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Brazil Cultural: Minas Gerais & Rio


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Francisco Havas

Havas Creative Tours

Havas Creative Tours is a traditional DMC and Incoming Tour Operator in Brazil since 1989.

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Brazil Cultural: Minas Gerais & Rio

Find out Brazil's Best Cultural spots!

Belo Horizonte/Inhotim/Ouro Preto (L)

Arrive in Belo Horizonte. Transfer to Ouro Preto with a stop at INHOTIM for a visit to a fantastic Botanical Park with more than 1,400 species of palm trees in a 87 acres of land and a thriving art center, and Lunch. Arrive in Ouro Preto, check in and accommodation. Overnight at Pousada Classica.

Ouro Preto/Mariana/Ouro Preto (B,L)

Full Day Ouro Preto & Mariana tour + lunch Restaurante Conto de Réis (Regional buffet food). Founded in 1698, Ouro Preto is the masterpiece of colonial architecture in Brazil. Declared by UNESCO as a “Cultural Patrimony of Mankind”. Due to its distance from the coast and the exhaustion of the mines after 1789,it is the one town in Brazil to remain as an outstanding artistic and architectural example of that era. Along the same 0period, there developed liberation movements inspired by the illuminism ideas and the concrete example of the American Revolution. Taste at Conto de Réis restaurant the typical dishes of the region: Feijão Tropeiro and Tutu à Mineira. After lunch a visit to Mariana, just 20 km away. The enchanted city, founded in 1696, was, for a short time the capital of state of Minas Gerais. At first it was called Royal Village of Our Lady of Carmel. In 1745 it received its present name in honor of Queen Maria Ana. A walk down its picturesque streets allows you to see houses which date from the beginning of the XVIII century, with their balconies of wood, iron and even soapstone. At the Minas Gerais Plaza, we find the churches of St. Francis of Assissi with its richly sculptured door, our Lady of Carmel, the City Hall and the Pillory. The tour includes: Church of St. Francis of Assissi, an example of Brazilian religious architecture, designed by Aleijadinho, with wood and soapstone sculptures by the same artist. Museum of the School of Mines: a complete mineralogical view of Brazil, in addition to displays of geological artifacts from the other countries. Church of Our Lady of the Pilar: a church that marked the culmination of Golden Age architecture, with sculptures painted entirely in gold; Oratorio Museum and the Opera House. Daily except on Mondays, Jan 1, Apr 21, Dec 25 and Ash Wednesday. Overnight at Pousada Classica. Read more

Congonha/S.João del Rei/Tiradente (B,L)

Depart from Ouro Preto to Congonhas do Campo. In Congonhas we find what is reputed to be the most important Baroque church and chapels in the Americas and is a splendid showcase of Brazil’s Golden Age. The main attractions are Aleijadinho’s sculpture masterpieces of the twelve Prophets, carved in soapstone and his sculptural representation of the Via Crucis (Stations of the Cross), done in polychromatic woodwork. The set of life-sized sculptures is Brazil’s greatest artistic treasure. Proceed to São João del Rei - 100 km, a settlement founded in 1703, when gold was discovered in the area. Being at the junction of the various roads that cut across the interior on the Capitania, São João always fulfilled important functions being the political center and commercial axis. Fine examples of significant urbane and religious architecture are a part of the legacy and cultural collection. In São João del Rei, highlights are: Churches of Pilar (1721), Carmo (1733) and São Francisco de Assis (1749) On the weekends, the Maria Fumaça, a 19th century steam train, travels the romantic route to Tiradentes. After the visit, the final stop of this tour at Tiradentes - 15 km away. It was the first settlement in the Rio das Mortes region when gold was found in 1702. Tiradentes, who was born here, became a national hero while participating in the Inconfidência Mineira (1789), a republican liberation movement in Minas Gerais repressed by the Portuguese. Visit to Church of Santo Antonio (1710), Museum of Padre Toledo, Fountain of São José das Botas (1749). Lunch in a typical restaurant serving the simple Mineira dishes a unique gastronomical experience. Overnight at Pousada Villa Allegra. Read more

Tiradentes/Petrópolis/Rio (B,L)

In the morning, leave Tiradentes and head towards Rio de Janeiro. The trip will take around 5 hours, including visit the Imperial City of Petrópolis. Some of the attractions we'll visit will be the Gothic Cathedral and then the Palácio de Cristal (Crystal Palace). Lunch included. After lunch the tour continues its way to Rio with estimate time arrival at 18:00. Arrive in Rio de Janeiro, check in and accommodation. Overnigt at Américas Copacabana Hotel. Read more

Rio de Janeiro (B)

In the morning, depart for a visit to one of the wonders of the world, the Christ the Redeemer at the Corcovado Mountain. Rest of the day at leisure. Overnight accommodations at Américas Copacabana.

Rio de Janeiro (B)

Depart from the hotel to visit the world famous Sugar Loaf complex of mountains. Ride on the Glass Cable Car and enjoy some of the most beautiful views in the World, all the way up, visiting Morro da Urca and Sugar Loaf. Rest of day at leisure. Overnight accommodations at Américas Copacabana.

Rio de Janeiro (B)

Depart from the hotel to visit the Old Rio and have the chance to visit the cultural side of this beautiful city. Rio is also a city of a glorious honorable past, which should definitely be experienced. This insider's tour to colonial Rio, highlights the concealed, preserved, and authentic Rio, featuring the old Lapa district with its famous aqueduct arches; "Praça 15", the historical center of Rio which houses the restored Royal Palace and the Historical Museum, the impressive Candelaria Church; as well as the São Bento Monastery, considered to be the city's richest historical building. Also included are the business heart of Rio, Av. Rio Branco, and the scenic Cinelandia square, where the magnificent Municipal Theater stands. Overnight accommodations at Américas Copacabana. Read more

Rio de Janeiro (B)

Day at Leisure. Overnight at Américas Copacabana.

Rio de Janeiro (B)

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Havas Creative Tours is a traditional DMC and Incoming Tour Operator in Brazil since 1989.

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