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Ethiopia Mountain Biking Tours


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Taddese Atlaw

Senait Ethiopia Tours

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Ethiopia Mountain Biking Tours

This trip includes the biking to Blue Nile falls in Bahirdar, Gonder, Semien mountain, Axum, Debredamo, Hawzen, Danakil Depression, the active volcano ( Ert’ale), the salt lake of Afdera and the Gheralta cluster Rock hewn churches Ethiopia what a beautiful country. Tourism here is still in its infancy and cycling is certainly pioneering work, but what an experience is traveling by bicycle through this particular African country. The locals are extremely friendly and welcoming. The landscapes are spectacular beauty and this combined with the age-old and interesting culture make a visit to Ethiopia unforgettable

The best biking to Ethiopia

Flight to Bahirdar: Morning flight to Bahirdar and boat excursion over Lake Tana to the Zeghie peninsula to visit the beautifully painted churches that are found hidden in the small forest: Ura Kidane Miheret, on the way you will have the chance to over view Kibran Gebriel and Entos Monastery and the outlet of the Blue Nile river. Back to Bahirdar and fix the bikes ready for the next day biking. Overnight Homeland/ Abayminch hotel. Read more

Bahirdar, 1 night
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Biking to Blue Nile Falls

Today begins the real bike adventure. After the delicious breakfast on the terrace, we test the bikes in the hotel garden and make adjustments where necessary. We depart by bike and reach the first 6 km from the village on a busier road to turn down then a wide dirt road. The dusty road goes mainly downhill (cycling a total of 1800 meters to 1600 meters above sea level) through a beautiful agricultural area. We regularly drive through small villages, waving to the enthusiastic schoolchildren. After 35 km we reach via a small dirt road to the entrance of the Blue Nile Valley waterfalls. We are planning a picnic lunch sitting on small benches in a local coffee hut. Afterwards it is a kilometers over a dried grass path to a tributary of the Nile. We put the bikes on a small ferry and continue after a 10 minute boat ride to the bike trail on the opposite side to the viewpoint of the impressive waterfalls. Fans can refresh in the water below the falls. After a pleasant stop cycle and sail back to the hotel. In the afternoon we drive to Gonder. 37 km cycling / there is a possibilities t bike 70Km depending on your interest. Read more

Gonder 1 night
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Biking to Simien Mountain

Gonder to Semien mountain After an early breakfast we take the trailer for 50 km from the city. The first 30 km is quite climb to a beautiful lookout point. 50 km from Debark we step on the bike. We cycle up and down over a nice asphalt road through villages and small towns. The less time we get to the Simien mountains come the more eucalyptus trees we see on the side of the road. Upon arrival in Debark we pay the entrance to the park and plan lunch in a local restaurant. The bike ride in the afternoon by the Simien mountains along a paved gravel is heavy, partly because of the altitude. We pass some messy villages where the locals welcome us warmly. During the first km there are still some serious runs, then it is mostly uphill, some long and steep climbs. However, there is always the assistance of the trailer to pick up weary cyclists. Depending on the time of arrival in the 3,300 meters located lodge, we can go see the baboons (monkey species typical for this area) which are getting ready on a nearby lawn to stay in one of the many caves in the neighborhood. In the evening you can sit back with a drink in the cozy fire. Max. 73 km cycling Read more

Simien Mountain
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Simien Mountain Biking

Biking until Chenek 50 km, Semien Mountain and the best place for mountain scenery. Chenek at 3,600m, the best place for scenery viewing. It is also a good place to see many baboons together, Walia Ibex and klipsprings and another drive to Bhuait 15 km see the Ras Dashen Mountain which is the highest place in Ethiopia 4,533 meter. Touch Chenek all are off the tracks and late evening drive back to Sankaber camp site Overnight camping. Max. 50 km cycling Read more

Simien Mountain 1 night
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Biking to Axum

Semien Mountain – Axum After breakfast we drive to Axum. The road winds through the beautiful mountains Tekeze, here the views are unique. After we drove through the Tekeze gap we cross the Tekeze river and admire some baobab trees, with their capricious form. At the height of a beautiful open area we get on our bicycles and ride further on a good asphalt road through a vast agricultural area. The road goes slightly up and down, but despite the sometimes strong wind, the route is not really sporty. In Shire we load the bikes on the trailer and drive the last 60 km to Axum. Up on arrival we try to include some of the visit of Axum Overnight Yeha hotel. Read more

