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Bolivia, from Altiplano to Subtropical Valleys


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Marlène Bevillard

Terra Andina Bolivia

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Bolivia, from Altiplano to Subtropical Valleys

Bolivia. How can I talk about this country without falling into the trap of simplistic superlatives, or, more difficult still, without sounding contradictory? A few days ago, Apolino, an Amazonian boatman, summed up this unfathomable country for me by saying “BOLIVIA? TODO POSIBLE, NADA SEGURO!” In other words, here, everything is possible (very true) but nothing is (ever) certain! Because Bolivia is everything and its opposite.


A private driver will pick you up at the airport and drive you to your hotel. Night at hotel Casa Grande*****. Included: transfer arrival, room & breakfast, breakfast buffet

La Paz - 1 night
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La Paz : On the roof of the world

Our private driver will pick us up in the hotel lobby at 09:00 am for a full-day tour around the best points of view over the city and into the Moon Valley. La Paz, world’s highest capital elected in 2014 as one of the New 7 Wonders Cities, is surrounded by the high picks of the Andes. From many parts of the city we can admire the white summits of the Cordillera Real and the imposing Illimani, protector of the city. From the K’Illi K’Illi mirador and the Laykakota Park we will enjoy a panoramic view over the capital. The Montículo, in the bohemian Sopocachi is the classical meeting point of lovers and newlyweds for romantic pictures. Since 2014 La Paz is proud of its new gondolas. From the sky the panorama over the city and the mountains is unique and we can get an impression of the social gaps while flying over different neighborhood. We will then drive to the south, cross the rich "Zona Sur" and get out of the city to enter the Moon Valley. Here we can enjoy the quietness and walk among the lunar rock formations during an hour. In the afternoon we will go back to the historical center and wander along its colorful markets. NOTE: The K’Illi K’Illi mirador and the Laykakota Park are closed on Mondays. Night at hotel Casa Grande*****. Included: lunch (no drinks), entrance fees, private transport, english speaking guide, drinks, room & breakfast, breakfast buffet Read more

La Paz - 1 night

Titicaca lake and Copacabana

Departure from the hotel at 9 a.m. with a private transport. We will follow the Lake Titicaca and the Cordillera Real until Copacabana (3 ½ hours). Copacabana is a small and quiet city located at the shores of Titicaca Lake, between two hills. It attracts all year long visitors willing to enjoy the peace and beauty of the lake, as well as pilgrims of the Copacabana Virgin. The tradition here is “challar” one’s car; this ceremony ensures protection to the vehicle and its drivers for the rest of the year. We will walk along the center, the market and the port and visit the cathedral. Night at hotel Rosario del lago*** Included: private transport, guide expenses, english speaking guide, room & breakfast Read more

Copacabana - 1 night

Titicaca lake and Sun island

In the morning, a motorboat will take us to the Northern extremity of the Isla del Sol (Island of the Sun) (2 to 3 hours depending on the weather conditions). Visit of the Inca site of Chincana and of the Sacred Rock of the Incas, from where the Viracocha God gave birth to his son Manco Capac, the first Inca. Short hike on the island to the village of Challapampa, with the museum of Marka Pampa. Our boat will then take us to the Fuente del Inca (Fountain of the Inca) and the Pilkokaina site, in the South of the island. Return to Copacabana by boat in the afternoon. Your private boat is available for you the whole day. We will return to La Paz in private transportation (about 3½-hour). Night at hotel Casa Grande*****. Included: private transport, box lunch, english speaking guide, boat ticket, room & breakfast, breakfast buffet Read more

La Paz - 1 night

Great moment of relaxation

Enjoy a great moment of relaxation and wellness in Spa La Joya. 4h30 of massages and body scrubs in the most luxurious spot in the city. You will enjoy 5 treatment of your choice (natural clay massage, body scrub, hair treatment,...). The treatment will end with a delicous fresh fruit juice offered by the house ! Private transports included. ​Treate your taste buds tonight with a gourmet dinner in the best restaurant in town​ !​ Voted as one of the 50 best restaurants in South America, the Gustu is the culinary delight of La Paz​ !​ The danish star chef,​ Claus Meyer, co-founder of Copenhagen's Noma, a three-time winner of the World's 50 Best Restaurants (and the current number two) has chosen​ Bolivia to​ open​ his new​ restaurant. His philosophy:​ meet Bolivia, through its products. That's why the​ ​chef​ Kamilla Seidler (Danish)​ and​ Michelangelo Cestari (Venezuela) and th​eir​ Bolivian team​ work uniquely and exclusively with Bolivian products seeking appreciation and recognition of the local production and the hands that make it possible​ to make a unique Andean fusion cuisine​ ! ​You will​ be ​delighted by the ​5-course ​tasting menu​ pairing with the drink (alcoholic) that best marries it. Your driver will pick you up at the restaurant and take you back to your hotel. Night at hotel Casa Grande*****. Included: entrance fees, spa treatment, massage, english speaking guide, guide expenses, private transport, drinks, dinner, room & breakfast, breakfast buffet Read more

