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History and Haciendas


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William Wadoux

Terra Andina Ecuador

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History and Haciendas

• Visit of the most beautiful colonial cities of Latin America, classified as cultural heritage of Unesco: Quito and Cuenca. • Stay in the most charming haciendas of Ecuador where you will enjoy an atmosphere mixing romanticism and authenticity. • Discover the "alley of volcanoes" and its Andean landscapes rich in history and interbreeding. • Visit the traditional markets rich in color, a moment of privileged encounters with the indigenous people.

Quito Airport - Quito Historic Center

Reception at the airport by a English speaking guide. Private transfer with spanish-speaking driver from Quito airport (to your hotel) and free time for the rest of the day.

Quito, 1 night

Quito - Quito Historic Center

Let’s go to the historical center for going back the past of Quito. Discover the history of the first "chichera" (special drink made with corn) of La Ronda, with her, let’s find the hidden pre-Columbian treasures. Your guide, Caridad Navarro, almost coming from a book of History, with her period clothes and sayings, will invit you to discover her History with the visit or the pre-Columbian museum Casa del Alabado, but also emblematic sites like the Plaza Grande, Plaza de San Francisco and the street of the 7 crosses. Old stones, forgotten traditions and traditional savors will be at the menu of this unic and exlcusive visit of Quito. Quito, Ecuador's capital, is a real treasure between the volcanoes of Pichincha, Cayambe and Antisana. At an elevation of 2830 meters, it is the second highest capital in the world.. It was the first city classified by the UNESCO in 1978 and its historic centre is the biggest and best maintained in Latino America. To get a good idea of the city, we will firstly go to the Panecillo, a small hill over the city with a statue of the Quito'Virgen at the top, for a superb view. You will then have a complete visit of Quito's colonial centre: the cathedral, the church of the Compañia de Jesus, the church of San Francisco and its garden and as many baroque art pieces. Exclusive experience at Los Milagros restaurant. In the inner Quito colonial down town, in a popular area, you will discover this lovely XVI century well conserved "Lord of the Miracles" Chapel. Then you will enjoy a typical Ecuadorian Diner Show (gourmet diner with traditional dance show) which includes special features to delight audiences of any kind, specially designed to promote Ecuady roots and traditions. With the inspiring architecture of the XVII century on the background, the charming gardens this is a magical place to relax and feel Loma Grande district' s typical ambiance. A private gem in Quito! Discover the "Man Chapel" from the Ecuadorian artist Oswaldo Guayasamín. This painting of the chapel was designed and partly realised by Guayasamín to honnor Mankind. Several of his art pieces are exhibited there. Read more

Quito, 1 night

Quito - Cayambe - Ibarra

You will go to Cayambe, famous for its snow-capped volcano. Visit of the Cochasqui pyramids, classified as World Heritage and considered as the most important archeological site North of the Equatorial Andes. The site is composed of 15 pyramids and 20 funeral mounds built by the Quitus Cara Indians in the IXth century. There are different interpretations concerning the function of the pyramids: ceremony places, houses for important people or even astronomical observatories. The site still keeps many mysteries... which we will try to learn more about. You will stop at the latitude 0º, where a circular platform of 54 meters of diameter materializes a huge sundial and the equator line. The phenomena observed in the place will be explained to you, as well as how the local peoples used to integrate them in their dayly activities. An opporetunity to reconnect with what is an agriculture agenda, and what it means, between the sky and nature. Ibarra is awaiting for you at a short distance from Cayambe. Let's go... still a little piece of road in these magnificent Andes. You will spend the night at Hacienda Piman. This a an historical place, as a matter of fact, one of the oldest colonial properties of the country, but destroyed during an erathquake in the XIX century. Refurbished, it offers today a perfect frame to have a quiet rest in the north of the country. You will have your room, or inside the old building, or in the recent construction, according availability. Read more

Ibarra, 1 night

Ibarra - Otavalo - Cotacachi

You will get to San Clemente autochtonous communiy, down the Imbabura volcano You will spend time with a member of the community who will guide you to discover their lifestyle, their culture and traditions. During a hike in the community, you will learn about San Clemente, its population, its craftmen, field workers, the medicinal plants they largely use, the guinea pigs husbandry, and many other things. In a family, you will share a lunch made of excellent quality products, organic because produced in a traditionnal way without chemical intrants. We will go down to Otavalo. You will spend the night at Hacienda Pinsaqui. This historical sport has been built in 1790 so as to be a textile workshop, employing at that time 1000 persons. This place is an invitation to share its magical and romantic atmosphere. Across the centuries, Pinsaqui received many famous peoples, among them the General Simon Bolivar, Ecuador's libertador, who stayed there for its trips to Colombia. In those times, the peace treaty between Colombia and Ecuador has been signed and is known as the "Pinsaqui treaty". The actual hacienda keeps the genuine character of this period, as well as the antique furniture. It remains a perfect stage for antiques lovers. Read more

