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West African Festivals


USD 3,214

/ person
  • 1
  • 21 Days

Mohamed Traore

Mandinka Ethnocultural Exped

Mandinka Ethnocultural Expeditions is a group of young Experienced travel enthusiast in West Africa

  • Local time:06:11

West African Festivals

Experience some of the most clorful festivities of West Africa including Annual Voudoun festival on january 10 in Ouidah,Benin,The Akwasidae Ashanti royal festival in Kumasi Ghana and the Homowo or Bakatoue festival in Teshi or Elmina in september.Additional activities such as Geleden mask danc,Bwabwa mask dance in Burkina faso or Bobo young boys innitiation cerimony at Koumi,nearby Bobodioulasso.

Arrive Ouagadougou Burkina Faso

Upon arrival,you will be met by your guide,vehicle and driver to be transfered to hotel.

Le Silmande Ouagadougou 5*

Travel to Bobodioulasso

Drive to Bobodioulasso/Visit central mosque,central market & train station.B&D

Hotel Sissiman Bobodioulasso

Excursions to Banfora/Domes & falls of k

Visit Domes of Banfora/falls of kafiguila.B&D

Hotel sissiman Bobodioulasso

Lobbi country Gaoua region.

Excursions to Gaoua in Lobbi country/visit Lobbi fetish and their homes.Visit Lobbi museum.B&D

Hotel Sissiman Bobodioulasso

Ouagadougou/city tour

Drive to Ouagadougou/visit central market and village Artisanale for the most exciting bronze sculptures in Africa.B&D

Le silmande 5* Ouagdougou

Tiebele Traditional Palace

Excursions to Tiebele Traditional hand painted royal palace/return to Ouagadougou.B&D

Le Silmande 5* Ouagdougou

Pendjari National Park Benin

Drive to Pendjari National Park in Northern Benin.B&D

Pendjari Lodge

Game drive in pendjari park/Koutamankou

Early morning game drive around pendjari river to see animasl.Lion,Elephant,Baboon,Hippos,Monkey,Antelopes several birds and reptiles.Continue to koutamankou in the Temberma valley UNESCO world heritage site.Visit Otamari and betamariba tribe.Tata somba huts.B&D

Hotel Bourgogne 3*

Abomey /Geleden mask dance/Royal palace

Drive to Abomey old Dahomey kingdom Royal palce Museum/Attend a traditional Geleden mask dance.B&D

Nifur hotel 3* Bohicon

Ganvie stilt village/Cotonou city tour

Casa del papa & spa 4* Ouida

Annual Voudou festival in Ouidah

Visit Ouidah'Temple of python/historic slave museum/Sacred forest/Attend Annual voudou festival.B&D

Casa del papa & spa 4* Ouida
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Lome/Togo/Togoville/Fetish markets

Travel to Togo/visit Togoville village by boat/visit Lome central and fetish market.B&D

Hotel Ibis Lome 4*


Cross the border town of Togo into Ghana/drive to Accra.B&D

Kempinski gold coast 5* Accr

City tour in Accra

Visit National Museum/Kwame Nkrumah memorial Gardens/Teshi Coffins builders/Makola market and Arts centre.B&D

Kempinski Gold Coast 5* Accr

Kumasi Ashanti region

Travel to Kumasi/visit kejetia central market.B&D

Golden bean hotel 4* kumasi

Royal palace Museum/Ashanti Royal Festiv

Visit Royal palace museum/Attend Akwasidae Ashanti royal festival/Bonwireh kenteh weavers/Ntonso Adinkra arts village.B&D

Golden bean hotel Kumasi 4*

Elmina /St George castle

Drive to Elmina/visit St George castle/Asafo religious shrine/Elmina fihsing Harbor /Dtch cemetry.B&D

Coconut grove hotel Elmina 4
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Axim fishing village.

Travel to Axim fishing village/visit Axim's fort San Antonio.B&D

Axim beach ecolodge 4* Axim

Grand Bassam/Ivory Coast

Travel to Grand Bassam in Ivory coast, UNESCO world heritage site/Cross through the border towns of Elubo and Noe.B&D

Afrikland hotel Bassam 4*

Excursion to Yamoussoukoro/Baslica Notre

Travel to Yamoussoukoro to visit UNESCO world heritage site of Basilica Notre Dame de la paix.B&D

Afrikland hotel Bassam 4*

Abidjan city tour

Visit National Museum,central mosque & market/Transfer to airport.End of tour/B&D