La Paz - 1 night

Salt flat

A private driver will pick you up at your hotel and take you to the airport. Domestic flight La Paz - Uyuni. A private driver will pick you up at the airport and take you to your hotel in Colchani. Today we will discover the world’s largest salt desert! At 9 a.m. we leave the hotel with our jeeps to the Salar de Uyuni (el. 3650 m.a.s.l.). After an half an hour ride, we stop in the village of Colchani to visit its salt exploitation and salt hotel (closed since 2001). We will then ride 73 km on the salt desert (around an hour and a half) to reach the Island of Incahuasi. This surprising island, lost in the middle of the salar, offers an incredible view over the salt desert and the several volcanos that surrounds it. Of volcanic origin, it is covered with stromatolites and giant cacti (stromatolites are fossilized bacterial colonies, first traces of life on earth). In the afternoon, we will return to Colchani. If there is some time left, we will also visit the train cemetery on the outskirts of town. Beautiful aperitif in front of the sunset over the Salar. Night at hotel Palacio de Sal****. Included: private transport, english speaking guide, domestic flight, transfer arrival, lunch (no drinks), entrance fees, room & breakfast, dinner (no drinks), drinks Read more

Colchani - 1 night

Colonial City

We will leave Colchani in a private car at 08:30 am and cross the Cordillera de los Frailes to go to Potosí (el. 3900 m.a.s.l.). The so-called “Imperial City” had a time of international glory in the 16th and 17th century when it sheltered the world’s largest silver mine. Nowadays the Cerro Rico (“Rich Hill”) is still exploited but the glory is memory. On the way, we will stop in Pulacayo, village that sheltered the second largest silver mine in South America in the 17th and 18th century. It is now almost a ghost town but the museum relates its glorious past. We will arrive in Potosí after 3 to 4 hours on the road (205 km). We will leave Potosí in a private car to reach the nice small colonial city of Sucre (el. 2810 m.a.s.l.) at the end of the afternoon. We will leave behind the Altiplano and descend to the Chuquisaca Valley. Here we will cross the Pilcomayo River on the Sucre Bridge; an interesting structure that looks like a medieval construction, even if built in the 19th century. We will arrive in Sucre after around 3 hours on the road (160 km). Night at hotel Parador Santa María La Real*****. Included: private transport, lunch (no drinks), breakfast buffet, room Read more

Sucre - 1 night

Colonial City

Today we spend the day in the beautiful “white city” of Sucre. Listed as a World Heritage Site by the UNESCO, the constitutional capital of Bolivia is famous for its flair of quietness, its beautiful colonial architecture and its numerous churches. Our guide will pick us up at 09:00 am at the hotel lobby to show us the most famous buildings and museums of the city. We will start with the Convento de la Recoleta, monastery of the Franciscan order build in 1601. We will then learn more about the culture of the region and the country in the Museum of Indigenous Art (ASUR) and about the Bolivian history in The Casa de la Libertad, where the Independence Act was signed in 1825. We will end the day visiting the Monastery of San Felipe Nery, enjoying a beautiful view over the city from its terrace. NOTE: Museums are closed as following: Convento de la Recoleta and Monastery of San Felipe Nery - Sundays, ASUR - Saturdays and Sundays, Casa de la Libertad - Mondays. Meal at the Peña Orígenes Bolivianos restaurant. Espacio Cultural Origenes is a restaurant set around a large stage where, almost every night of the week, they put on a colorful, high-energy dance show featuring traditional dances from Sucre and the rest of Bolivia. The elaborately dressed dancers act out Bolivian folkloric scenes, such courtship rituals and the struggle between good and evil. There is even a touch of humor in the show, for instance in the mockery of the Spanish conquistadors. The dances are fast-paced and polished. Night at hotel Parador Santa María La Real*****. Included: english speaking guide, entrance fees, taxi, dinner (no drinks), drinks, breakfast buffet, room Read more

