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Epikad Tour


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Bora Dani

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Epikad Tour

This tour is named after Epikad, the brother of the Illyrian King Gent. Highlights: round-trip by bicycle of the Ohrid lake, crossing the Albania/Macedonia border twice; a hike through fir forests to reach the Stone of Goat, a natural monument; a walk through the Langarica canyon, one of the two grandest of the country; visits to the cities of Kruja, Pogradec, Korça, Përmet, Gjirokastra, Tirana and Durrës. The optimal number of participants is 10-15.

Arrival and visit Kruje

Arriving in Kruja, a visit to the castle, the museum, the old bazaar, the ethnographic museum before lunch or dinner, depending on arrival time. 18:00: Once in Tirana, a stroll around the city center and a memorable evening of beer-garden fun. The accommodations are welcoming.

Tirane, 1 night
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Touring Ohrid lake in bike

8:00: A delicious breakfast before heading out for Pogradec. 11:30; Arrival in Pogradec and preparations for the tour around the Ohrid lake. The route is 87 km and includes two segments with approximately 3 km of 10% ascent. 12:30: Lunch in picturesque Drilon and pit-stops in St. Naum, Trpejca and Pestani, before reaching Ohrid. Dining and resting in Ohrid, Struga or Lin, depending on the priorities of the participants. Read more

Ohrid, 1 night
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Tremination of bike Tour

8:00:Breakfast well and continue the bicycle tour. 14:00: Arriving in Korca, a visit to the center, the museum, and the lovely cultural enclaves Dinner in a traditional restaurant and peaceful sleep in comfortable accommodations.

Korce, 1 night
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Visiting Voskopoje

8:30: Next stop, Voskopoja where one can peruse the old churches and learn about the history of the once important center through a local guide. After lunch, a hike (about 3 hours) in the direction of Gjenomadh or Voskopo before returning to the village for good eating and snug sleeping.

Voskopoje, 1 night
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Reaching Guri i Cjapit

8:30: Guri i Cjapit (the Stone of Goat) is the day’s objective and requires approximately four hours of hiking through fir forests, so splurge on the tasty local yogurt for breakfast. 14:00:After lunch, a visit to the artificial lake of Gjanç offers the opportunity for a refreshing swim or an invigorating coffee – both in an idyllic setting. 16:00: Up and onwards to a delightful dinner and sound sleep in Përmet. Read more

Permet, 1 night
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Trekking through Langarica Canyon

8:00: The day’s hike to the Langarica Canyon is relieved by a stop to savor the thermal springs. Lunch in Permet precedes a visit to the historical ruins of the landlords of Kelcyra. 18:00: It’s a short journey to the internationally acknowledged city of Gjirokastra where the delectable dinner will be enhanced by a performance of Argjiro, the much admired local folk-music ensemble , and followed by a most satisfying sleep. Read more

Gjirokaster, 1 night
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Visiting Gjirokaster and Apollonia

8:00: Have breakfast early and fast to leave time for fascinating visits to the castle, the museum and the historical center.In Labova, a visit to the 4th century church is lovely; down the road, Apollonia is lovelier still and offers a hearty local lunch. 15:00: The Monastery of Ardenice is an unforgettable must. 17:00: Once in Durres, a visit to the amphitheater, the archeological museum, and the very cosmopolitan city center will enliven your conversation over dinner at any one of the Pista restaurants. Sweet dreams! Read more

Durres, 1 night
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8:00: Savor the last treats and soak up the sun-rays before departure from Mother Teresa Airport.



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Location Qerret


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  • Accommodation
  • Local guides
  • Information services
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  • Tips
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  • Additional journeys and transfers

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  • WiFi hotspot in car, Albanian cellphone number, all breakfasts and dinners included.


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