Cotacachi, 1 night

Cuicocha Lake - Otavalo - Zuleta

Visit of the Cuicocha lake in the ecologic reserve of "Cotacahi - Cayapas" , one of the most beautiful in Ecuador with a shiny blue water. At the centre of a former crater at 3064 meters, the nature lovers will enjoy a very various vegetation (orchids, "elephants ears"...) with more than 400 species identified there. Visit in the morning the famous Otavalo's Indian market, the most important in the Ecuador's Andes, where you can meet the Otavaleños Indians with their espadrilles, their brown felt hat and blue ponchos. They are the wealthiest indians in Ecuador and excellent sellers. The main market is on Saturdays with the cattle market just outside town, but others markets are hold on the Los Ponchos square every days. You will visit Hacienda Cusin, close to San Pablo lake, in Otavalo's region. This place keeps the atmosphere and the authenticity of those old times, with a warm and familiar welcoming. Night in the Hacienda Zuleta. It is the summary of the story of the Caranquis. In the modern era (owned by an ecuadorian president), passage through the Inca occupation at the end of 15th century and later the Jesuits. This property of 2112 hectares is an ecological and culinary destination. You can visit the cheese factory internationally renowned, the gardens or the bio products. Read more

Zuleta, 1 night

Otavalo - Cayambe - Aloag

You will go to Cayambe from Otavalo, observing the beautiful landscape of the mountains. You will stop for about 2 hours in a plantation of roses. Ecuador is one of the first countries that export roses in all the world, and actually the roses of Ecuador are considered to be the most beautiful of the world. They are produced at 2500 meter of altitude, that's what makes them to have such strong and intense colors. The minerals that come from the Cotopaxi and Cayambe volcanoes make the rosebuds to grow enormously. You will take the volcanoes Avenue to get to he hacienda La Alegria in Aloag. You will spend the night at La Alegria hacienda in Aloag. In the morning you will able to choose between passing around in the farm o ride a horse for a 3 to 4 hours visit. You will taste the organic products cultivated in the place during the dinner and lunch included in the visit. Read more

Aloag , 1 night

Aloag - Cotopaxi Park - Lasso

From the hacienda you will reach Cotopaxi National Park. Today visit of the Cotopaxi national park with Ecuador's second highest summit at 5897 meters. It is also the highest active volcano in the world although it mainly shows a few fumaroles from its ice covered crater. But sometimes it launches a huge column smoke and ashes right upon its center. Afterward, you will walk around the Limpiapungo laggon with stunning view on the Cotopaxi. You will appreciate the flora and some fauna, typical of the "paramo", those wide plains swept by the cold winds of the Andes. After driving up to the car park at 4600 meters you will continue by foot to the José Rivas hut 200 meters higher. The most motivated can also go and reach the snowline. Due to the eruptive process of the volcano Cotopaxi initiated on August 14th, 2015, this information can be reviewed at any time, in accordance with the safety requirements of the Ecuadorian Coordination Ministry of National Security and our agency. Optional according to weaher conditions, road and your vehicule. You will discover de site of Salitre. You will be able to see how was a fort inca ( they were called Pucara), it is built in a mountain with the purpose of having a perfect view of the surroundings. Read more

Lasso, 1 night

Cotopaxi Park - Banos - Patate

The most motivated can even go and reach the snow line. Transport to Baños, a nice town to walk around. The basilica of "Nuestra Señora de Agua Santa" is worth to see and you can go swimming in one of the thermal pools. You will stop in Pailon del Diablo, the country's most famous waterfalls which you will be able to see from closer from a sightseeing platform. Further on the road, following the inca style, you can use a suspended basket called locally tarabita to cross the Pastaza and reach a waterfall called "Manto de la Novia". Journey to the Patate valley to the entrance of the Llanganates National Park where the Incas were thought to hide their threasures from the Spanish conquistadors. The Patate valley is nicely formed around the Patate river. Grapes are growing well in this area where is produced one of the best mountain "aguardiente" Read more

Patate, 1 night

Patate - Chimborazo Park - Riobamba

The road to Riobamba follows a fertile and green valley where you can observe recent lavas from the Tungurahua seen beautiful viewing points. Visit of the Chimborazo natural reserve. In this "parano" landscape typical to this Andean area, you are likely to see some vicugnas out of the 2300 birds reintroduced in 1990. After driving up to the Carrel hut at 4800m you may get closer (optionnal, you can stay at the hut level if you consider not being in the proper cphysical conditions to climb) to the Ecuador's highest summit (6310m) by walking to the second Whymper hut at 5100m, not far from the snowline. Because of the extra earth's diameter on the Equator line, the Chimborazo summit is the most distant to the earth's centre. Lunch in a communitarian restaurant with a traditional andean meat : the lama. Interesting stop at this museum that presents the relationship between the andean communities and the lama. You will eventually know the difference between a llama, an alpaca, a vicugna and a guanaco. Riombamba is also known as the "Sultana de los Andes", it's a peacefull and quiet city that had to be rebuilt after the earthquake of 1797. You will visit the park "Pedro Vicente Maldonado" and the cathedral also. You will also stop in the market that is very colorfull before going to Quitoloma from where you can observe the Chimborazo. Read more

