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Embark on a journey to the most varied & vibrant sites of the country visiting the ancient cities and beyond. You will discover diversity of cultural, historical and crafts wealth of Ghana. Learn the history of the Ashanti Kingdom;visit workshops of master craftsmen who create amazing Kente cloth handmade in looms from a time-honored tradition and Ntonso Adinkra craft village. Your trip will be incomplete without a visit to Cape Coast & Elmina Castles

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Mandinka Ethnocultural Exped

Discover Benin,Togo,Ghana Ivory Coast and their diversed history,culture and royalties including the Ashanti royal festival,fenural cerimonies,wedding cerimonies,fishing villages,Cocoa and coffee farm tours,palm oil Ateliers,Koffin builders,Voodoo cerimonies,Traditional music and hiden tribes.

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Join us on this unforgettable experience as you explore the intriguing way of life of the Ga people of Accra on a visit to one of the fascinating communities of Accra-Jamestown.Take a deep dive into the cradle of African culture on your visit to the Ashanti Kingdom- which is one of the hidden jewels of unexplored West Africa. Head to the ancient towns of Elmina and Cape Coast to see the infamous Cape Coast and Elmina Castles and Forts and visit Kakum.

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Mandinka Ethnocultural Exped

Experience some of the most clorful festivities of West Africa including Annual Voudoun festival on january 10 in Ouidah,Benin,The Akwasidae Ashanti royal festival in Kumasi Ghana and the Homowo or Bakatoue festival in Teshi or Elmina in september.Additional activities such as Geleden mask danc,Bwabwa mask dance in Burkina faso or Bobo young boys innitiation cerimony at Koumi,nearby Bobodioulasso.

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Visit the cultural sites in Accra; enjoy nature at Aburi Botanical Gardens, on the Volta Lake and at Tafi Atome Monkey Sanctuary. Take a safari through Mole National Park and get a bird’s view of Kakum National Park from the canopy walkway. Visit Kumasi the capital of the ancient Ashanti Kingdom, and see the infamous slave castles in Cape Coast.

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Take in the vibrant atmosphere of all two countries capital cities & see the natural wonders of the rare phenomenon known as Pink Lake in Senegal and enjoy the intriguing history of Senegal as you visit the UNESCO World Heritage site of Goree Island. From the fantasy coffin shops of Teshie to the ornamental bead makers of Krobo Odumase to the bold patterns of the beautifully crafted Kente cloth in Bonwire. Visit the Cape Coast and Elmina Castles.

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Mandinka Ethnocultural Exped

Abidjan city tour,Cathedral basilica yamousoukoro,Abissa royal festival,Elmina and cape coast slave castle,Akwasidae ashanti royal festival,Lome fetish market,Ouidah voodoo cerimony and temple of pythons,pendjari national park,Somba tribal houses,Ganvie stilt village,Tiebel traditional royal palace,Bedik tribal village,river gambia,Goree island,Mosque of Bobodioulasso,St Louis colonial city,Cape verde Islands,the pink lake and Gambia beach break.

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