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This 10 days trip will allow you to explore must see in Bangkok and around Bangkok with historic and cultural visits. Then you will visit Krabi and will do visits mainly to explore south and nature with animals. You will also do swimming, overnight at raft house, trekking in National parks, etc fully focussed on nature. The days and location will also depend on you as the trip will be entirely tailor-made.

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Destination Services Thai

Magical Southern Thailand boasts all types of impressive scenery, from awe-inspiring beaches to tropical forests packed with flora and fauna. Southern Thailand’s mix of cultures is wildly different from the northern regions, from their traditional cuisine to landscapes, and even language. Join this memorable seven-day tour to admire gorgeous waterfalls. Prepare yourself for a complete experience of southern Thailand!

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Sweet Durian Travel

These 10 days trip is perfect for the family looking to explore with the beach in short time. This requires no domestic flights and this trip has only 4 locations where your kids don't need to change the hotels every night. You can explore all the must-see sights, friendly caring elephants, waterparks, floating markets, and these will be loved by kids and for adults also, they can see many sites.

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Sweet Durian Travel

This tour will allow covering Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Khao Sok and Phuket. The trip starts with must-sees, meeting of hill-tribe in north, waterfalls, elephants in Chiang Mai. Then soft trekking to explore Khao Sok nature park and overnight at raft house for new experiences and wrap your holidays with relaxing beach stays on your choice like quiet and relaxing, busy and activities, etc.

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Ollami recommend connecting 2-3 vendors, so you can get inspiration for different tours and different prices, which help you getting the best tour for you.

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