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Georgian DMC


A travel to Svaneti is an experience for life. Hardly anything has changed there for the last few centuries. Upper Svaneti is famous for its mediaeval watchtowers, snow-capped peaks, icy waterfalls, virgin nature and ancient traditions. The village of Ushguli (UNESCO Heritage Site) – the highest permanently inhabited settlement in Europe, is sure to be one of the highlights of your trip!

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Georgian DMC


Georgia occupies an interesting geo-botanical position as part of the Caucasus. The country is characterized by contrasting natural conditions leading to an extremely high degree of divergence of plant communities within a comparatively small area. The landscape of the country ranges from desert and semi-desert vegetation to luxuriant Colchic forests of moist, almost subtropical climate and high-mountain plant communities. Considerable differences both in altitude and between the climates of East and West Georgia have blessed the country with a huge variety of plant life. The flora of the country includes about 4200 species of wild-flowering plant species, and over 8500 species of spore-bearing ones. The history of flora and especially the vegetation of Georgia are very ancient, with the earliest records of fossil flora dating from the Palaeozoic era.

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