Day use Afrikland hotel


Day in trip
Day 1
Location Ouagadougou
Hotel Le Silmande
Day 2
Location Bobodioulasso
Day 5
Location Ouagadougou
Hotel Le Silmande
Day 7
Location Benin
Day 8
Location Natitingou Benin
Day 9
Location Bohicon/Benin
Hotel Nifur hotel
Day 10
Location Ouidah/Benin
Day 12
Location Lome/Togo
Hotel Ibis Lome
Day 13
Location Accra /Ghana
Day 15
Location Kumasi/Ghana
Day 17
Location Elmina Ghana
Day 18
Location Axim village Ghana
Day 19
Location Grand Bassam/Ivory coast


Package includes

  • Transfer from/to the airport Yes
  • Transport during the tour Toyota land cruiser for group between 01-4 pax & Toyota Hiace Mini Bus for group of 05-08 pax
  • Accommodation Confort
  • Local guides Where necessary
  • Information services Contact your tour leader but wifi is available in all the hotels.
  • Entrance fee all included

Package excludes

  • Airfare Non
  • Personal expenses Non
  • Visa, consular 76fees or any other formalities. Non
  • Tips Non/10% is necessary
  • Beverages
  • Additional journeys and transfers

More information

  • Burkina Faso issues visa upon arrival and you can collect your passport 10 hours after checking into your hotels.Benin visa is obtained at your nearest Benin embassy.Togo issues visa upon arrival at the border.Ghana visa is at your nearest Ghana embassy.Ivory coast visa is online E-visa.Please ask questions to your tour leader,for any enquiries.


3 Reviews

Joseph & Rosalie Dixler, United States

The Best Tour Guide We Ever Had Mandinka Tours had the best guide we have ever had (in the 135 countries we have toured which included national as well as local guides) was the one we were fortunate to have in Burkina Faso and Ghana. MoMo also guides in Senegal, the Gambia, Mali, Togo and Benin. When problems occurred, he was able to think outside the box and solve them. I believe he is 37 and has an incredible personality and presence. I do not impress easily, as I previously owned a tour company in Chicago and had many guides working for me. He has guided the most important visitors to those countries—he was not bragging, but their names came up as we were traveling. Read more

Ernesto & Haiton Madarang, United States

We had the distinct opportunity to be ably guided by him through 9 countries in West Africa (Ivory Coast, Ghana, Togo, Benin, Burkina Faso, Mali, Senegal, and Gambia. Cape Verde) for 5 weeks, from Nov. to Dec., 2015. There were 5 of us and we drove cross country on two sturdy Toyota Land Cruiser SUV covering over 9,000 miles w/o any breakdown. We visited many cultural & UNESCO Heritage sites. It was a pleasant experience & very educational. We were happy and satisfied on how the trip went without any problem whatsoever. It was quite a formidable task to cross 9 borders & deal w/ customs & immigration but “Momo” handled it efficiently. “Momo” is quite an extraordinary guide as he was very caring & concerned w/ our safety & comfort. He billeted us in good hotels & made sure the food were both palatable & safe. None of us got sick for 5 weeks. He is very pleasant, down to earth, easy going, and easy to talk to, entertaining w/ good sense of humor. Not only does he have good command of English w/ clear diction but also quite intelligent w/ broad knowledge of the cultures, tradition, history, and politics of each country we visited. He is quite aware of the poor socio-economic situation of Africa & expresses passionately that education is the key to alleviate the situation. Though born & raised in a Muslim country in Islamic tradition, he is unusually quite liberal & open minded having acquired some of his education in Christian school. “Momo” is also patient & very accommodating & will go out of his way to attend to our needs. With regards to communication w/ his tour company, we had no problem. He answers your email & questions promptly. We found him & his company reliable & trustworthy. We vouch for his good moral character as well as trustworthiness & reliability of his Tour Company. Based on all of the narrative above, we highly recommend, without reservations, Mr. Traore & the Mandinka Tours to any individual or tour group wanting to visit West Africa. Read more

Paul & Sindi March, United States

Job Well Done! We had a GREAT tour with Mohamadine. He is a great guide and gave us the real insight into the cultures, not the sanitized versions. We felt safe with him and knew that he was watching out for our best interests at all times. We have no reservations in giving him the highest recommendation. In addition, he deserves a big "job well done" for all he went through in getting us to the airport in Lagos safely and on time. This was not an easy or cheap thing to do, as I'm sure he will fill you in. It takes an experienced guide to know how to arrange the things he did for us while causing inconvenience for himself as well as our driver. Thank you Mandinka Tours for arranging a wonderful trip for us. Read more

Momo,Moussa,Abba,Ichiaka and Aminata love Travel.

Mandinka Ethnocultural Exped
3 Reviews



Momo de Paris

Mandinka Ethnocultural Expeditions is a group of young Experienced travel enthusiast in West Africa

If you have any questions or you want to customize your trip we are here for you at any time.

  • Languages:English, Spanish, French
  • Local time:06:11


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