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Tenzin Phuntsok

Tibet Shambhala Adventure

Tibet Shambhala Adventure is a fully registered and internationally licensed adventure travel company

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Yamdrok lake homestay tour is a very unique and localized Tibetan homestay tour. Tibetan homestay tour explores Lhasa (literally the 'place of the Gods') Lhasa is the center of the culture, religion, politics and administration of Tibet. The Tibetan homestay tour discovers the highlights of the cultural site of Lhasa city.

Arrival in Lhasa

Arriving in Lhasa, the ancient holy city of Tibet and Our Tibet travel guide and driver will be welcomed you at the railway station and transfer to the hotel. Rest in the afternoon

Tibet Heritage

Sightseeing tour in Lhasa, Potala Palace

After breakfast, travel to Potala Palace which will take you 10 minutes from your hotel. THE POTALA PALACE is considered one of the great wonders of the world. It is held sacred by Tibetans as the former residence of successive Dalai Lamas, and is one of Tibet's most holy pilgrimage sites. A palace was originally built in the 7 th century by King Songtsen Gampo, and was believed to have been nine stories high, but around the 9th century, it is believed to have been destroyed by a big fire. The present Potala Palace was constructed by the great fifth Dalai Lama in the 17 th century after he became ruler of Tibet. The Potala Palace is divided into two sections, the White Palace (completed in 1653) and Red palace (completed 1694). It has more than one thousand rooms and is thirteen stories high. The White Palace was secular in nature and mainly used for government administration, whilst the Red palace was mainly used for religious functions and still has numerous chapels, including those containing reliquary stupas of the successive Dalai Lamas which are richly decorated in gold, silver and semi-precious stones. Afternoon, visit Jokang temple and Bharkor. JOKANG TEMPLE the Jokang is Tibet’s most sacred temple, the main point of pilgrims from the entire Tibetan plateau. Located at the heart of the ancient town of Lhasa, it was built in the 7 th century by the Tibetan King Songtsen Gampo’s queen Bhrikuti on a site identified by Queen Wencheng according to her geomantic calculation. The temple is 3 stories high and it is constructed with enormous chapels including the most sacred statue of Budhha Shakyamuni, enshrined. It has around 70 monks nowadays. ANCIENT BHARKOR STREET is the most sacred pilgrimage site in Lhasa and it is full of pilgrims from down till dusk. There are four huge prayer flags situated in Bhakor street which surrounds the Jokang, known respectively as Gadhen Dharchen in the northeast, Juyak Dharchen in the west, Kelsang Dharchen in the southwest and SharKyaring Dharchen in the southeast. The Bharkor street is the most active market in all Tibet and it is possible to purchase traditional Tibetan artifacts, religious implements, antiques, modern goods, books, music, clothing, spices, fresh meat and vegetable. Read more

Tibet Heritage
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Drepung and Sera monasteries

After breakfast, drive to Drepung monastery which will take you 15 minutes drive from your hotel. DREPUNG MONASTERY is the largest monastery in Tibet, built in the 15 th century by Jamyang Choeje who is one of Tsongkapa’s foremost disciple. The monastery is beautifully located up in a hill at the distance of 7 Km from the old section of the city and it is the biggest monastery in Tibetan Buddhism. The monastery has four main colleges with numerous small chapels and house chapels, known as Khangtsen in Tibetan. There are around six hundred monks nowadays. Afternoon, visit Sera and Norbu Lingka. SERA MONASTERY was founded in around 15th century by Jamchen Choeje who is another famous disciple of Tsongka pa and it is the second largest monastery of Tibet. There are three big colleges with numerous chapels and house chapels. The most attraction to visit this monastery is to see the monks debating which hold from 3-5Pm everyday apart from Sunday. NORBU LINGKA is the first summer Palace which was founded by the seventh Dalai Lama in 18th century and the first Palace Kelsang Podrang was also constructed as the same name as the 7th Dalai Lama, Kelsang Gyatso. The eight Dalai Lama Jampel Gyatso (1758-1804) did more initiated work on the Norbulingka, expending the gardens and digging a lake which can be found south of the new summer Palace. The thirteenth Dalai Lama (1876-1933) was responsible for the three Palaces in the north west corner of the park and the fourteen the Dalai Lama built the new summer Palace in 1956. Nowadays there are some monks who are taking care of the Palace. Read more

Tibet Heritage
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Excursion to Ganden monastery and then d

You will start your tour at around 9 Am and drive along the Lhasa river dominated by beautiful Tibetan villages and flocks of yaks grazing on side mountain of Ganden monastery. We will visit the monastery then drive back to Lhasa and continue to Samye monastery.

