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Mountain Bike tour in the Macedonian Alps


USD 1,075

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  • 8 Days

Bojan Rantasa - Rante


Bicycle.MK is your bicycle tour partner for Macedonia and the Balkan.

  • Local time:21:01

Mountain Bike tour in the Macedonian Alps

Ride in the clouds on our tour across the Macedonian Alps. We take you on a light to moderate MTB tour discovering mountain views from as high as 1400 m.a.s.l. wherefrom you can touch the sky. Our route takes you through the Shar Mountain, colorful with snow peaks and dark forests; Mavrovo National Park, where shepherds roam the land; experience rural life; ride and swim in the oldest lake in Europe, and a UNESCO site; and more in the Macedonian Alp.

Arrival to Skopje

For the first day upon arrival, we will walk to stretch the legs from your journey, and we will make a tour of Skopje city. We will climb the fortress for a view on the city above, stroll along the narrow streets of the Old Bazaar: a mixture of cultures, and a traditional spirit of crafts and tastes. We will also visit the centre of Skopje that became a highlight in the world’s rumours for its rapid growth and recent facelift. We end the day’s programme with an orientation session on what is prepared for the following week. Read more

Centre of Skopje, 1 night

Sar Mountain

In the morning a van will transfer us to Shar Mountain, as the starting point of our day’s ride. The route for the day is a dirt road cutting through the Shar Mountain at 1400 m.a.s.l., The road is at a constant, almost flat, gradual downward slope, making it a light ride. But also a highlight of the tour since constantly on our left side we will have a view of the fields below, so high above, that we fell as we are riding in the clouds. On occasion, and if we are lucky, wild strawberries will fill our stomach along the road, and slow us down while we pick them fresh from nature. Though it is a flat terrain, you will feel the ride a slight difficulty due to the number of streams and rocky sections that need to be passed. You will only have a short uphill at the beginning. Once down from the mountain, following an asphalt road will take you to a place with plenty of fish restaurants where you can enjoy a meal after the ride. Along this road there are no possibilities to get food while water is available occasionally along the road. It is best advised to bring a whole day supply of water and snacks to keep you going until you arrive to the destination. After the ride the van will take you to the hotel in Mavrovo National Park. Route · Distance: 62 km · Duration: 4 to 5 hours. · Difficulty: moderate · Total ascent: 396 hm · Lowest point: 562 m.a.s.l. · Highest point: 1380 m.a.s.l. · Surface: dirt road 82% and asphalt 18% · Traffic: very low Read more

Mavrovo, 1 night

Mavrovo National Park

We start with the van, overcoming the great uphill at the beginning. Though for those that want to add a fairly steep 8 km asphalt road with 500 m ascent, can readily ride to the beginning of the trail for the day from our hotel. We start from the mountain pass above the “Emperors Fountain”. We leave the asphalt road and follow a mountain twin trail path at a fairly flat terrain. The route goes above Mavrovo Lake offering incredible views, passes a sheep fold and then goes down to the village Leunovo on a wide dirt road. On our way, we stop to greet the local shepherds and taste some cottage cheese. Once down in the village, we take the asphalt road along Mavrovo Lake back to the hotel. We enjoy the view on open water and make a stop to come to the shore. Lastly, we are transported with a van to the village of Vevcani for an authentic rural experience and even greater food. Your accommodation will be authentic village establishments. Route · Distance: 37 km (optional extension to 44 km) · Duration: 3 to 4 hours (optional extension +1h) · Difficulty: moderate (optional increase to difficult) · Total ascent: 580 hm (optional increase to 1006 hm) · Lowest point: 1242 m.a.s.l. · Highest point: 1724 m.a.s.l. · Surface: asphalt 35% and dirt 65% · Traffic: very low Read more

Vevcani village, 1 night
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Ohrid UNESCO site

The day’s ride is short. We start with a downhill through the villages following an asphalt road, in order to get to the field. In the distance we enjoy a view on Ohrid Lake - the oldest lake in Europe. Once down in the field, we continue through the field until we get to the village Trebenishta. From here onward starts the dirt section of the day. We’ll be going slightly uphill, pass a small lake and then through a hilly pass that archaeologist consider to be the ancient Roman Road of Via Egnatia. We follow a dirt road, passing through several villages and we enter the town of Ohrid from its West side. We ride through the town, learning about its long history, strong spiritual significance for the Orthodox Christianity, and the role it had in naming this continent Europe. After this short tour of the town we ride to our hotel for a good rest and some swimming in the lake (if the temperature is favorable). Ohrid is famous for its endemic Ohrid trout and for the fish stew made from its eggs. Route · Distance: 40 km · Duration: 2 to 3 hours · Total ascent: 298 hm · Difficulty: easy · Lowest point: 709 m.a.s.l. · Highest point: 890 m.a.s.l. · Surface: asphalt 75% and dirt 25% · Traffic: low Read more

Ohrid Town, 1 night
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Galicica National Park

