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Eastern Tibet Adventures (18 days)


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  • 18 Days

Edward He

Edward Adventures

Founded in 1989, specialized in festival trips and adventurous travel, take care of your needs.

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Eastern Tibet Adventures (18 days)

This tour take you to the Kham area in Sichuan province to enjoy the beautiful nature of grassland, snow mountains and lake... meet with Tibetans to learn about their life and religion...

Arrival in Shangri-La

Shangri-la is a small Tibetan town on the border of Yunnan and Tibet, it has the character of Tibet and also with some Chinese influence.

Shangri-La 2 nights


Just a easy day in Shangri-la to relax, walk the old town of Shangri-La, climb up to Chicken temple, visit the big pray wheel, see the local market in town.

Shangri-La 2 nights

Drive to Xiacheng

Eight hours drive from Yunnan to Sichuan, driving through the zigzag mountain roads via a couple of valleys and pass by some local Tibetan villages along the way, and see the big forests along the road. The Big Snow Mountain Pass at 4380m in the border of Yunnan and Sichuan provinces, here you can see many flowers and beautiful mountains near the pass, the road today is not as good as other days during the trip but the views are rewarding, worthwhile for the efforts to travel the rough road, and you will see the different style of Tibetan houses on Sichuan side Read more

Xiacheng 1 night

Drive to Sandun

Visit Sanpiling Monastery was first built in 1654; it’s one of the most important yellow hat sect Tibetan Buddhist Temple in Kham. In 1811, one of the ninth Dalai Lama’s assistant worked here as the head monk of the monastery and made the monastery famous throughout the area. The Monastery now is rebuilt and much bigger than it was; some construction work is still going on. Drive along the Dingqu river and up hill to the mountain pass at 4650m where you can walk up for 25 minutes to a hill top, from there you can see lakes, valleys, grassland and snow mountains in distance. Drive down hill to Sandun Read more

Sandun 1 night

Drive to Litang

Visit Benbo Monastery not far from Sandun. Drive through Mt. Haizhiahan with many lakes and huge rocks for hundreds of square kilometers at over 4200m, it’s a very unique area during the whole trip. Carry on to Litang via grassland and mountains.

Litang 2 nights

Visit Nomads

Drive to Grassland and visit the Tibetan nomads live in the Yak hair tent, to see them milk the yaks and make the butter. Visit Litang Monastery which is the biggest Yellow Sect monastery in south part of Kham. The 7th, 10th and 11th Dalai Lame were born in Litang, all these made the Monastery very famous. Possible to see the sky bury of Tibetan if we are there on the right day. Read more

Litang 2 nights

Drive to Ganzi

Drive to Grassland and visit the Tibetan nomads live in the Yak hair tent, to see them milk the yaks and make the butter. Visit Litang Monastery which is the biggest Yellow Sect monastery in south part of Kham. The 7th, 10th and 11th Dalai Lame were born in Litang, all these made the Monastery very famous. Possible to see the sky bury of Tibetan if we are there on the right day. Read more

Ganzi 2 nights

Explore Monastery & village

Walk through the town of Ganzi, you can see local shops with lot of local handcrafts and workshops where people make Tibetan style table. Passing through some old houses before reaching Ganzi Monastery built on a small Hill. Visit the monastery and we might be invited by a lama to his home for a couple of butter tea. After the monastery, we drive to the country side to village monastery and a couple of Tibetan villages. Read more

Drive to Baiyu

Drive to Baiyu with a visit to Yarchen Vddiyana Meditation Monastery for a couple of hours. Yarchen Viddiyana Meditation Monastery set up in 1985 by Lama A Qiu Renpoche, a Nimapa (Red Hat sect)Tibetan Buddhism sect Monastery, there are over 20,000.00 lamas and nuns here, most of them are nuns. There are 4 big temple buildings for lamas and nuns to study and over 20,000.00 small houeses built by lamas and nuns for themselves to live in. The Monastery in built around Changqi River on Zhangtai Grassland at 4000m with beautiful surroundings. The monastery give teaching for eight months, they have a meditation for over hundred days themselves in weather. After the monastery, we will move on to Baiyu, there are large area of grasslands near the monastery which carpet with flowers of different colours, we will see different grassland as we drive on. We will see a lake and then follow a river in a valley to carry onto Baiyu. Read more

