Slovenia - Marine / Sea / Beach

Grand Cuvée Tours

You will not have an ordinary vacations on this trip! This will be an active, diverse and authentic experience that you were hoping to get on every travel. Explore the capital city - Ljubljana and experience wine tasting on Ljubljanica river; head to most magical place called Bled and taste the original cream cake; enjoy in the beautiful nature of Triglav National Park; try rafting, kayaking or canyoning on Soca river. Visit Goriska Brda.

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Grand Cuvée Tours

Spend your 14 days in 4 different Balkan countries. Start with 2 days in Slovenia with visiting Ljubljana, Postojna Caves and famous Bled castle. Head to Croatia for 4 days to see old city Zadar, Krka Watterfalls National Park, Split, Hvar and Dubrovnik with glorious walls. Travel from Croatia to Bosnia & Herzegovina to it's most beautiful city Mostar, Tito's bunker, Sarajevo. Finish your trip with visiting Serbia and it's capital city Belgrade.

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  • 14 Days

Grand Cuvée Tours

You will be able to enjoy the holidays of a lifetime! Situated in the south centre of Europe, these two countries have a lot to offer. You will never get enough views, sunsets, and panoramas and all this will be privately organized just for you. Our services are always at the top level and we seek the perfection. This trip is all about discovering hidden treasures and knowing the places you've never met before. You will see a diversity of things!

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