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Nubian Pharaohs


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Farid Farah

Nubian Travel Egypt

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Nubian Pharaohs

Nubia is located in today's southern Egypt and northern Sudan. The modern inhabitants of southern Egypt and Sudan still refer to themselves as Nubians. They speak the Nubian language as well as Arabic. Thousands of Nubians from the north were forced to relocate from their endangered homelands to be resettled in Egypt and Sudan. This land has one of the harshest climates in the world. The temperatures are high throughout most of the year, and rainfall is infrequent. The banks of the Nile are narrow in much of Nubia, making farming difficult. Yet, in antiquity, Nubia was a land of great natural wealth, of gold mines, ebony, ivory and incense which was always prized by her neighbors. Nubia is the homeland of Africa's earliest black culture with a history which can be traced from 3100 BC onward through Nubian monuments and artifacts, as well as written records from Egypt & Rome Every where there is Safari , or even Bedweins , BUT ONLY IN EGYPT , And North Of Sudan , where you can meet Nubians , the only community with more than 5000 years of history & still speak their very old language . And you will enjoy & test THE BLACK PHARAOHS & TOURS OF NUBIAN PHARAOHS

Giza Pyramids

Arrival , meet , assist & pickup to Cairo Pickup to your hotel, just facing Giza Pyramids , Check in & Start Tour of Giza Pyramids. A trip to Cairo is not complete without a visit to the breath-taking Pyramids. One of the Seven Wonders of the World and built over 4,000 years ago to house the mummified bodies of Kings Cheops, Kephren and Mykerinus, the awe-inspiring Pyramids provide a truly memorable sight for visitors. We start our tour at Cheops Pyramid, known simply as the 'Great Pyramid', once the tallest structure in the world and the oldest and finest of the three pyramids, before exploring Kephren's and Mykerinus' Pyramids. You'll also get the chance to enjoy a stunning panoramic view of all three pyramids and the Sphinx. TONIGHT YOU WILL HAVE NUBIAN FOOD , WITH NUBIANS , WHILE NUBIAN SONGS BACK GROUND , BEFORE LISTENING TO THE NUBIAN CULTURE LECTURE. Read more

Mercure Le Sphinx hotel


After Breakfast , Pickup to AL AZHAR PARK , The Al-Azhar Park is important for tourists to Egypt because this hilly site is surrounded by the most significant historic districts of Islamic Cairo This is one of the primary destinations for many visitors to the city, and this new park located in its heart provides many advantages, including a wonderful view of the surrounding area. The creation of the 30 hectare (74 acre) Al-Azhar Park on Al-Darassa, by the Aga Khan Trust for Culture, AT 08.00 P.M. Dinner Cruise Admire the many fascinating sights of Cairo in style on our Dinner Cruise. Here you will enjoy an entertaining oriental show and buffet dinner whilst cruising down the magical and enchanting River Nile, PICKUP BACK BY SAME PRIVATE VAN. Read more

Nubian Family

A.M. Visit Nubian Family in Cairo , P.M. Take the sleeping train to Aswan

sleeping train


Arrival Aswan & Pickup by private A/C Microbus ( Toyota Coaster ) to Abusimble for 3 hours , Arrival & Over night At the hotel OWNED BY NUBIAN , Enjoy Dinner made by Nubian Chef & Over night

sleeping train

Abusimble Temples

Tour of Abusimble Temples , Lunch at the hotel & P.M Pickup to Aswan , Arrival & Over night in Aswan ( NUBIAN HOUSE Owned & Managed by Nubians )

Nubian House of Abusimble

Nubian Museum

Private tour of Nubian Museum , High Dam , Obelisk & Philea Temple

Nubian House of Aswan

Camel Rides & Safari

Take a camel ride to and from the golden beach at Barbar, or spend a day relaxing on its soft sand beach. Our offers Camel safaris to Gharb Aswan through the desert dunes and back to Barbar. The silence of the desert is as surprising as its ability to roll in around you, dominatingly! An experience like no other! Enjoy our enchanting, charming night mood, with our enthusiastic animation team. With their lively shows and dancing to the catchy Nubian music and rhythms, the spirit is contagious! Read more


Day in trip
Day 1
Location Giza
Day 3
Location On the way
Hotel Sleeping train
Day 5
Location Aswan
Day 6
Location Abusimble
Day in trip
Day 1
Location Cairo
Day 1
Location On the way
Hotel Sleeping train
Day 1
Location Aswan
Day 1
Location Abusimble


Package includes

  • 2 nights at Mercure Le Sphinx with breakfast .
  • Private Tour to Giza Pyramids & Al Azhar Park including : Entrance fees , Guide & bus .
  • One Dinner at cruising restaurant incl. show .
  • Two nights round trip by sleeping train including dinner & breakfast .
  • 1 night at Nubian House of Abusimble including dinner & breakfast.
  • 1 night at Nubian House of Aswan including dinner & breakfast .
  • Private pickups Aswan / Abusimble / Aswan.
  • Private tours of Abusimble & Aswan including entrance fees , guide & cars

Package excludes

  • Airfare
  • Personal expenses
  • Visa, consular 76fees or any other formalities.
  • Tips
  • Beverages
  • Additional journeys and transfers

More information

  • In Comfort Trip instead of train we'll have a Round trip flights Cairo / Abusimble – Aswan / Cairo.


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