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Vacation in Almaty


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Vacation in Almaty

Almaty (Alma - Ata - father of apples ), the largest city in Kazakhstan, is situated in the south - east of the country in the shadow of the trans - Ile alatau mountians. Almaty in the financial, economic, industrial, cultural and scientific center, not only of Kazakhstan, but of the whole of the Central Asia region. It coveres an area more than 68 000 hectares and has a population of over 1.8 million people. Welcome and get some ADVENTURE.

City tour in Almaty

Morning - Arrival in Almaty / Transfer to the Hotel Kazzhol **** check in / Breakfast (buffet) City tour for 4 hours where you will visit - 1. Сentral state museum ( Ethnographic Hall which will show the entire history of the Kazakh nation- traditions, history, culture, national nomads games and many more. 2. Independence Square (there you will know how we got our independence after the disintegration of USSR). 3. Famous oriental market "Green market" there you can see things like - medicinal herbs/ local apples and vegetables/dried frogs and snakes/all types of meat/famous horse sausage and a lot of interesting..... 4. Brand shop of the biggest in Cntral Asia chocolate factory "Rakhat" 25 000 square meters 5. Park 28 guardsmen of Panfilov - this is the history of the Second World War, our heroes and their huge monuments/ one of the tallest wooden churches in the world 111 years old Cathedral of the Holy Ascension. * Lunch time - in the most popular barbecue in the city, of your choice - barbecue of all kinds of meat (from farms)/fresh vegetables salads/ good local beer/delicious pastries * Transfer to SPA resort "Alma Arasan" 1 600 meters above sea level, relaxing time - the cleanest waters of its pools, ozone SPA baths, Finnish and Turkish saunas, solariums and a jacuzzi, water of the Dead Sea, the water of the Mediterranean Sea. 9 saunas/4 swimming pools/1 pool with overlooking the mountains of the Trans-Ili Alatau. - 5 ours *Transfer to the Hotel Kazzhol - free time Read more

Kazzhol Hotel, 6 Nights

Adventures in the Tian Shan mountains

Morning Breakfast (buffet) 1. Museum of the history of the city of Almaty (In the centennial building built by a French architect - Poole Gourde) 2 Transfer to the famous USSR mountain skating rink "MEDEO" (Climb up the 842 sstairs to the panoramic dam - where you will see all the beauties of our mountains- at an altitude of 1800 meters above sea level) 3.Departure to Shymbulak Ski Resort by cable car -Shymbulak Ski Resort located in the picturesque valley of the Ile-Alatau at an altitude of 2510 meters above sea level and considered to be the one of the best ski bases in CIS. The resort is famous for its mild climate, large quantity of sunny days, steady snow and the magnificent surrounding views. The season at Shymbulak runs from November to April, snow provided. The resort maintains a variety of routes, including the gentle and soft slopes for beginners and long runs for advanced skiers, FIS-slopes for downhill skiing, wild valleys, pristine snow and the Half-pipe for snowboarders, extreme bends for the pros, a special track for mogul. Each year the new routes appear at Shymbulak. Ski slopes of Shymbulak are certified by International Ski Federation (FIS). Chimbulak downhill and giant slalom tracks are listed among the top ten toughest trails in the world. * Lunch time - In the restaurant of local cuisine, where will you try oriental food and pies with meat cooked in a special oven. From the restaurant window - will be a beautiful view of the mountain river and Tien Shan fir. * Trip to the City panoramic mountain "Kok Tobe - green peak" - where you will see a beautiful sunset over the evening city/look at the Beatles monument/Ride at the highest sea level in the world "Ferris wheel"/Ride on the iron sledges down the mountain between the apple orchard *On the cable car you will go down to the republic squere side -where our driver will take to the hotel * Free time Read more

Kazzhol Hotel, 6 Nights

Rafting trip on the Ili river/ Buddha pe

Morning Breakfast at the hotel (buffet) We start our trip from Almaty in the morning 09:00 and come back in Almaty at 19.30 (lunch - delicious outdoor picnic) 1.Transfer to rafting start poing - 110 km away from Almaty * 7 km of rafting along the river - During the rafting you will see ( beautiful landscape of the great kazkah stepp/Mystic stories/ local fauna. (The river "Ile" begins with the highest peak of Khan Tengri in China on 7010 meters above sea level - length of the river 4 500km, this is the most popular place for fishing). 2. Place the end of the rafting - Buddhist temple in the open space (there you will see two-meter of Buddha petroglyphs -painted by preachers in the 16th century) 3. picnic outdoors with ( tea / coffee / sandwiches / fruits / fried meat / drinks/ beer on request) 4. About 5 - 6PM transfer to the hotel (2.5 hours on the way) 6.Free time Read more

