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Nico Salerno

Egmont Incoming Italy

EGMONT Incoming Sicily is a Tour Operator and DMC operating in Italy, from more than 25 years.

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Situated in Italy's northeast, Veneto extends from the Dolomites to the Adriatic Sea, by way of an expansive range of hills and a valley furrowed by rivers, canals and the Po River Delta. The typical scenery of Veneto's coast is the Venetian lagoon, and, right on this very lagoon stands perhaps the most unique city in the entire world - Venice, visited by millions of tourists every year. Yet all of the Veneto, a region with a thousand different faces,


Arrival at Verona Airport. Take over your reserved car and drive to Treviso Area.

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Visit the heart of Venice by train from Treviso or Mestre Station Venice is actually a group of fascinating small islands, where art and history combine with old trades and the beauty of the sea.. Venice’s beating heart is Piazza San Marco, Europe’s most elegant living room, which is surrounded by works of indisputable mastery and prestige: the imposing Campanile Bell Tower, and the Basilica with its five portals and decorations in marble and mosaics hinting at the pomp and extravagance of the interior; the Palazzo Ducale, symbol of the various golden temples of La Serenissima ("The Most Serene Republic of Venice"); the Moors’ Tower, famously known as the Clock Tower, given the highly-evolved engineering that for centuries has marked the time for Venice; and the Ala Napoleonica housing the Museo Correr. Read more

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Discover the Laguna...

Today we suggest you to discover the most famous Islands around the main Venice: Torcello, named the green Island with a long history, Burano with its colorful small houses and many embroidery shops, Murano world famous for its Glass factories. Shopping is a must! You can organize by yourself your trip today, Vaporetto sails regularly and you can really enjoy and spend enough time on each Islands. Back to Santa Lucia Station and by train reach the mainland. Read more

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Treviso is a peaceful oasis where a walk lets visitors admire the sober elegance that characterizes every corner of this charming “città cortese” (courteous city). In the city center stands the Duomo, surrounded by its old defensive walls; it is a superb example of the complex stratification of architectonic styles. In one of the numerous bars, have the typical Italian Aperitif: SPRITZ! Read more

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In Padova art, culture, nature, science and spirituality blend in a unique mix that makes the visit a complete enjoyment. The city can be discovered in many ways, simply wandering around, appreciating the sightings behind every corner. Although the city is fairly well sized for Italian standards, the vast majority of interesting sights is concentrated in the city centre. That is quite common for most Italian cities because they often developed around the ancient roman or medieval walled town. YOU CAN ORGANIZE BY YOURSELF (not included) a small cruise on the River Brenta_the Venetian Villas – this itinerary is possible only on Wednesday, Friday and Sunday – From Padua (dep. At 8:20 hr) to Oriago After Breakfast reach the river for the departure of the mini cruise.. Embarkation and cruise to Dolo and illustration during navigation of the various Villas seen from the river. Passing through the Dolo Lock and descent to the new water level. Sailing towards Mira, among villas, villages and swing bridges with illustration of the various Venetian Villas seen from the river. Passing through the Mira Lock and descent to the new water level. Stop in Villa Widmann or Villa Barchessa Valmarana for a guided tour of the interior. Later on move to Oriago. Read more

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Vicenza & Villa La Rotonda

After Breakfast departure to Vicenza. The wonderful Piazza dei Signori is dominated by the superb Loggia del Capitanio, and by the impressive Basilica Palladiana, where the architect Andrea Palladio, unknown at that time, realized the double order of arches and loggias. Visit the most important monuments like Villa La Rotonda, a Renaissance villa outside Vicenza designed by Andrea Palladio. The proper name is Villa Almerico Capra Valmarana, but it is also known as La Rotonda, The name "Capra" derives from the Capra brothers, who completed the building after it was ceded to them in 1592. Along with other works by Palladio, the building is conserved as part of the World Heritage Site "City of Vicenza and the Palladian Villas of the Veneto". Read more

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A UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2000, Verona is a wonderful exemplar of urban, artistic and architectonic integration of the historical epochs from the last 2000 years. Piazza Erbe is the best example: architecture from the Roman, Medieval and Renaissance periods harmoniously conjoined with the period of the Della Scala Family and 19th-Century palazzi. Not far away, Piazza dei Signori, Verona’s drawing room, is another example of perfect historical stratification, adorned by the monument dedicated to Dante Alighieri, the Scaliger Arches, superb tombs built for the lords of Verona, the Arena and Juliet’s House. Read more

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Arrivederci Bella Italia! Departure to VERONA AIRPORT. in time to deliver your car at the car rental office. Flight back home! See you next Trip! Arrivederci...!

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1 Reviews

Giancarlo, Italy

We went on an ‘organised tour’ of Montelbano’s Sicily. This programme about the ‘Sicilian detective’ has been very popular on English TV and caught a lot of peoples’ imaginations. Anyway, having been to Sicily a few times before but not to this area of this beautiful island, this was something we wanted to experience. Our tour guide Giancarlo was superb, using his amazing knowledge of the history of the island to ‘bring it alive’. Also he had a great sense of humour so this tour was not boring at all! . We thoroughly enjoyed this tour due to his efforts to keep us all happy, which I am sure was not easy. We were also impressed because the tour numbers are not too big, which is also important. Anyway, it was ‘Tutti Fruiti’ and lots of fun Read more


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