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Argentina +

An Overland Tour in the Mystical nº40 Route - linking the best tourist centres in Southern Patagonia. The trip allows to visit high-level attractions, seldom offered in traditional packages. It's a unique experience in reduced groups, with the permanent assistance of our naturalist coordinator and the knowledge of local guides.

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from 1,875 person
  • 9 Days


Argentina +

During this trip you will discover about wine culture in Mendoza and Santiago de Chile, but you will also learn a lot about Buenos Aires history.

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from 1,311 person
  • 10 Days


Chile +

During this trip you will be able to get to know something about Santiago de Chile city, such as culture and history. You will visit Valparaíso and Viña del Mar and then your trip will continue in a full board hotel, located in Atacama, in the desert. That will be an unforgettable experience where you will be able to make your own trip as you wish, choosing in between the amazing activities and excursions that Alto Atacama Hotel offers.

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  • 7 Days

Chile Private Tours


A comprehensive tour of Chile's central region, including a city tour of Santiago, a visit of the UNESCO World Heritage sites of Valparaiso, some of the best wineries in the country, a trip to our beautiful mountains, wildlife observation, and a couple of exclusive local experiences that will make your trip special!

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from 1,440 person
  • 6 Days

Say Hueque Argentina

Chile +

From the world’s longest mountain range to one of the driest deserts on the planet, discover destinations beyond your imagination when you travel to Chile. Begin your trip in the north, in the strikingly beautiful San Pedro de Atacama Desert. Then venture south for Santiago de Chile tours, from the country’s capital to the seaside cities of Viña del Mar and Valparíso. Continue your adventure in Puerto Varas, and finalize at Torres del Paine!

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  • 12 Days
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