Riobamba, 1 night

Riobamba - Balbanera & Colta - Ingapirca

On the way to Ingapirca, you will have a stop at the Colta lake and the Balbanera church, the first built in Ecuador in 1534. Ingapirca means "inca stone wall" in the canari language, and indeed a site where the rock is full of legends and history. Ingapirca was founded by the Inca Huayna Capac in the XVth century. The impressive fortress used to contain a temple, sheds and an observatory with amazing exemple of mortar free stone constructions. It was though to be a tambo (relay) along the Inca way from Quito to Cuenca. The locals also see a puma's shape in the ruins. After a visit of the site you will find the Inganahui after walking a bit away. This Inca face rock sculpted by the wind and the rain may had inspired the Incas to found Ingapirca there. After returning to the main site, you will have the opportunity to visit the museum dedicated to this place discovered by the french scientist La Condamine. You will travel to the beautiful city of Cuenca by vehicle, following a scenic road in the middle of the Andes with views over the colored fields and the mountains around. You will spend the night at Hacienda Uzhupud at 35km north of Cuenca. Note that you have a half-hour ride free of charge. Read more

Uzhupud, 1 night

Cuenca - Uzhupud

Visit of the museum of the Central Bank. This musum is located near the ruins of "Todos los Santos", where you can see ehtnological collections and works of colonial art, also old photographs of Cuenca. This museum inherited a collection of ceramics pre-incas that belonged to the priest Crespi that died in 1980. This museum is the only only one who has a collection of reduced heads or "tzanzas". The city of Cuenca (2 550 m) is undoubtedly as charming as its former name of Guapondelic reveals: "the valley as great as the sky". This colorful and lively city with superb historic buildings was classified as a World Heritage by the UNESCO since 1999. The best way to feel the warm colors of Cuenca is to walk around its paved streets, along the white houses with roman tiled roofs and flourishing wrought iron balconies. Colonial art treasures can also be discovered in Cuenca in the churches and convents from the XVIIth and XVIIIth centuries. The visit of the cathedral, the El Turi viewing platform, the flouring spaces, the churches and the covered market will gradually take you closer to the local life. Visit of a Panama hats workshop (except on Sundays) established in Cuenca for more than 60 years where you can observe the different stage of its fabrication, an Ecuador's specialty. Behind the museum of the Central Bank you will find the Archeological Park of Pumapungo. You can walk among the vestiges of the ancient Inca settlement which was dismantled by the spanish conquerors in order to build Cuenca. There is also a garden with endemic plants. The Temple of the Sun and the convent of the virgins of the Sun were a part of one of the most impressive and magnificent cities of the former Inca Empire. Read more

Uzhupud, 1 night

Cuenca - Guayaquil

Journey to the West and the Pacific Ocean to get to Guayaquil, Ecuador's biggest city and economical capital. You will follow up the Western cordillera and cross the Cajas park where you will enjoy stunning views over the many lakes of this protected area. Back down from the mountains you will then pass by fertile lowlands with huge orchards and banana plantations before arriving to Guayaquil. Discovery of horse montubian culture. Read more

Guayaquil, 1 night

Guayaquil - Guayaquil Airport

In Guayaquil you will firstly visit the main streets, the neo gothic cathedral and the Simon Bolivar Park next to it, where you can find a hundred of green iguanas freely wandering around the park, some being a meter long. We will continue the visit to the Malecon 2000 and discover the colonial area of Las Peñas and admire there the architecture and the many art galleries. From the Santa Ana fort you will enjoy a scenic view over Guayaquil and the Guayas River. Private transfert to the Guayaquil airport. Free connection with your international flight. Read more


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Hotel Plaza Grande
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Hotel Hacienda Piman
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Hotel Hacienda Zuleta
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Hotel La Andaluza
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Hotel Uzhupud
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Location Uzhupud
Hotel Uzhupud
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Location Guayaquil
Hotel Hacienda La Danesa


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4 Reviews

Mireille, France

Le pays est merveilleux avec des paysages à couper le souffle sans arrêt. Les gens sont d'une gentillesse extraordinaire sans agressivité aucune. Il faut prévoir un traitement contre le mal des montagnes! Finir le voyage aux Galápagos est également un enchantement qui poursuit ce voyage de rêve . Par ailleurs l'agence Terra Andina était parfaite ! aucune mauvaise surprise. Tout s'est déroulé sans anicroche et correspondait à ce que nous attendions. Read more

Robert Patrick, France

Quito & Iles Galapagos: J'ai eu beaucoup de plaisir à faire ce voyage. L'organisation de Terra Andina a été très bonne. Je regrette seulement de ne pas avoir disposé d'un guide pour découvrir Quito, je pense que j'aurais perdu moins de temps dans une ville que je ne connaissais pas. Aux Galapagos, le jour de l'excursion sur un volcan, j'aurais aimé pouvoir en découvrir un 2e. En début d'après-midi, j'étais déjà de retour à l'hôtel. Read more

Christine S., France

Découverte des Galapagos : j'ai eu de très bons contacts avec Clara, notre déléguée à l'agence et le travail qu'elle a réalisée pour nous était sans faille, tant au niveau organisation que relationnel.


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