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Northern Argentina - Chile - Bolivia: 15 days




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  • 15 Days

Federico Norte

Norte Trekking

Founded in 1996, and based in Salta. We design unique and on demand trips!

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Northern Argentina - Chile - Bolivia: 15 days




/ person
  • 15 Days

Northern Argentina - Chile - Bolivia: 15 days

Experience to discover the Andean region of Northern Argentina, Chile an Bolivia, focusing in a local culture, food & wine experience (first part of the program) visiting remote areas and ancient villages in a many natural reserve areas and wilderness landscapes such as huge salt plains, arid high deserts and big contrasts of colours on the mountains.

Welcome back to Argentina

Arrival in Salta - transfer In to the Hotel in Salta city - meet with the guide/driver who will be with you on the first part of your trip (Argentina side). Night

1 Salta city
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Calchaquies Valleys

Morning time: half day to visit Salta city and surroundings, historic down town and country side, we will have a lunch regional food in a local restaurant and...then we start our trip to the mountains in our vehicle crossing by the National Park Los Cardones, once we get Cachi city (ancient village from XVIII century) we will check in into the hotel very close to the main square. Read more

1 Cachi village
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Wine experience

From Cachi village after visit the historic downtown, heading to the south part of the valley we will several ancient village on the way like Seclantas and Molinos, then we will go to Estancia Colome where we can visit the famous museum of modern art James Turrell, the winery and have a wine tasting and lunch. Then, we return to Molinos village to spend the night. Read more

1 Molinos
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Cafayate: and of wine and regional food

Leaving Molinos in the morning, we back to the gravel road visiting on the way Quebrada de Las Flechas (white rock formations) and the we will arrive in Cafayate where we can have a lunch and visit a couple of wineries on the evening time.

1 Cafayate Munay
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From the valleys in Salta to the gorge

The first 50 kms of trip will be an incredible scenic road know like Quebrada del Rio Las Conchas with plenty of rock formations mainly with red soil, then we will get into the valley where is Salta but we will passing by heading to Jujuy province in the north, taking the famous Quebrada de Humahuaca (World Heritage by UNESCO), visiting Purmamarca villare (famous by the 7 colour hill) and finally Tilcara city where we will spend the night. Read more

1 Tilcara
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14 colours in one hill?

In Tilcara we will visit an indian ruins (Pucará) of the primitive culture who live in this region before the Spanish colonization, then we will go up to the north to visit Humahuaca city where we can have a lunch of regional food in a local restaurant, after this, we will drive up de mountains to 4.200 mts. to visit the wonder of "El Hornocal" and the 14 colours in the mountains like you will see on the pictures. Awsome place...where we will stay one hour and we will return back to Humahuaca to continue our road to a beautiful road heading to Iruya village where we will spend the night. Read more

1 Iruya
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Welcome to Bolivia

Leaving Iruya back 54 kms. to the main road to get the northern city of Argentina: La Quiaca...the border with Bolivia where when you cross, we will change the crew: local guide and local transportation will be waiting for you. After assist you on the migration procedure, we will cross the international bridge walking to meet the private Bolivian transport who will bring you to the nearest village named Tupiza in just 1 hour of driving. Once you get Tupiza, you will check in into the hotel. Read more

1 Tupiza
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Into the Altiplano

Leaving Tupiza in the early morning, we will visit Puerta del diablo, Valle de los Machos, Cañon del Inca and Toroyoj. After Lunch, at 1pm we will travel directly to the final destination: Uyuni city and Colchani, in Uyuni Salt Flat: on the way we will passing by small villages like Atocha, near by a silver mine, then after few hours, one we will be in a high plateau at 3.500 mts. above sea level "the altiplano" we will get Uyuni village and then we will go to the salt flat to spend the night in one of the salt hotels....will be an exotic experience for sure. Lunch & Dinner included Read more

1 Uyuni
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On the biggest salt plain of the world

This will be a full day to visit the biggest salt flat in the world: Uyuni or the local name: Gran Salar de Tunupa We will viist the area of the salt flat where are the workers (salt miners) cutting salt bricks to collect salt, then some water springs names "eyes" and at midday we will go to Isla Incahuasi to have a lunch and walk. Then we can visit some villages on the oposite side of the salt flat and return to the hotel at the sunset time. Lunch & Dinner included Read more