Baiyu 1 night

Visit Baiyu & drivet to Dege

AM visit Baiyu Monastery Baiyu Monastery started to built in 1675, a Nimapa Tibetan Buddhism Monastery, now it’s one on the three big Nimapa Monastery in Eastern Tibet with a few thousands lamas. The monastery is built on the mountain side of Buiyu town, with stupas, temple building, Mandala and houses of lamas, on the back of the monastery is the Buddhist Collage. Start from hotel, half an hour walk along the streets in the town and hike up to Baiyu Monastery for a hundred steps, visit the different halls of monastery, you will meet a lot of Tibetans come to the monastery to pray and worship. After the mail halls, we will hike up to top of the hill to visit the Mandala temple, here you can also have a good view of the monastery and Baiyu city. Visit the Buddhist collage attached to Baiyu Monastery to meet the studying lamas, walk through the monastery and lama’s houses and walk back to hotel. The whole visit is about four hours. PM three hours drive to Dege 100km, along the Yangtze River on the Tibetan border with stops to see the Yangtze and villages along the way. Read more

Dege 2 nights

Dege Printing House

Visit the Dege Printing House Dege Printing House, 270 years old, built by the headman Queji Tudengzeren and his family. it’s an encyclopedia of Tibetan culture, the collection covers culture, geography, medicine, arts and all sects of Tibetan Buddhism, it has over 217,500.00 wooden printing plates, it’s the biggest printing house in whole Tibet. now it’s under the protection of the Chinese government as a culture heritage site. 20 mins walk through the town of Dege to the Printing House, two and half hours visit the house, visit two temple halls on the ground floor to see the Buddhist images and the founder of the Printing House, go upstair to see the wooden printing plates storages and see the craftsmen printing the copies from the plates, two man work in each team to finish the work, if you are interested, you can buy some prints from the House as a gift. On the roof of the printing House, you can have a good view of the town Dege.There people walking around the Printing Houses the whole day, and it’s interesting to see that as well. Visit Gengqing Monastery for a couple of houses to see the monastery and meet the lamas. Gengqing Monastery, a Sakaya Tibetan Buddhist sect Monastery, built in 1448 by the headman of the area, it’s the main Sakaya Monastery in the area, it has 7 small monasteries attached to it in the area. Unlike other monasteries, this monastery is managed by the family of headman for the power of religion and politics in the history, usually the first son of the headman to be in charge of the Monastery and the 2nd son to be the headman, if only one son in the family, he did both. Now, it’s changing Read more

Dege 2 nights

Drive to Ganzi

Drive to Ganzi via Quer Shan mountain pass at 5050m before the tunnel finishes, with a visit to Xinluhai Lake at 4040m surrounded by mountains and forests, with stops along the ways to visit grassland and local Tibetan villages. Visit Dajin Monastery, visit the main temple building to see the different Buddhist images, going up to the top of the monastery, here you can have a good view of the area. Dajin Monastery, a Gelupa monastery, more than 600 years old, built in front of a snow mountain and with few villages around, a very popular monastery for locals, monastery has a three floors main building and many small houses for lamas. Read more

Ganzi 1 night

Drive to Sertar

Drive to Sertar via mountains and river gorges and with a visit to Shouning Monastery in Luhou where you can have a good view of the area and monastery, Visit Tibetan village with nice wooden houses and meet the local Tibetans at their homes. Visit the nomads on the way to Sert

Sertar 2 nights

Visit Sertar Buddhist Instit

Visit Sertar Buddhist Institute, started in 1980 with 30 lamas and now the biggest Buddhist Institute in the China with many thousands of practicing lamas, nuns and Buddhist students from all over China. Half a hour 22km drive from Sertar city to Sertar Buddhist Institute, then start to walk up on steps, you will have a good view of the Institute during the walking up on steps, it can be difficult but worth the efforts, you will have the best view of the Institute here. Twenty mins walk on a flat paved road to Mandala Temple on the top of hill where you will see lots of Tibetan walk around, 20 mins walk down on a road to the main Temples where the teachings going on. A few thousand lamas, nuns or students in each hall listen to a master lama’s talking, the classes finish at 11:30. After class, lunch break time, there are more teachings in the afternoon, after class, there are usually some debating among lamas on the square. we can spend most of the day here, and we can spend some time on Jinma Grassland to meet the nomads. Read more

Sertar 2 nights

Drive to Markam

Drive through the valley along Zhoushijia River with stops to see villages and temple, visit Songgang Watching towers built in 1644.