Axum 1 night
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Biking to Adigrat

Axum to Adigrat Via Debre damo Monastery: Today we leave the Axum for a transfer by the jagged peaks of Adwa. In these mountains lost 40,000 Ethiopians in their life in 1896 after a courageous battle (by the battle won!) Against the Italians. After an hour we turn off on a gravel road to the pre-Axumite Temple. We visit the ruins of the temple and adjoining church in the company of a local guide. Drive until the junction to Debredamo and bike 11 km rough road until Debredamo Monastery. Have picnic lunch Debredamo and Bike another 38Kms until Adigrat overnight hotel . 42 km cycling Read more

Adigrat 1 night

Bike to Gheralta Churches

Adigrat – Gheralta /Hawzen Today, we are planning a day trip by bike through the beautiful scenery of the mountains Gheralta. We begin with a long downhill road to the village and then cycling through the beautiful countryside and enjoy the many spectacular views of the red-brown mountains. The stretch of the route is tough, a combination of climbing and descending plus the bad condition of the road, but the unique landscape, the physical effort largely forgotten. Today you are more and more the assistance of the trailer. We regularly drive along a river where the environment is considerably greener. Given tomorrow a longer bike ride guard we propose after an extensive visit to the churches, to load the bikes on the trailer and drive back to the lodge. However, those who prefer it can return to the lodge bicycles Max. 66 km cycling Read more

Gheralta 1 night

Gheralta area biking

This is what a spectacular way to finish it with a short ride to the wild trail/climb Abune Yemata. Gheralta's most well known church. This church and entrance lay on a ledge 2,000ft off the ground and yes the hike up is at times not for the faint of heart. Our local guides will get you there safe but your heart maybe up a few notches. The final few feet are across a flat ledge that dead ends and this is where they carved this incredible cave like church almost 900 years ago. Stunning paintings and pillars inside all while you look out over the drop. We have arranged a priest drum ceremony here and we can think of no better place and experience to end this wild adventure. Back to the lodge for a great meal and sunset drinks. Overnight Lodge. Read more


Bike to Hamed Ella

Hamed Ella---Camp A long epic, and i truly mean epic, downhill waits. We may start seeing camels and some Afar people walking the road. At the bottom is a flat road into Berhale but passing by some small Afar villages and huts. Berhale is where the caravans arrive to drop off the salt and is like a Wild West town but with camels and Afar homes. As the day goes on camels arrive by the hundreds with their loads and camp beside us. Go wander and enjoy this spectacle. This is a magical and tough day down the road we enter a canyon with rock so old you feel it. A small stream runs all the way through it so as we gradually keep going lower we ride through the stream and rocky trails that years of camels have grooved out. I cannot describe this experience but we were all in awe and for the mountain bikers is like being a kid in a candy store. Winding through this ancient canyon, twisting between narrows in the canyon, passing loads of camels coming and going from the Danakil. And yes it is getting hotter and hotter now. As the canyon ends we hit a gravel/lava road that takes us to Hamed Ella. You are officially on the moon now, enjoy. Things turn surreal immediately as you enter the world’s most inhospitable terrain. This road is rough, it there are no trees and Afar huts occasionally dot this alien surface. It is officially really hot now. A tough 15kms or so brings us to Hamed Ella. A remote outpost village here for only 8 months. We have huts for shade. This is our base camp for the next 2 days Later in the day your guides will take you to a desert reef. This was the Red Sea at one time. And as you stand on ancient sea fans and nothing but lava and desert surrounding you, the camel caravans come rolling past. Surreal and wonderful. Enjoy as this was well earned. NOTE--Hydration now is incredibly important. Our 4x4's are loaded with water. There is a military camp here with a generator where you can find a cold beer and cokes. The generator cannot keep up with the blazing heat but at least the drinks are not +40 C. Your definition of a cold drink is about to change. Your first desert sunset as the camels and workers roll right past camp as they come in from the salt mine. Overnight Camping. Read more