Monastery Guest House
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Visit Samye monastery and then drive to

Morning, visit Samye monastery which is the first monastery of Tibet built around 8th century by Padmasavawa and Shatarakshita. It was also the first monastery where they have received first Tibetan monks. It is the mother monastery of red hat school and nowadays, it has around four hundred monks. After visiting the monastery, you will hike up to Hepori hermitage hill which is the first cave where Pamasamvawa used to take meditation. You will hike to the top hill for around one hour and half and back down for around 40 minutes. You will have the most beautiful view of the whole Samye valley. After having lunch, you will drive along the Yarlung Tsangpo river and reaching Chedishol, the road condition is very good, from Chedishol, turn left and drive on a dusty road for 25 Km but the scenery is more fascinating. Stay in a Tibetan family , visit a Tibetan family and have dinner in a Tibetan family and experience how the traditional family of a farmer village in Tibet and the way of their living. Read more

Tibetan Homestay
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Langthang Dewachen-Gongkar Choede-Kyarol

After breakfast, one and half hour walk to Bumthang monastery and around the villages. hike up to Bumthang monastery, visit the monastery and walk down to Shizhol village. we will drive back to Gongkar county where the airport is, have lunch in Gongkar and then continue towards south west from the airport. Reach Gongkar Choede monastery. We will visit the Choede monastery. Gonggar Choede monastery, which was built in 1464, belongs to the Zung branch (meaning grey earth ) of the Sakyapa school of Tibetan Buddhism. The principal founder of the Dzongpa Tradition was Dorje Chang Kunga Namgyal (1432–1496). The main monastery of the Dzongpa is Gongkar Chode just south-west of Lhasa on the south side of the Tsangpo River at the distance of 55Km from Lhasa. In the 16th century, the monastery was beautified with wall paintings of the Khyenri school of Tibetan paintings done by the well-known artist of the times, Jamyang Khyentse Wangchuk The history of the monastery is traced to the first visit of Jowo-je Palden Atisha (980–1054 CE), Buddhist teacher from the Pala Empire. During his first visit, Atisha had stopped close to the location of the monastery, prostrated in the direction of the monastery and prophesised that one day a monastery would be built at this location, which would become famous. He had marked the location with a mound of white pebbles in the form of a Mandala (this mound got destroyed during the Cultural Revolution). The Dzong was under the stewardship of Dorje-denpa Kun-ga Namgyal also known as Dorje Chang Kunga Namgyal (1432–1496), who was a well-known Guru who had received training in the Sutra, Tantra and Tantric rituals from masters of all traditions. He was the holder of the Dzongpa tradition of the Sakyapa school of Tibetan Bhuddism. When he was sitting on the roof of his house in the Gongkar Dzong, while reciting the religious scripture, the Vajradhatu, a leaf of the scripture was flown away by wind and it fell at a location where the present Gongkar Choede Monastery is located. It is mentioned that between Gongkar and Tsetang there are seven gompas of the Sakyapa sect, including the Gongkar Dorjeden, known as Gongar Choede, the pillar of Sakyapa power, to the south of the Tsongpo valley. Gonggar Choede monastery is three storey’s high and the assembly hall is dedicated to the old paintings and three big statues of Sakya Pendita, Shakyamuni and Guru Rinpoche. The monastery survived many beautiful old wall painting date back to the 16th Century. It is worthwhile to spend some time with torch to explore the wall painting both in the main assembly hall and on the second floors. The Gongkar Choede monastery also became famous because it was here that the artistic Central Tibetan painting of Kyenri originated. After visiting the monastery, we will continue our journey to Yamdrok lake through some beautiful villages and Kyarola pass, 4900Mts on the top of the pass. From the top of the pass, you can have a beautiful view of another arm of Yamdrok lake which usually rarely are seen by other tourists and a beautiful village called Drilung located near by the lake. If the weather is good, you can also have a fantastic view of Noejing kangsang snow capped mountain in the distance. you will continue your journey and drive across the Chogong la pass,4800Mts above sea level. From the top of the pass, you will again see another arm of Yamdrok lake and the beautiful Tongra village. We will drive to the foot of Rido monastery which is located on a small sacred hill where it is believed to be the abode of Tara. A few years back, the hill where the monastery was a small island but within the last couple of years, the water of Yamdrok lake has been decreased very much so now the island is appeared on the dried area. You will trek up to the monastery, visit the monastery, have a fantastic view of the Yamdrok lake and Noeking kangsang in the distance. Walk down to the parking site and then continue the journey to Kangru monastery via Kangmar and Kangru village. You will visit the monastery and have some tea in the monastery and talk with the monks to share their monastic experience and lives. Read more