The van will take us up over the Galicica Mountain pass at 1600 masl to the mountain fields of Galicica, in the middle of National Park Galicica. We stop at the pass to have a look at the Ohrid Lake below, while on the other side of the mountain is the Lake of Prespa. We start the ride from the mountain plateau and ride on a dirt road between the peaks of the mountain, among the mountain fields. The mountain plateau is full of aromatic herbs that fill the air with pleasant smells, while the ground is red and looks like we ride on Mars. After the fairly flat ride we start a descent on a dirt road to village Petrino. Then, when we get to the field below the mountain we take an asphalt road that will take us to the lake on the other side of the mountain. The overnight will be in a resort by Prespa Lake. Route · Distance: 48 km · Duration: 3 to 4 hours · Difficulty: moderate · Total ascent: 488 hm · Lowest point: 849 m.a.s.l. · Highest point: 1585 m.a.s.l. · Surface: asphalt 34% and dirt 66% · Traffic: low Read more

Prespa, 1 night
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With the van we climb the mountain pass between Prespa and Bitola called Gjavato. From the pass we start our ride to explore the Roman Roads. For those that want an added difficulty, it is possible to ride from our hotel to the mountain pass, instead to take the van. The route takes us first through a downhill following a dirt road to the village Gavato and then to an archaeological site from the Roman period. From there, we start a mountain ride following the 2200 year old Via Egnatia Roman Road on a cobblestone placed by the Romans. At times we ride on forgotten dirt roads that used to be covered in cobblestone. The route visits many villages with options for breaks. It goes up and down constantly but always at an elevated position, high above the field of the town of Bitola offering great open views to our satisfaction. We end the tour by going down on an asphalt road going to Bitola, where we can have food. Route · Distance: 38 km (optional increase to 64 km) · Duration: 3 to 4 hours (optional increase +2h) · Difficulty: moderate (optional increase to difficult) · Total ascent: 543 hm (optional increase to 941 hm) · Lowest point: 603 m.a.s.l. · Highest point: 1172 m.a.s.l. · Surface: asphalt 30%, dirt 70% · Traffic: moderate Read more

Bitola, 1 night
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Matka Canyon

After the long transfer from Bitola, an easy, yet memorable bicycle ride awaits you in Skopje. Your destination for the day is Matka Canyon – a protected nature area with a stunning landscape beauty. The route will take you through the rural outskirts of Skopje and onto a single trail to get to the canyon. At Matka Canyon you can enjoy a boat ride to the cave Vrelo, which if (probably) the deepest underwater cave in the world.. After the ride to Matka, you have free time to walk about Skopje. The guide will be there to give you tips and suggestions if needed. Route · Distance: 43 km · Duration: 3 to 4 hours · Difficulty: easy · Total ascent: 237 hm · Lowest point: 255 m.a.s.l. · Highest point: 321 m.a.s.l. · Surface: asphalt 80%, single trail 20% · Traffic: moderate Read more

Centre of Skopje, 1 night
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Optional activities for late departure are possible. Transfer from Skopje to Skopje Airport.



Day in trip
Day 1
Location Skopje
Day 2
Location Mavrovo
Day 3
Location village Vevcani
Day 4
Location Ohrid
Day 5
Location village Stenje, Prespa
Day 6
Location Bitola
Day 7
Location Skopje


Package includes

  • Transfer from/to Skopje airport
  • Transport of people, luggage and bikes during the tour
  • 7 overnights with accommodation in double occupancy for even group number or triple occupancy when there is an odd group number: 2 nights in 5 star, 2 nights in 4 star, 2 nights in 2 star hotels and 1 night in guesthouses
  • 7 breakfasts
  • 7 lunches
  • 7 dinners
  • 1 Local guide
  • Entrances to national parks
  • Boat ride in Matka Canyon
  • *All hotels are subject to availability. However, if the advertised hotel is not available for your requested dates, then we will offer you an equivalent replacement.

Package excludes

  • Airfare
  • Insurance in case of an accident
  • Personal expenses
  • Visa
  • Tips
  • Beverages
  • Additional journeys and transfers
  • Entrances to cultural sites
  • Rental of a bicycle

More information

  • If you wish to rent a bicycle from us, we have at availability hardtail mountain bikes for a price of 15,59 EUR per day for this tour:
  • Specialized Pitch Expert (male geometry) with: 650B wheels, Suntour XCR 80/100mm front shock, hydraulic disc brakes, 3x9 gears, Shimano Deore derailer, available in sizes from XS to XL
  • or Specialized Jynx Comp (female geometry) with: 650B wheels, Suntour XCR 80/100mm front shock, hydraulic disc brakes, 3x9 gears, Shimano Deore derailer, available in sizes from XS to L

We are bicycle experts with Balkan experience.



Aleksandra Gercakova

Sandra is the economist on a bicycle

Slobodan Trajkovski - Bobi

Bobi is our historian

Dean Ivanovski - Dino

Dino is always up for an adventure

Ivan Cekic

Ivan is a pure cyclist breed

Bicycle.MK is your bicycle tour partner for Macedonia and the Balkan.

If you have any questions or you want to customize your trip we are here for you at any time.

  • Languages:English, Italian, Macedonian, Serbian
  • Local time:21:01


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