Hamed Ella 1 night
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Bike around Dallol

Dallol/ Danakil Depression Desert riding from base camp to Dallol sulfur volcano Sunrise and the Afar chief handing out salt orders to the awaiting caravans starts the day before breakfast. Wander and enjoy this scenario. We then hit a brutal rocky road for about 10kms to a sulfur/salt/potash road that is a way smoother and leads us through endless salt/potash desert to Dallol about another 8kms away. We have tribal elders and local military guards with us as this is mandatory rules when traveling here as so remote. We get to the base of the volcano and climb for maybe 15 minutes to its top. There awaits a Dali painting for you to enter. Nothing like this on the planet. Mushroom sulfur and twisted, tortured rock surround you as you walk until you hit the sulfur lake. It will stun you visually and physically. And you get a chance to tip toe over it on sulfur that has crusted over. Remember it is 50C out, sulfur wafting around you and the heat from the sulfur lake. It takes its toll on you but will be one of most memorable days of your lives, guaranteed! We get down and find the only shade for miles in a nearby small desert canyon. Lunch and recover before biking salt flats back to camp. Sunset and camels ends the day. Overnight Camping. Read more

Hamed Ella 1 night

Bike to Ert'ale

Bike to Erta Ale. The world’s largest lava lake. These are the two days of some of the toughest riding in the world. A combination of sand, salt and lava takes us to a small Afar village in the middle of the desert where we camp and negotiate with the tribal chief to go through his land. These 2 days are bike and hike days as when the sand gets to thick you have to carry or walk it. But this is why we are here. To do what nobody has done, ride the heart of the Danakil. On the second day much the same but less bike/hiking but the last 10kms is a lava road up to the base of the volcano where we camp. You wanted tough, here it is. You can see about 6-7 other ancient and dead volcanoes. The miles of lava stretching to the sand came from all of these. Its truly wild and raw. Up on arrival at Dodom we takes three hours but what you are about to see is the true, raw power of earth. We camp on the edge of the walls created from the explosion and can see the ancient dried lava flow work its way to the desert floor. We have huts to stay out of sun, camels bring our food and water and bags. Day trip to the crater. A path takes us down the walls and hike on the lava flow to Ertale crater. Only 4 in the world and none of them can you stand on its edge and look into hell. A night hike to its edge is even wilder. Enjoy as this part of the world has no rules, feels incredible and freeing. Overnight Camping. Read more

Ert'ale 1 night

Back to Mekele

Drive to Mekele Early in the morning visit Ear’tale the second time look at the volcano’s lake of lava before descending from the volcano. Then walk down to get our vehicles at Dodom and then drive back to Mekel overnight hotel

Mekele 1 night

Addis Ababa

Flight to Addis and night departure Morning after breakfast transfer to airport for the flight back to Addis ,have Addis Ababa city tour including Mount Entoto, Merkato, National Museum and attend farewell dinner in the traditional restaurant with live music and dish. Transfer to airport for the night flight and it will be end of the trip. Read more



Day in trip
Day 1
Location Bahirdar
Day 2
Location Gonder
Hotel Goha hotel
Day 5
Location Axum
Hotel Yeha hotel
Day 6
Location Adigrat
Hotel Agoro lodge
Day 7
Location Hawzen
Hotel Gheralta lodge
Day 12
Location Mekele


Package includes

  • Seven nights Hotels accommodation on a twin bed bases
  • All camping gears during camping like sleeping bag tent, mattress ,etc
  • Meal on full board bases during biking time ( Breakfast, lunch and dinner)
  • Cook service during camping with full board bases ( Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner)
  • All ground transport including fuel. (we use Two latest 4WD vehicles for the clients and cook car for the cook, camping gears, etc)
  • Experienced and professional drivers with all their allowance
  • All entrance fee as per the program in all places.
  • Professional English speaking Tour coordinator.
  • Additional Support 4 x 4's for Danakil section with experienced drivers
  • All guides including special Danakil guide, local tribal elders and policeman we are required to have for Danakil section.
  • Food and water while riding, 2 cooks
  • Camels when needed
  • Payments to all Afar tribal leaders, payments for huts at Erta Ale