1 Uyuni
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High lakes & flamingos of the Andes

We will depart from hotel at 8:30am and travel to Uyuni to visit the train cemetery, after that, we will travel for 2 hours approximately to arrive to San Cristobal. Then we will continue traveling to visit Italia Perdida, Anaconda, Laguna Negra and finally we will arrive to Villamar. Lunch & Dinner included Read more

1 Villamar
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Welcome to Chile

The last day in Bolivia will be ecxiting! After leaving the hotel of the last night, we will se the "Laguna Colorada"...a really red lake full of flamingos where we can take amazing pictures in the morning time. Then on the way to the border, we will visit a place named "Sol del Mañana" where are some geysers. Around midday, we will arrive toHot springs, where you can swim for a while. After lunch, we will go to Dali Desert and Laguna Verde. At 3pm, we will take a private transfer from border to San Pedro de Atamaca where we will spend the night. Only Lunch included.- Read more

1 San Pedro de Atacama
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Where the land is boiling and smoking

Early in the morning...05:30 AM , we will start the excursion to the "Geysers del Tatio", after one hour ana a half of driving, when we will arrive to the geothermic field at the sunrise time, we will have the breakfast and we will wait the geysers rise the columms of water steam up to the sky at the meantime when the sun is rising. Then, we will return to San Pedro de Atacama stoping on a small village on the way down named Machuca. In San Pedro you will have some free time until 4:00 PM we will go to visit the Moon Valley and Valle de la Muerte to see the sunset. Back to the hotel at the end.- Read more

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Welcome back to Argentina

8:00 AM we will start our trip back to Argentina over the Sico pass in a beautiful and scenic road. First we will cross 2 small village like Toconao and Socaire, and then, we will go to visit 2 lakes close to the road: Miscanti and Meñiques, then we continue in our vehicle and we will stop in a nice place named Salar de Aguas Calientes where we will have a pic nic. After we continue to the Argentinien border where we will meet again with a migration and custom agents to go into Argentina and continue to the village San Antonio de Los Cobres to spend the night in a hotel. Read more

San Antonio de Los Cobres 1
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The last day over the Andes

After the breakfast in the hotel, we start our trip descending from the mountains to the valley where is Salta city. A beautiful road near by the railroad used by the famous Train to the Clouds. On the way we will stop in a place where is a Primary and Secondary School for a children who live in the mountain area and where there is an very interesting handcraft market. We will arrive in Salta city around the midday and then you will have the rest of the day fee. Read more

1 Salta City
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This is "The end"

Transfer out Hotel to Salta Airport to take your flight to Buenos Aires (or domestic destinations) or any international flight (Panama/Lima).-


Day in trip
Day 1
Location Salta, Argentina
Day 2
Location Cachi village, Salta, Argentina
Day 3
Location Molinos, Salta, Argentina
Day 4
Location Cafayate, Salta, Argentina
Day 5
Location Tilcara, Jujuy, Argentina
Day 6
Location Iruya, Salta, Argentina
Hotel Hotel iruya
Day 7
Location Tupiza, Bolivia
Day 8
Location Uyuni, Bolivia
Day 10
Location Villamar, Bolivia
Day 11
Location San Pedro de Atacama, Chile
Day 13
Location San Antonio de Los Cobres, Salta, Argentina
Day 14
Location Salta, Argentina


Package includes

  • Transfer from/to the airport
  • Transport during the tour
  • Accommodation with breakfast
  • Lunch and Dinners in some days of Bolivia side
  • Local guides Spanish/English spoken
  • Tax

Package excludes

  • Airfare
  • Personal expenses
  • Entrances to Natural Reserves and Museums
  • Visa, consular fees or any other formalities.
  • Tips
  • Foods and Beverages in Argentina and Chile
  • Additional journeys and transfers

More information

  • This program need availability confirmation of all services involved before confirm your booking


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