Day 7 -Stage 4: Hike from Bu

The hike this day takes you through moss draped vegetation on the way to Scott Elliot pass at 4.372 m. This pass goes between Mt. Baker and Stanley. The destination for the day is Elena Hut at 4.540 m.

Elena Hut

Day 8 - Stage 5: Climb Margh

This is the day to climb Margarita Peak reaching 5.109 m. The peak is a part of Mt Stanley and the climb takes around 3 hours. After reaching this highlight of the hike you start the descend passing by upper and lower Kitandara lake. By the later of the lakes you get to Kitandara Hut, at 4.023 m, where you will spend the night. The descend takes around 3 hours. Read more

Kitandara Hut

Day 9 - Stage 6: Hike from Kitandara

Start off from Kitandara hut in the morning and go through Fresh field pass. You will pass through landscapes of mossy glades, rocky and boggy areas. The view is impressive with the glaciers of Mt. Stanley, Mt. Baker and Mt. of Savoy in view. The destination of the day is Guy Yeoman Hut, at 3.261 m and it is a hike of around 6 hours to reach there. Read more

Guy Yeoman Hut

Day 10 - Stage 7: Hike from

You have reached the final day of the hike in Rwenzori Mountains and will descend to the base camp Nyakalengija. This last part of the hike takes you through a landscape rich in plants and flowers as the trail goes next to rivers and through the bamboo forest. Along the way you will see Kabamba falls. The hike this day takes around 7 hours and the final destination is the Park head quarter. Read more

Overnight Elephant Hab safar

Day 11 - Relax at the lodge

Have a relaxed day by the lodge overlooking Queen Elizabeth national park. You can either just sit and enjoy the great view or go for a community walk through the nearby village to a crater lake.

Overnight Elephant Hab

Day 12 - Tree-climbing lions

Head off to the Ishasha part of Queen Elizabeth national park in the morning. The drive there goes along an adventurous road and you have the chance of seeing baboons and elephants along the way. In Ishasha you find topis, buffaloes and search for the tree-climbing lions during a game-drive. The lions in this area are famous for climbing up great fig trees to take a rest. After finishing your game-drive the journey goes on to Bwindi Impenetrable national park. Enjoy the changing landscape as the car slowly climbs up towards the misty mountains of the gorillas. Read more

Overnight Gorilla Mist Camp

Day 13 - Gorilla trekking da

You have now reached the next highlight of this Ugandan Adventure; the gorilla trekking day. Your guide will take you to the starting point of the gorilla trekking in the morning and you set of for your adventure. The trek takes you through the jungle up to the point where the gorillas are and you get to spent one hour with them. When you are back from the gorilla trekking your guide takes you to the stunningly beautiful Lake Bunyonyi. Read more

Overnight Bunyonyi Eco resort

Day 14 - Relax by Lake Bunyo

Have a free day by Lake Bunyoyi to relax after your Ugandan adventure. Here you can rent a canoe to explore the islands, take a swim (the lake is free of hippos, crocodiles and bilharzia), go for a hike or just relax with a book.

Overnight Bunyonyi Eco resort

Day 15 - Transfer to Kampala

Leave Lake Bunyonyi after breakfast to start the drive back to Kampala. Along the way you will make a stop for lunch in Mbarara and one by the Equator for some poses where the southern and northern hemisphere meets. Continue on to Kampala/Entebbe depending on your flight plans.


Day in trip
Day 4
Location Rwenzori
Hotel Nyabitaba hut
Day 5
Location Rwenzori
Hotel John Matte Hut
Day 6
Location Rwenzori
Hotel Nujuku Hut
Day 7
Location Rwenzori
Hotel Elena Hut
Day 8
Location Rwenzori
Hotel Kitandara Hut
Day 9
Location Rwenzori
Hotel Guy Yeoman Hut
Day in trip
Day 1
Location Jinja
Hotel Kingfisher safari
Day 3
Location Kasrse
Day 10
Location Queen Elizabeth NP
Day 12
Location Bwindi NP
Day 13
Location Lake Bunyonyi Island


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4 Reviews

Jennifer, United States

Excellent Experience with Karumuna Safaris. I highly recommend Karumuna Safaris. The service they provide is impeccable - whether it's communication leading up to the tour, guiding during the tour itself and beyond, this company is top-notch! Our guide went above and beyond to make sure we saw as many animals as possible on the tour as well as had a comfortable journey. Read more

Andrew, United States

Great for the budget traveler, with customizable itins and wonderful people. We booked a customized itinerary based on the 7-day Gorillas and Savannah Safari. Richard Kisembo was a joy to deal with electronically in the months leading up to our trip, and he was equally enthusiastic when we finally met in person in Kampala. I was surprised to find out that Richard would not be joining us for our trip. Instead, he introduced us to our guide Ahmed, who became our friend as much as our guide over the course of our trip. I do think that our being young (both under 30) and adaptable budget travelers made this arrangement work out as well as it did. The trip was not luxurious, but it was perfect for us. Read more

Sebastian, United Arab Emirates

Great private tour. Very well organized. Friendly guide, good accommodation and high focus on costumer satisfaction.


We are a team of 10 people

Karumuna Safaris
4 Reviews


kiggundu reagan

very skilled in the field of tourism

karumuna safaris gives out the ultimate safari experience all over East Africa.

If you have any questions or you want to customize your trip we are here for you at any time.

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