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The Silk Road – On the Trail of Nomad Herders


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  • 12 Days

Kadr Enkhbaatar

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The Silk Road – On the Trail of Nomad Herders

By choosing this trip you can experience a great variety of cultural diversity and natural attractions of Mongolia spread along the Silk Road. The Silk Road is the oldest trade route in the world that connects east to west. Known as caravan road, the first caravan started around 100BC, with the shimmering fabric from China to the Mediterranean sea. According to the historical documents and scientific researches, part of ancient Silk Road.

Khognokhan & Camel riding

Pick up at your hotel and travel to Khognokhan mountain Nature reserve for 280kms. Afternoon arrival in the area. Camel breeder local guide will welcome and invite you to his Ger/Yurt for offering nomadic drinks and dairy products. Followed by a brief instruction for riding Mongolian two humped Bactrian camels, you will get acquainted with the camels and tacks. Enjoy 2hours warm up ride in the valley through the natural trail along the mountain. LD Read more


Camel riding

After a hearty breakfast served, you will start pack up and continue the camel trek. Enjoy a day camel riding about 5-6hours along the sand dunes and mountain valley for 25-28kms. This evening our camel men and camels will leave the camp, get back to Khognokhan mountain. Gazing night stars. BLD


Trekking to nomads

Today you will continue trekking adventure on foot to the nomad community in the valley of Gurvanbulag county where the landscape is incredibly beautiful with rolling steppe surrounded by sand dunes and rocky mountain. Trek will take about 3-4hours for 15-18kms. Afternoon arrival at community based Ger camp. Taking rest and refreshment. Evening enjoy and practice traditional games and archery. For dinner, you will have “Khorkhog”, is real Mongolian barbeque, meat and vegetables grilled with hot stones. Singing and dancing at bone-fire night. BLD Read more

Ger camp

Travel to Kharakhorum town

Morning you will have an opportunity to visit a nomad family and learn more in depth about nomad lifestyle. Then enjoy a demonstration by horsemen, to realize how Mongolian skillful cowboys catch horses by “uurga” – traditional wooden lasso and training an untamed horse that has never been ridden before. Attend a brief instruction on riding Mongolian horses, enjoy horseback riding for 1hour. Afternoon we will continue travel about 95kms to Kharakhorum, the city was founded in 1220 by an adoption of Chinggis Khaan and destroyed in 14th century. Later it rebuilt as a first Buddhist monastery in Mongolia. We will visit the Buddhist temple complex of Erdene Zuu and Historical museum. BLD Read more

Ger camp

Orkhon valley & trekking

Morning we will travel to Orkhon valley for 120kms. On the way, we will see Orkhon waterfall, the waterfall formed by combination volcanic eruption and earthquakes some 20000 years ago cascades down from a height 27 meters. The Orkhon, longest river in Mongolia, begins at the state worshipped mountain Suvraga Khairkhan in the Khangai mountain range. Continue drive to Tsagaannuur valley for 15-20kms. Afternoon you will meet with your local assistants for trekking. They will care our entire luggage, camping equipment and food provisions for transporting by pack yaks. No vehicle will be supporting our trip for next four days. Trekking about 3hours until campsite. BLD Read more


Khuisiin Naiman nuur

After hearty breakfast in the morning, we will trek through the Khuisiin Naiman nuur area for 18kms. Trekking to mountain pass Amgalan. Continue trekking through Tsagaan Azarga valley. On the way, we will cross the river with horses. BLD


Trekking to Shireet Lake

Today we will be trekking to Shireet Tsagaan Lake for 15-16km. Shireet Tsagaan is the largest lake of Khuisiin Naiman Nuur Nature reserve. BLD


Half day trekking

Today we will trek for 12 km around the lake and surrounding area. Cross over a mountain pass Shireet. Meet with our drivers. After pack up our luggage at vehicles, we move for 10kms to a community camp. Arrive in community camp and have a resting. BLD

Guest Ger

Travel to Orkhon valley

Travel for 280kms to our next destination in Orkhon valley where we stay at eco Ger camp nearby Khujirt resort. On the way, we will pass center of Uyanga and Zuunbayan counties. Late afternoon rest and take a short hike. BLD

Ger camp

Travel to Khustai Park

Morning we will drive for 310kms to Khustai National Park which covers about 50,620 area for preserving wild horses (known as Prezawalski horse) and other wild animals, pray birds and rich flora of steppe zone. Visit the Information Center for having an introductory presentation of the National Park. BLD Read more

Ger camp

Trekking in Khustai Park

This day you will enjoy a full day trekking at the park along the valley and cross over hills and forested mountain. You have plenty of opportunities to encounter wild horses and other animals such as herds of deer and marmots. At the end of trekking you will be taken by car to Ungut, a cultural site with ancient statues. Move to Ger camp. BLD Read more

Ger camp

Travel to Ulaanbaatar

In the morning, we will travel for 100kms to Ulaanbaatar. Transfer to your hotel. End of the service. B


Day in trip
Day 1
Location Khognokhan Natural Reserve
Hotel Tent
Day 3
Location Gurvanbulag
Hotel Gurvanbulag ger camp
Day 4
Location Kharakhorum town
Hotel Munkh Tenger
Day 5
Location Orkhon valley
Hotel Tent
Day 6
Location Khuisiin Naiman Nuur Nature reserve
Hotel Tent
Day 9
Location Orkhon valley
Hotel Ursa Major
Day 10
Location Khustai National Park


Package includes

  • All activities described in the itinerary,
  • Ger camp stay (6 nights)
  • Stay in Community based Ger camp (1 night) and Mongolian Ger stay (4 nights) in countryside
  • English speaking guide service, field cook
  • All camping equipment’s
  • Sightseeing costs and entrance fees to Protected Areas
  • pack animals camel and yaks
  • All transfers by bus/mini bus/ in the city and by 4WD Russian minivan in the countryside
  • Meals of breakfast, lunch /picnic in countryside/ and dinner as mentioned per day itinerary

Package excludes

  • International transportation to and from Mongolia
  • Hotel stay in Ulaanbaatar
  • Travel insurance, mineral (bottled) water and alcoholic drinks
  • Sleeping bag
  • Tips and gratuities
  • laundry and items of a personal nature

More information

  • • We are happy to arrange your hotel and transfers in Ulaanbaatar, private car transportation to our destinations at discounted rate.
  • • International and domestic flight and train tickets would be arranged due to the clients’ requests and wishes with our pleasures.
  • • City sightseeing tours are offered as optional.
  • • Private departures are available on request.


7 Reviews

Jane Salvage, United Kingdom

My name is Jane and traveled with group of Cox and Kings. Mongolia has wonderful landscapes, scenery and wildlife. I had fantastic trip that will always stay in my memory. It has well planned and mostly comfortable. Drivers were wonderful. I liked most of Ger camps. I hope that will come back Mongolia.​ y name is Jane and traveled with group of Cox and Kings. Mongolia has wonderful landscapes, scenery and wildlife. I had fantastic trip that will always stay in my memory. It has well planned and mostly comfortable. Drivers were wonderful. I liked most of Ger camps. I hope that will come back Mongolia.​ Read more

Stefanie Chang, Switzerland

Tour company is well organized and high problem solving skill when there are issues during the trip. Reliable company. Comfortable car was provided. Itinerary was loose enough to have time for individual ideas and space.

Dave Bowling, Korea, Republic of

Punctuality, a good background information about tourist attractions & the local culture. I was worried because I booked the trip last minute, but there are no problems at all. Driving was great too. БАЯАРЛААЛА! Extremely friendly.​



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