Package excludes

  • Any alcoholic drinks
  • Domestic flight cost ( Addis Bahirdar// Mekele- Addis)
  • Bike ( own bike from your country)
  • Tips to our incredible drivers and guides


5 Reviews

Windsor, United States

Senait Ethiopia and everyone associated with it was absolutely THE BEST experience for our visit to the Omo Valley. Taddese managed from the office and booked everything and checked in with us all during the trip to make sure everything was great. Our personable guide Robel Petros and our wonderful driver Abate Fentwa were so welcoming, organized, professional yet so friendly and helpful. Absolutely nothing went wrong, we had the most incredible experience and got amazing, prize-winning photos. We would rate this tour company and all its people as AAA+++ They made sure our lodging was always comfortable and for the meals that were not included, they gave excellent advice on restaurants. Their vehicles were modern, super-clean, comfortable, well-maintained, and their knowledge as we traveled made our trip delightful, introduced us to superb local guides for detailed cultural tours...We cannot say enough good things about Senait and everyone who helped us with our 2-week Ethiopian tour. Read more

Durham, United States

We had a great trip with Senait Ethiopia Tours! They made the trip so easy and enjoyable -- not an easy thing for a family of 5, with 3 children of different ages, needs and interests. They accommodated last-minute changes necessitated by an opportunity to visit our daughters' birth family (and were incredibly sensitive to and respectful of the needs and emotions around this visit), adjusted their typical route so that we could visit some less common places of interest and also spend more time hiking, and responded perfectly to our request for LOTS of authentic Ethiopian food in places frequented by locals (it was all delicious!). Our driver/guide was personable, had a great sense of humor, and did everything possible to make our trip as comfortable and enjoyable as possible -- including spending several days tracking down a hard-to-find memory card for our older model digital camera, helping us bargain at the local markets, and helping us change money. It was a magical trip, and we look forward to working with them again for a tour of the southern part of the country in a couple of years. Read more

A group of three persons, Germany

A group of three persons with only a week to spend for sightseeing, we were nonetheless eager to visit various attractions in the Eastern part of Ethiopia and possibly even include some sightseeing in the Rift Valley Lake District. Since we did not know whether it was realistic to squeeze all of this into a seven-day tour by car, with only six overnight stays, we contacted Taddese, the tour operator of Senait Ethiopia Tours. This turned out being a perfect choice. Taddese, in fact, managed to organize a magnificent tour of about 1500 km that included everything that we had in mind. Starting and ending in Addis Abeba, the tour included the Awash National Park (with crocodiles, kudus, hot springs and more), Harar (plus some hungry hyenas), the village of Koremi, Dire Dawa, the rift valley lakes of Langano, Abidjatta-Shalla and Ziway (including a boat tour on the latter, with lots of birds and some noisy hippos), the Tiya Stelae Fields, the Melka Kunture Prehistoric Site and the rock-hewn church of Adadi Mariam (certainly an alternative for those who have no time to visit Lalibela). After returning to Addis, we even managed to visit Lucy at the National Museum and drive up to the Entoto. Taddese arranged for all of the lodgings as well as for professional local guides at most of the places that we visited. Moreover, also providing the minivan for our tour, Taddese arranged for it that Engidawork, his very experienced and careful driver accompanied us. Engidawork is not only a very responsible tour guide but also a very friendly and caring person and we were very happy to be on this tour together with him. As a side note, he also impressed us with his ornithologic knowledge. During this tour, we stayed overnight at the "Awash Falls Lodge" in the Awash National Park (adventurous; with a baboon knocking at our door in the evening for some Trick or Treat), at the "Rewda Cultural Guesthouse" in Harar (very authentic), at the “African Village” in Dire Dawa, at the "Maya Hotel/Kuriftu Resort" in Adama, at the "Haile Resort" at Lake Ziway and finally at the "Caravan Hotel" in Addis Abeba. All of these accommodations had their very characteristic, positive features and we enjoyed being at all of these places; and on some future occasion, we would stay at each of them again. In summary, Taddese and Engidawork made a wonderful and harmonious tour possible and we can very well imagine booking our next tours in Ethiopia with Senait Ethiopia Tours again. Read more



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