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ISTANBUL | Backstreet Culinary Experiences 1




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ISTANBUL | Backstreet Culinary Experiences 1




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ISTANBUL | Backstreet Culinary Experiences 1

Turkish cuisine, like Turkey itself, channels cultural currents coming in from every direction, resulting in the delicious culinary chaos that is Istanbul. Turks, Greeks, Arabs, Persians and countless others have passed through here, leaving an indelible stamp on the cuisine, which you can discover in this Istanbul culinary trip. Historians speak of the “layered” nature of the city; we like to think of Istanbul as a stew.

Welcome to Turkey!

Welcome to Istanbul, Turkey! Upon arrival, you will be transfered to you hotel.


Bosphorus Strait Tour

The Bosphorus Strait, which divides the city of Istanbul and separates the European and Asian continents, has never failed to inspire; from Emperor Constantine to Mark Twain, its charms are well noted. Start your Istanbul culinary trip with a Bosphorus Strait tour where you will discover its shores are palaces but also neighborhoods – from bustling marketplaces to multicultural fishing villages – all connected by the Bosphorus yet each a world unto itself. This is something that, despite Istanbul’s explosive growth, lives on today. There must be something in the water here. Exploring of this fascinating part of Istanbul, the Bosphorus Strait tour starts in the market of Beşiktaş. A hub of ferry traffic, covered with the flags of its famous soccer team and with its narrow streets filled with rollicking meyhan's and simple restaurants serving breakfast all day long, this neighborhood is a slice of real, contemporary Istanbul like no other. Among the beer bars and cheap clothing stores are a few traditional culinary mainstays for menemen, Turkish style scrambled eggs, and bal kaymak, clotted cream blanketed in honey – that’s the way we like to start a day. Next on the Bosphorus Strait tour we’ll visit an Ottoman-era bakery to get some freshly baked goods for the boat ride across the Bosphorus to the market at Üsküdar, where a more traditional food culture is preserved. We’ll sample the best of this market with visits to a honey vendor from Eastern Turkey, an olive shop and a third-generation candymaker, before setting off for the fairytale neighborhood of Kuzguncuk. Here we will explore the multicultural history of the area, tasting the nostalgia for that bygone era when Jews, Christians, and Muslims shared these leafy streets, and the spirit of the Kuzguncuk of today by visiting its small restaurants, artisanal food shops, and local food makers, finishing here our Bosphorus Strait tour. Start / End: 9:30am - 4:00pm Read more


Hidden Beyoğlu

Until recently, Greek, Armenian and Ladino (Judeo-Spanish) were the languages spoken in most kitchens in Istanbul’s historic district of Beyoğlu. Though the old cosmopolitans who populated the belle époque apartment buildings of Istanbul’s “European Quarter” have largely been replaced by a vibrant blend of rural Anatolians and global bohemians, hidden traces of these unique cultures remain, creating a very unique dining culture – at once rough and refined. With Beyoğlu’s cosmopolitan history as a backdrop, on this walk we will eat our way through the classic and unknown eateries of the neighborhood, the old and the new, tasting specialties from all over Turkey. Beginning with a full breakfast in a timeless neighborhood lokanta, we will continue the Istanbul culinary trip and we’ll visit a pickle-maker and other artisans. Winding our way through the district’s atmospheric side streets, there will be specialties from across the country, ranging from the far Northeast on the Black Sea to the distinct cuisine of Hatay in the Southeast. We’ll visit a hidden Armenian church inside a fish market between samplings at street vendors and fishmongers, followed by a full lunch and, finally, the best Turkish coffee in the city. Depending on the day and what the walk comes across, there will be several other culinary surprises along the way, all of them telling the fascinating tale of what is perhaps Istanbul’s most iconic neighborhood. Start / End : 9:30am - 3:00pm Read more



Local breakfast and transfer to Airport, ending here our Istanbul culinary trip.



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Location Istanbul
Hotel 4* Hotel


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  • Three night BB accommodation at 4 stars hotel | Orka Royal Hotel, Sirkeci, 4* / or similar..
  • Airport – Hotel – Airport private transfer with English / German speaking transferman
  • Two days private culinary program
  • English / German speaking official guidance
  • Information services
  • Entrance fee

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  • Personal expenses
  • Visa, consular 76fees or any other formalities.
  • Tips
  • Beverages
  • Additional journeys and transfers

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Maher Al-Ghamdi , United Arab Emirates

أعزائي أعضاء فريق Polar West، نود أن نتقدم بوافر الشكر بوجه خاص لمرشديكم ولكافة أعضاء الفريق الأكفاء الذين تعاملوا معنا بكل الود، وأولونا عناية كبيرة. نود أن نشكرهم على الترتيب والنظام الرائع لهذه الرحلة التي طافت بنا في العديد من المدن التي حجزنا فيها. جميع السائقين تميزوا باللطف والاستعداد للمساعدة والالتزام بالمواعيد. لقد سار كل شيء على ما يرام، واستمتعنا بإقامتنا في الفندق، كما جربنا كافة الأطعمة التركية اللذيذة. لقد كانت إقامتنا ممتعة لدرجة أننا نحن الأربعة خططنا للعودة إلى هنا مرة أخرى في يناير القادم. نشكركم مرة أخرى وأطيب تمنياتنا لفريق Polar West. Read more

Norika Torikawa, Japan

Dear Polar West Team, I would like to express my sincere appreciation to you during my visit to Europe. Thank you very much for your kind hospitality to make my trip so memorable. I am back home safely. I truly look forward to see you not too far in the future. Once again, thank you very much for everything you have done. Read more

Heinz Bauermeister, Germany

Hallo Cengiz, & Hallo Ferah, die Gruppe ist total entspannt und gut erholt wieder in Düsseldorf angekommen. Nochmals vielen Dank für eure hervorragende Organisation vor Ort. Die Teilnehmer waren vollkommen begeistert. Ein klasse Hotel, sehr, sehr schöne Zimmer (danke für eure Bemühungen) ein ausgesp allo Cengiz, & Hallo Ferah, die Gruppe ist total entspannt und gut erholt wieder in Düsseldorf angekommen. Nochmals vielen Dank für eure hervorragende Organisation vor Ort. Die Teilnehmer waren vollkommen begeistert. Ein klasse Hotel, sehr, sehr schöne Zimmer (danke für eure Bemühungen) ein ausgesp Read more



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