Markam 1 night

Drive to Chengdu

Drive to Chengdu with visits to Miyaluo mountains along the way

Chengdu 2 nights

Visit Chengdu

Visit Wenshu Temple, and it’s one of the well protected Buddhist temples in Chengdu, which was built in 1697. It’s very popular among the locals and you can still see a lot of local people who come here every day to pray and worship. Most people who come to the temple are not really Buddhists. They just come for different reasons like praying for health, good luck, property and anything you can think about. Visit an old street with tea houses and local handicrafts shops and give you some ideas of how the old Chengdu looks like. In the afternoon, we will visit the Panda Research Center to see the giant Pand. Read more

Chengdu 2 nights

Tour ends

Transfer to Chengdu Airport for your departure flight.


Day in trip
Day 1
Location Shangri-La
Hotel Shangri-La Boutique Hotel
Day 3
Location Xiacheng
Hotel Sanpiling Monastery Hotel
Day 4
Location Sandui
Hotel Sandui Guesthouse
Day 5
Location Litang
Hotel Ganbo Gonka Hotel
Day 7
Location Ganzi
Hotel Shenglong Hotel
Day 9
Location Baiyu
Hotel Huazang Hotel
Day 10
Location Dege
Hotel Junlan Hotel
Day 12
Location Ganzi
Hotel Shenglong Hotel
Day 13
Location Sertar
Hotel Sertar Business HOtel
Day 15
Location Markam
Hotel Rongcheng Hotel
Day 16
Location Chengdu
Hotel Wenjun Mansion Hotel


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  • The price is based on twin share, if you want to have a single room for the tirp, Single supplement US$430.00


3 Reviews

Amy, United States

Our customized tour of Yunnan province for 16 days far exceeded our expectations. It was a fascinating journey through some of the most spectacular scenery I have ever seen. There is a lot of unique geography and interesting ethnic groups throughout the region. We traveled through many areas of relatively remote mountains and river gorges. Really off the beaten track! But even on somewhat treacherous roads, we were comfortable and felt secure. One reason we chose Edward Adventures was because they were able to provide us with one guide and driver that would be responsible for us the whole trip. The high level of service and consistency of this approach was really exceptional and very tailored to our preferences. We felt like a family friend was showing us around his home territory. The meals were really something special! Our guide knew all the local specialties in each place we visited and we tried them all. It seemed he handpicked our food for us and made sure of the best quality everywhere we went. Our hotels were very comfortable. The most impressive thing about our tour was probably the way our guide seemed to always know where to go to get away from the crowds, to see the most amazing scenery and interesting sites in a very personalized way. And the many Chinese people he introduced to us everywhere were so friendly and warm. We didn’t even feel much like tourists travelling with him! It was really a fabulous trip that we will always remember! Read more

Joan & Pat, Australia

Edward helped the two of us plan a two week trip to fascinating places and people in China. Edward took us on a cultural and scenic adventure. The scenery was wonderful. The people were so very hospitable, and the food great. We never felt that we were on a typical touristy tour but rather that we were with an old friend learning all about his country and having a trip of a lifetime. We still keep in contact with Edward and cherish our new friendship. Read more

Ian Noakes, United Kingdom

We did a 3 week tour from Lijiang to Chengdu ( 3 of us ) with Edward as our guide and driver. It was a most memorable experience with Edward intimate knowledge of the best scenery , the best cultural experience and local customs and events. Wherever we went we got an insight into the local way of life and tried all the local food specialties. We also did some trekking and were taken to some really special places such as Thousand Tortoise Mountain, Tiger Leaping Gorge and Yading Nature Reserve. The scenery is really spectacular and for us fortunately also were the wildflowers. We have previously toured in Western China and had a fantastic time but Edward Adventures provided us with a far superior experience from start to finish. Read more

Local ethnic people, happy to share, ready to help

Edward Adventures
3 Reviews


Neddy Luo

Tea Expert Neddy

Teddy Xu

Teddy Bear

Founded in 1989, specialized in festival trips and adventurous travel, take care of your needs.

If you have any questions or you want to customize your trip we are here for you at any time.

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