Monastery Guest House

Drive from Kangru monastery to Rimpo gra

After breakfast, drive down to Rimpo, trek two hours across Gyole la and along the Yamdrok lake shore, meet the vehicle and drive through Yamdrok Karmaling grassland and finally reach Kha village during your lunch time. Have lunch in the family and then walk around the village for around one hour. Early afternoon, you will have a simple Tibetan cooking class for the afternoon, join the family to prepare the dinner and learn how to make Tibetan Momo ( a traditional dumpling ). You will have dinner with the family members. Read more

Tibetan Homestay
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Drive from Kha village to Ralung monaste

After around 100Km drive, you will reach Taklung monastery. On the way, visit Taklung monastery and then continue to Ralung monastery, by crossing Karola pass and it’s glacier. After around ten minutes drive down from the glacier, you will stop for Ralung monastery. From the main road to Ralung monastery, there are around 4Km which is around 2 hours walk. You will trek from the main road to Ralung monastery and visit the monastery in the afternoon. Over night in Ralung monastery. Read more

Monastery Guest House
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Drive from Ralung to Lhasa (3650mts/ 170

After breakfast, start your Tibet journey back to Lhasa along the same route for 15Km distance until you reach Nakartse county and then take a new road back to Lhasa, driving along the eastern arm of Yamdrok lake. Crossing Gampala pass, 4794m and enjoy the most beautiful overlooking and panoramic view of Yamdrok lake and Nojing Kangsang snow mountain in a distance. Driving through many zigzags when you drive down the Pass, have a panoramic view of the Yarlung Tsangpo valley and Kyichu valley. Reaching Lhasa in the afternoon and free afternoon for shopping around Bharkor Bazzar. Read more

Tibet Heritage
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Drive from Lhasa to Lhasa Gongkar airport

End of the trip



Day in trip
Day 1
Location Lhasa
Hotel Tibet Heritage
Day 2
Location Lhasa
Hotel Tibet Heritage
Day 3
Location Lhasa
Hotel Tibet Heritage
Day 4
Location Samye
Hotel Monastery Guest House
Day 5
Location Langthang Dewachan
Hotel Tibetan Homestay
Day 6
Location Kangru
Hotel Monastery Guest House
Day 7
Location Kah village
Hotel Tibetan Homestay
Day 8
Location Ralung Monastery
Hotel Monastery Guest House
Day 9
Location Lhasa
Hotel Tibet Heritage


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4 Reviews

Thomas, United States

Terrific, courtesy, conscientious guides-- the tour of a lifetime-- I can recommend these folks with enthusiasm and without qualification. Two friends and I took a three week tour though Tibet-- from Lhasa, along the southern route west, to a three day trek around Mt Kailash, through the Guge Kingdom, then along the Northern route back to Lhasa (cutting south to reconnect with the southern highway). Throughout our guide and driver were topnotch professional-- well informed and always on the look out for interesting stops. Along the grueling three day pilgrimage around Mt Kailash they made pivotal decisions that made the trek do-able. Our guide was especially knowledgeable about Buddhism-- so the tours through the many extraordinary temple sites were all the more eye-opening. Like I said, the tour of a lifetime. Read more

Matthew, Australia

For my second trip to central Tibet I wanted to explore a different area. I had visited Lhasa before and other popular locations. Thoroughly enjoyed my time in Lhasa seeing the Potala Palace again plus some lesser known sights. The historical sites around Samye and Tsedang and some local villages we visited were the highlight of the trip. Tsering was a great guide and his local knowledge of the Tsedang area was most valuable. Both he and the manager Dawa were flexible and accommodating about my itinerary. The driver Ngawa was also very helpful. I can't wait to go to Tibet again. I would definitely recommend this company. Read more

Zorfa, Canada

Short but memorable trip to Lhasa, Tibet This was our first trip to Lhasa and something we've wanted to do for a long time. I searched the website for agents in Lhasa and was glad to stumble on Tibet Shambhala Adventure. Dawa was very accommodating and communication with him was via What'sApp. There was a lot of planning needed for this trip and, fortunately, Dawa was always available to talk to and sort things out. We were warmly welcomed in Lhasa by our travel guide, Phuntsok, who was very accommodating and did his best to take good care of us. He'd always show up before time and met every request we put forth. He was also very patient with us particularly when visiting all the monasteries located at various elevations. I only wish we had allowed ourselves more days to explore further out of Lhasa. Perhaps, that is for next time then:-)) Read more



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