Kazzhol Hotel, 6 Nights

Big Almaty Lake + falcon show

Morning Breakfast at the hotel (buffet) 10:00 transfer to the Lake - Bit information - he tour starts with driving to the Big Almaty gorge, where at an altitude of 2,510 m above sea level located the Big Almaty lake - one of the most picturesque lakes in Trans-Ili Alatau. The lake is very beautiful, especially when its blue surface is absolutely calm, and it reflects the sky and surrounding mountains. The Big Almaty lake was formed as a result of movement of an ancient glacier. Thanks to high-mountain location the water in the lake is always cool - even in July the water temperature does not exceed 10 degrees. The lake is a source of potable water for Almaty city, that is why the access of tourists to the lake is limited. The tour route lies higher the Big Almaty lake to the altitude of 3300 meters above sea level, where scientific premises for astronomical and space researches have settled down. Here, at the basis of the Big Almaty peak, you can enjoy a fascinating panorama of mountains and the Big Almaty lake, surrounded by the picturesque mountain peaks covered with Tian-Shan fir-tree, aspen and juniper. 01PM - Lunch (panoramic picnic near the lake) On the way back to the town you will visit the Falcon Farm, where you will enjoy a spectacular show with specially trained hawks - hunting with them is one of the most unique features of the Kazakh way of life. * Transfer to the hotel at 6PM - free time Read more

Kazzhol Hotel, 6 Nights

Charyn National Park (Charyn Canyon)

Morning Breakfast at the hotel (buffet) 09:00 trip to the Charyn National Park (day trip) 200km away from Almaty During the trip you will see - our huge wheat/corn fields, old villages, animal farms, uighur market and of course our beautiful steppes *Charyn Canyon is one of the unique natural monuments of Kazakhstan. The canyon is about 12 million years old and surprises with its vertical cliffs, reminding the ancient castles, created by wind, sun and rain. It will take about 3 hours to reach the canyon. Meanwhile, you will hear a lot of interesting about the history and nature of the region, about Kazakh people, their life and traditions as well as have a lunch (picnic) near Charyn river And as soon as you see Charyn Canyon you will forget about this long way at once - so much you will be impressed with the beauty and splendor of the canyon. You can admire the grand panorama and then have a walk through the maze of the Castles Valley with its inaccessible walls overhanging you. Anyone who has ever been to the Charyn Canyon, falls in love with it forever! Read more

Kazzhol Hotel, 6 Nights

The State Archaeological Reserve-Museum

Morning Breakfast at the hotel (buffet) 09:00 trip to theThe State Archaeological Reserve-Museum of Tamgaly (day trip) 165km away from Almaty Tour route provides you a great opportunity to not only enjoy the beautiful natural landscapes of Almaty region, but also see the one of the unique monuments of the past – Tamgaly petroglyphs - one of the oldest and most striking monuments of rock art of Zhetisu, which is protected by UNESCO since 2004. 01PM - Picnic inside the Tamgaly canyon near petroglyphs Tamgaly Gorge located 170 km north-west of Almaty city. This is virtually an ancient art gallery, where are depicted individual animals and people as well as the whole scenes from the life of ancient people. The total number of drawings in the main gorge - about 2,000. There are images of solar deities, clowns, soldiers, married couples, pregnant women, multi-figure compositions, scenes of hunting and sacrifice. Most of the petroglyphs date back to the Bronze Age and are made in "animal" style of Sakas. For centuries, the rocks of this canyon and narrow valley of Tamgaly retained value of the sanctuary - the place where ritual ceremonies were hold, magic rituals were performed, and worship of the gods and the spirits of ancestors took place. 05PM transfer to the hotel 07PM fre time Read more

Kazzhol Hotel, 6 Nights

Kazakh folk craft (ETHNO tour)

Morning Breakfast at the hotel (buffet) 4 hours, fully immerse yourself into the history and life of kazakh nomads, and try yourself in the role of a professional master / needlewoman of the Kazakh folk craft. You will get a real pleasure from the ethno-tour, which will tell and show the history of our ancestors and will surprise with its uniqueness. An amazing tour program includes the following: 1. We will visit the new «Multimedia center of traditional music» with a hologram and a hall with large screens –where you will enjoy the most exclusive video footage and photos, which shows real life of our Kazakh nation. 2. You will pass a professional master class of traditional craft of Kazakh nomads, workshops are presented by your choice: * Jewel craft * Pottery workshop/ ceramic products * Numdah - by the old technique * Leather (making jewelry with) Each handmade which you made you can take with you as a unique souvenir  3. Visit the stylized yurt (dwelling of nomads – wool house) 4. You can try masterclass – «how to build a yurt» (extra pay – fixed price for a group till 20 people) This tour program is probably one and the most culturally educational, which will be interesting to you at any age. * Lunch at the hotel (especially for you our chief cook delicious traditional Kazakh course) - Besparmak (Kazakh noodles) - Baursak (kazakh donuts) - Salads - Camel milk (Shubat) - Horse milk (Kymyz) - Zhenit (kazakh sweets) on special request - we can show how to cook and will teach you * after lunch - free time for shopping (we guarantee good recommendations) * Late check-out * transfer to the airpor Read more


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  • Important information about the exchange rate - dollar in Kazakhstan is not stable. Now the prices for tours was calculated by dollar rate 330.7KZT
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  • The Kazzhol hotel in Alamty is the modern and conveniently located hotel, with good capacity and wide range of services. Having the rooms of different categories, we create the excellent conditions for both short-term and long-term accommodation with children.
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