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Life Adventures

7-day adventure for families with children. Fantastic scenery of Alpine lakes, surrounded by Julian Alps. Multiple activities in nature, appropriate for all family members. See, learn and experience the Bled area in a special kind of way. Hike the mountains, discover deep canyons, climb rocky walls, raft the rivers and cycle to the most beautiful spots in the area.

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  • 7 Days

Life Adventures

Magnificent mountains that leave you in awe, reflections on the surface of crystal clear Alpine lakes on nearly 2000 meters above sea, the peaceful nature of the Triglav National Park and dramatic views that will follow you every step are every mountain lover’s dream. Escape far away from everydays life, from the city noise and from the crowds. Come with us to the peak of Mt. Triglav and through the famous valley of the seven lakes.

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  • 7 Days

Life Adventures

Imagine... Beautiful lakes, emerald rivers, deep canyons and impossibly high mountains. Peaceful forests, warm sunshine, new friends and local hospitality. Now mix in one week of excitement and adrenaline-boosting activities. A perfect combination for unforgettable adventure! Go beyond your comfort zone and test your limits enjoying each and every minute of it!

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  • 7 Days
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