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Skerdilaidi Tour- Intensive mixture of experiences


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Bora Dani

Wander Albania

Wandering with us can be a lifetime memory.

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Skerdilaidi Tour- Intensive mixture of experiences

Highlights: a bicycle round-trip of the Ohrid lake, crossing the Albania/Macedonia border twice; a hike through a fir forest to reach the Stone of Goat, a monument of Nature; a walk through the Langarica Canyon, one of the two grandest of the country; a visit to the cities of Kruja, Pogradec, Korça, Përmet, Tirana and Durrës. Optimal number of participants is 10-15: upon request, we offer tours for one person, a couple or a family.

Arrival and visit Kruje

First stop, Kruja: Visit the castle, the museum, the old bazaar, and the ethnographic museum. Lunch or dinner depending upon arrival time. 18:00 Into Tirana to enjoy the city center, a memorable dinner and a taste of the local beer. A comfortable night in Tirana.

Hotel in Tirane, 1 night
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Tourig Ohrid Lake in bike

8:00: Refreshing breakfast and a road-trip to Pogradec. 11:30: Arrival in Pogradec and preparations for the tour around the Ohrid lake. The route is 87 km. and includes two segments of approximately 3 km. of 10% ascent. 12:30: Pause in picturesque Drilon for lunch. Pit-stops in St. Naum, Trpejca and Pestani before reaching Ohrid. Dinner and sweet sleep in Ohrid, Struga or Lin, depending on the priorities of participants. Read more

Ohrid, 1 night
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Termination of bike tour

8:00:Breakfast well and continue the bicycle tour. 14:00: Arriving in Korca, a visit to the center, the museum, and the lovely cultural enclaves Dinner in a traditional restaurant and peaceful sleep in comfortable accommodations.

Korce,1 night
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Visiting Voskopoje

8:30 Next stop: Voskopoja. Visit the old churches and learn about the history of the once important center through a local guide. Lunch precedes hiking in the direction of Gjenomadh or Voskop, (a trek of about three hours). Return to the village for dinner and a merited rest.

Voskopoje,1 night
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Reaching Goat Stone

8:30: Enjoy a hearty breakfast in preparation for a hike (approximately 4 hours) to the natural heritage of Goat Stone. Walk through fir forests for lunch at the Stone. 14:00: Visit the artificial lake of Gjanç, and, weather permitting, dive in for a refreshing swim! 16:00: On to Përmet to dine and rest in the local best. Read more

Permet,1 night
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Trekking through Langarica Canyon

8:00: Eat up and start hiking towards the Langarica Canyon, stopping for a memorable moment in the thermal springs before a traditional lunch in Permet. 15:00: In Durres for the night, the choices are many among the various Pista restaurants.

Durres, 1 night
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Visiting Durres and Tirane

8:00: Breakfast on the beach before visiting the Amphitheater, the famed Archeological Museum and the city’s very cosmopolitan center. The lunch-feasts in Durres make choices challenging! 15:00: Once in Tirana, marvel in the splendid design of the 17th-century Mosque of Et'hem Bey and the expertly maintained National Museum. The city’s center offers a multitude of traditional restaurants and festive beer-gardens: sleep sweet and comfy in one of the city’s most welcoming hotels. Read more

Tirane, 1 night
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8:00: A relaxed over-view of a holiday to cherish as you move toward departure from the Mother Teresa Airport.


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  • WiFi hotspot in car, Albanian cellphone number, all breakfasts and dinners included.


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