Sucre - 1 night

Traditional experience

Our driver will pick us up at 08:00 am to visit the traditional market of Tarabuco. We will drive around 1.5h (70 km) in our private car to reach this traditional village, which Sunday market is known in the whole country. It is one of the biggest traditional markets of the continent. Buyers and sellers come from all over the region in traditional clothing: they wear the same leather hats as those of the Spanish “conquistadores” and very colorful clothing. The sound of the “charango” (small Andean guitar) brings a nice festive atmosphere. We will drive back to Sucre before lunch. ONLY ON SUNDAYS Night at hotel Parador Santa María La Real*****. Included: private transport, english speaking guide, breakfast buffet, room Read more

Sucre - 1 night

In the Valleys

A private driver will pick you up at your hotel and take you to the airport. Domestic flight Sucre - Santa Cruz. Your guide and a private driver will pick you up at the airport and take you to your hotel. We will leave Santa Cruz at 08:30 am in our private vehicle to reach Samaipata after a 120 km drive (3 hours of track). We are between the Andes and the Amazonia, at the gate of the Amboró National Park, at 1650 m.a.s.l. Samaipata is a peaceful small village of colonial architecture, surrounded by a beautiful landscape of subtropical forest. In the afternoon we will visit the most removed fortress of the Inca Empire, built to protect them from possible invasion of Guarani Indians. The archeological center of "El Fuerte" was listed as a World Heritage Site by the UNESCO. It has been an administrative, political and ceremonial center for the different cultures that established in the region. The highlight of its ceremonial area is its huge stone, considered the world’s biggest carved stone. Included: transfer departure, domestic flight, local guide, transfer arrival, lunch (no drinks), dinner (no drinks), private transport Read more

Sucre - 1 Night

In the Valleys

We will leave at 08:30 am in our private jeep to reach the Mirador del Sillar (around 3 hours on track). From here we will enjoy a panoramic view over the Amboró National Park. Located just between three different regions and ecosystems (Andes, Amazonia and Chaco) this National Park hosts a great biodiversity. From the Mirador we will walk 4 to 5 hours aiming to the Volcanoes Refuge, situated at the entrance of the park. Here we will appreciate an impressing view over a chain of volcanoes surrounded by the exuberant vegetation. We will drive back to Santa Cruz, where we arrive at the end of the day after around 3 hours on track. Trekking time: 4 to 5h - Elevation gain: almost none Night at hotel Cortez**** Included: lunch (no drinks), local guide, private transport, room & breakfast Read more

Santa Cruz - 1 night

End of the trip

A private driver will pick you up at your hotel and take you to the airport. Included: transfer departure


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Hotel Casa Grande
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Hotel Hotel Cortez


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3 Reviews

LE MOIGNE Family, France

Un mois passé en Bolivie dont quelques jours au Sud Lipez avec Terra Andina. Personnel de Terra Andina très disponible, professionnel, compétent. Circuit très bien pensé, chauffeur expérimenté, très à l'écoute, tourné vers la nature, toujours soucieux de nous faire plaisir. Nous prenions les repas de midi au milieu de nulle part et Bernardo avait à coeur de sortir une petite nappe pour faire une "jolie table" ! Paysages à couper le souffle, contrées improbables Voyage conforme au programme N'hésitez pas, n'hésitez plus ! Confiez votre projet! Read more

Yves & Dominique, Belgium

Nous voici de retour d'un séjour au Chili/Bolivie/Argentine. Un peu plus de 3 semaines de découvertes en découvertes. Guides, chauffeurs, hôtels, location de voiture... le tout organisé par terra group. Dès que nous avions reçu le roadbook, nous savions que tout était bien organisé. Nous n'avons pas été déçu, la ponctualité et la précision étaient de mise pour des vacances en Amérique du Sud. Merci aussi à ceux dont on ne connait pas les noms et qui ont contribué à ce voyage incroyable. Vivement les prochaines vacances. Read more

Jeanne Cristofani & Sylvie Thepault, Argentina

We have spent a wonderful journey in Bolivia this week, and we would like to thank you for the quality of the service: itinerary choice, the guides’ reception, the drivers, the hotels - Everything was very good. We will always remember those great memories


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