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Turkey is the perfect place to enjoy the never-ending turquoise blue of the Aegean and Mediterranean seas during the day and then to sleep under the stars at night. In the morning, your Marmaris Blue cruise will be ready to set sail again in search of new adventures. One of the most attractive aspects of Blue Voyage is that it offers natural beauty on side and rich mix of history on the other....

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Turkish cuisine, like Turkey itself, channels cultural currents coming in from every direction, resulting in the delicious culinary chaos that is Istanbul. Turks, Greeks, Arabs, Persians and countless others have passed through here, leaving an indelible stamp on the cuisine, which you can discover in this Istanbul culinary trip. Historians speak of the “layered” nature of the city; we like to think of Istanbul as a stew.

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"There, God and human, nature and art are together, they have created such a perfect place that it is valuable to see." Lamartine is describing the city, which embraces two continents with one arm reaching out to Asia and the other to Europe. Discover the delicious part of the city in a culinary Istanbul tour.

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Belek is welcoming golfers 12 months a year. Belek offers 14 championchip golf courses and luxury hotels right next to them that allow golfers to discover new courses during the year whenever their hearts desire.

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